I would like to welcome you to my personal blog where personal thoughts reign supreme. Thoughts that will hopefully engage and provoke thought of those who travel by. I have spent more than 62 years on this planet and I hope to have many more years to spend with my friends as well as new friends that happen upon Joe Smoke Provoked Thoughts as life happens to them as well as myself. I've learned so much in my life and I would like to share what I have learned with everyone willing to read, view and listen. I also have so much more to learn about this mystical thing called life and that's the adventure I experience every day. I am physically disabled but God gave me a mighty brain so I plan on using

Please feel free to comment if you choose to I appreciate comments. I would also like to expand this blog and reach out to other contributors as well. So please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a personal reflective provoked thought to share. How do you learn I believe it's best to learn from others.

You also can reach my Project Uplift Literacy daily videos at my current Joe Smoke Thoughts Facebook Page. This is my Community Engagement Read Aloud Program that I truly hope will build significant momentum in our communities. You see over 46% of our black communities residents has issues with literacy, that isn't acceptable. The right to be an effective, strategic, and accomplished reader is a  civil right that should not be trifled with.  Our ancestors lost their lives attempting to gain this ability. So, for us not to ensure that everyone in black communities is more than anything less than competent readers is truly something that cannot be minimized or neglected.  Enjoy this visit to your blog.


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04.09.2017 20:20

Edward Daniels


06.06.2016 16:45

Herb Hastie

To the point , Love it !

17.04.2016 02:17

Charles Davis

Enjoy reading the blog. The poems are entertaining as well as enlightening.

06.04.2016 23:34

V.Eddie Parker

Speaking to the truth of justice cuts deep. And it takes an unapologetic individual to swing that mighty axe. This blog cuts deep suggesting that the writer is one hell of a axe-man. Player