Mar. 18, 2021


In honor and honoring the work and total life commitment of Ida Belle Wells-Barnett, the
US Congress and US Senate must pass a reparations bill now.

Mar. 17, 2021

"Martin Luther King Jr - March 18, 1968 - All Labor Has Dignity"

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Hour Project
The Radical King
All Labor Has Dignity
Reparations Are Due America
Martin Luther King Jr.
March 18, 1968

If not for black labor in this nation America would not be America in any way, shape, or form. If not for black labor America would not has risen to the heights of prosperity it has experienced over the past 400 years. If not for black labor the economic and governmental institutions that are prospering today would not be in any position to be successful. If not for free enslaved black labor the southern states of this nation would have been locked into a calamity of economic depression. If not for forced black labor this nation wouldn’t have gotten to the heights of economic prosperity. I go back to March 18, 1968, and read the words from a speech that Dr. Martin Luther King gave on the Dignity of Labor to an audience filled with Memphis, Tennessee's sanitation workers. In a little less than 3 weeks after this address Dr. King would be murdered in Memphis still supporting those sanitation workers. Dr. King’s hope for economic reparations for the black economic plight that was being suffered by millions of poor people ended with that bullet on April 4, 1968. Now in 2021, we still struggle for the dignity of labor in this nation. However, we must remember this significant fact without the forced, free and low paying black labor America would never have become America. That is the God’s honest truth and no one with an understanding of history can deny it. So, White America we ask that you finally bring dignity to the value of our ancestor's labor you stole and repair the damage you have done for over two and a half centuries since the formation of this nation. If as Dr. King so eloquently state 2 weeks before his murder that all labor has dignity than pay the descendants of our Americans of African Descent the reparations that are due us as citizens of this nation.

Mar. 16, 2021


"A Gay Captain America in a Marvel Comics Series to celebrate National Pride Month. The Grammy Awards presented a sin-scented performance by Cardi B and Megan The Stallion that showed two black women exhibiting in Prime Time what should’ve been censored with a caution for younger viewers. The former Black First Lady interviewing a 13 year-old sexually confused black boy with an approving eye for his sexual choices rather than having a serious discussion with his parents to confront his sexual confusions. I’m as open minded as the next person but what is happening in America borders and crosses the line of building values and pushes that line to the abolition of morality.
Why is this nation’s so-called black leaders more willing to confront sexuality but still racing to ignore the oppressive white supremacy policies that have confronted black communities for as long as this nation existed. I don’t believe Gay Captain America will be black but he surely won’t be fighting on the comic pages to battle the economic deprivation of Black Americans. I simply don’t understand why Americans will race towards gay issues but drive a death nail into providing solutions to the ever present race issue. Sex over race in America, why? Please don’t say I don’t see what I see because it is clearly way too obvious of a reality to ignore."

Joseph Hall
Mar. 14, 2021

Honoring Fannie Lou Hamer On The 44th Anniversary Of Her Passing

Fannie Lou Hamer was miraculous woman. Certainly Ms. Hamer was extraordinary in her ability to overcome the barriers that Mississippi racism placed in her path. Yet, she was embodied with an inner strength that overcame her fears. Fannie Lou Hamer sought to light the skies of unlimited possibilities for Black Mississippians. Our communities don’t seem to produce individuals with the power that endowed Ms. Hamer to persevere against the forces of racial hatred that worked to destroy her hopes and dreams not only for herself but for everyone who came into the sphere of Ms. Hamer’s circle. Our black communities could stand to learn about this powerful woman who became the most important person to live in Sunflower County, Mississippi during a time when that county and the entire state festered with vile racial hatred, oppression, and white bigotry. I think of Medgar and Fannie when I think of the ultimate heroes of the black struggle for racial equality and how both determinedly fought to crush those who favored a beaten down Black man or woman, to one standing upright and face to face with their enemies.


Sometimes I wonder if you had a choice of colors which one would choose my brothers, if there were no day or night which one would you choose to be right? We have come so far yet we have so far to go. Whose words would you rather hear my brothers Lil Wayne or DuBois, Kanye or Washington, Lil Uzi or Gil Scott, Tyga or Langston Hughes, Azealia Banks or Fannie Lou Hamer, Theophilus London or Malcolm, Big Sean or Benjamin Mays, Wiz Khalifa or Medgar Evers well I guess we should say both because didn't the words of former lead to the words of the latter?. I want to listen to words of uplift, discontent, and renewal of spirit whether old or new. I will continue listen and learn from our past leaders until our people's have won the absolute battle for universal equality.


I hope this post honoring Fannie Lou Hamer will enlighten you to find somebody out there who needs to have their life truly brightened. There is no reason to go through life afraid and really frightened. If a little Black sharecropper woman can deliver what Fannie Lou Hamer delivered to battle on the frontier of defeating Jim Crow. Then there is no reason why anyone today can’t deliver that same force and faith to change not only their circumstances but also the circumstances of others. You are within grasp of your shining star you need simply reach. You see you may have hardly taken the time or the energy to share and or to teach. These words are not meant to question what you preach. You must avoid those who only seek to only to leech. Yes, you could be that shining star, decide to move forward and you will hit your highest peak.

Mar. 12, 2021

Piano and Billiards Balls A Deadly Duo

Ebony and ivory blends together in such sweet harmony

Except when doesn’t and it bleeds in bloody unjust misery

Who would’ve thought two innocent forms of diversion

Would cause such historic perversion

Piano keys and billiard balls 

Two million or more black souls sacrificed

Thousands of herds of elephants put on the malicious killing the white machine’s killing vice

Northern American industrialists killing for money not even thinking twice

The southern American plantation owners black oppressive shame

While the northern abolitionist refine the killing game

One dollar, two dollars, three dollars, four dollars….sold

White ivory in this case is the white man’s gold

Connecticut is supposed to be the land of the free

Yet for the sake of piano keys and billiard balls there is no black man’s glee

Murderers sitting in American parlors listening to the pianos sipping tea

We didn’t kill them on our American shores they allowed others to lead the killing hordes

All those rich ivory merchants needed to do was to satisfy the piano and billiard Us of A corporate boards 

Even when American slavery supposedly had ended 

The killing of bull elephants and black men in Africa was extended 

The crack of cue ball against the rack of white humanity’s secret sin

The sounds of the piano keys the wasting of human and elephant skins

Why chase ivory and kill ebony at night

Damn Connecticut you painted such an awful sight

For billiard balls and piano keys now that just isn’t right