Apr. 7, 2021

April 7, 1872 & April 7, 1934 William Monroe Trotter

Faced Down, William Monroe Trotter

William Monroe Trotter, Never Forget

William Monroe Trotter his life and times
William Monroe Trotter could’ve lived a life divine
William Monroe Trotter was a truly educated man
Attained Phi Beta Kappa, Mr. Trotter was a Harvard man
William Monroe Trotter could’ve chase the bucks
William Monroe Trotter could’ve not given two fucks about blacks down on their luck
William Monroe Trotter lived a life of faced downs
William Monroe Trotter faced down bigots in Niagara and started a movement
William Monroe Trotter faced down the lies and started The Guardian
William Monroe Trotter disagreed with laying down your buckets, faced down the Wizard
William Monroe Trotter faced the Klan and fleshed out the hate behind Birth of a Nation
William Monroe Trotter faced down a racist in the White House named Wilson
William Monroe Trotter faced down Jim Crow
William Monroe Trotter faced down the color line, those who he knew weren’t color blind
William Monroe Trotter faced down almost every black man’s struggles
William Monroe Trotter took the pain of racism clearly
William Monroe Trotter never could face down defeat
William Monroe Trotter never understood why blacks were beat
Maybe that why William Monroe Trotter died face down on a Boston street

The exceptional work of Boston publisher Monroe Trotter continued with his journal The Guardian. William Monroe Trotter so frustrated with the lack of movement on racism took this personally. So personally that he took his own life on his birthday.
So join me this morning to remember one of William Monroe Trotter's most outstanding achievements his work to conceive a movement with a band of black brothers, The Niagara Movement on his date of birth as well as the date he went to eternal rest.

Apr. 6, 2021

Just A Thought

"The African American community lost powerful voice in the United States House of Representatives last night, Alcee Hastings, Democrat from Florida. Representative Hastings was 84 years-old. This death comes after the deaths of Representatives John Lewis, Democrat from Georgia and Elijah Cummings Democrat from Maryland. Three significant political voices of black moderation not voices of black rebellion. My concern with this passings is that each of these congress members were up in age, Hastings 84, Lewis 80, and Cummings 68, which means that they held their seats way too long. I would hope that other older aged black congress members would make the decision to move aside for a younger voices that will actively confront the issues that require new visions for solutions in our black communities. We need not continue to see our black elected officials die of old age with stale ideas that haven't born fruit in their many decades on the job. The position of congress person shouldn't be a lifetime appointment in many of this safe districts. "

Apr. 6, 2021

Little Bobby Hutton, Never Forget April 6, 1968

Bobby Hutton, Never Forget

Bobby Hutton was America’s lost martyr
Although those cops who pulled the trigger
Simply saw another dead nigger
Bobby was considered the first
First one in the Panther Party
First one in the car loaded up to face oppression
First one on the steps in Sac Town
Coming straight from Oak Town
This black brother had the skills to control downtown
Bobby showed up armed to the T
Showed White Americans no stepin fetchit glee
Bobby wasn’t no King, nor was he an X
But damn if Bobby Hutton didn’t understand how white folks stacked the deck
Followed Huey P and the other Bobby
Damn Little Bobby was hardcore
Straight up gangster but damn if this brother was even more
That’s why two days after King was killed
The plot to take out Bobby Hutton was the white cops biggest score
So April 6 is when they got him
Stuck him down in cold blood
That’s why we should never forget Little Bobby Hutton
Because just because the white cops pulled the trigger
Bobby Hutton was so much more than a another dead nigger.

Apr. 5, 2021

The Next Selection: Defying Dixie

The next selection on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project is Defying Dixie the story of the civil rights movement from 1919 to the 1950s'. The readings will take place on Facebook Live at 6:00 PM EST.

Apr. 5, 2021

Booker T. Washington, April 5, 1856 Celebrating The Birthday Of An American Hero

The Wizard of Tuskegee
Celebration of the 165th birthday of Booker T. Washington by reading the speech he gave one year after his famous cast your bucket speech at the Atlanta Exposition. Booker T. Washington was invited to speak at Harvard University. I decided that certain aspects of that speech were still relevant 125 years later. You see our history need never be a black mystery.