Apr. 22, 2021

The Saga Of Barking Dogs

"The Saga of The Barking Dogs
Don't Let Them Dogs Stop Your Relentless Effort

"There will always be barking dogs when you take a viewpoint that is different than theirs, there will always be barking dogs when you decide take on a committed objective that they don't comprehend, there will always be barking dogs when you attempt to awaken the unconscious, they will always be barking dogs surrounding you to discourage and defeat you in life. However, if you decide to choose a path of that disturbs the norm. Remember this, the dogs may bark, howl, and even snap at you but stay focused, stay committed to your purpose because the dogs may bark but the caravan of uplift moves on. Also a parting bit of essential knowledge to my black comrades out there making a real difference those barking dogs aren't always white, they sometimes look like you but bark the loudest nevertheless."

Apr. 21, 2021

Mississippi Goddam "The Poem" By Nina Simone

Spoken By #joesmokethoughts

We could say Ohio Goddam, Texas Goddam, Minnesota Goddam, America Goddam and the American injustice beat towards African Americans rolls on.

Apr. 21, 2021

What Difference Is This Verdict?

"A guilty verdict in a case with no actual defense for the crime inflicted doesn't change America's system of dominant white supremacy. Especially, since most likely almost one-half of white America feels Chauvin should've walked free yesterday in that Minneapolis courtroom. You see verdict or no verdict, until White America atones for the sins inflicted on Black Americans past and present over these 400 years in formal payment of reparations. This verdict means absolutely nothing in scope of what our peoples have faced. I am sure when Michael Donald's KKK killers were convicted of his lynching in Alabama in 1981. The first white man Henry Hays, since 1913 was executed for a white on black crime in Alabama when he was executed in 1997. America told our communities that things had changed. Yet. It's 40 years later and our people are still being lynched by forces of white supremacy. You see Derek Chauvin may have been dress in policeman blue with his knee on the neck of George Floyd but he certainly was cloaked in the invisible robe of white hatred of the KKK. So please don’t fall into the myth that this America is any different than the America that hated us with a vehemence for four centuries because it isn’t any different.”"

Apr. 20, 2021

April 20, 1961 We Owe Medgar To Be Relentless For His Ultimate Sacrifice

60 years ago today Medgar Evers spoke before an audience of Mississippians and told them that as long as injustice existed not only in Mississippi but in any other place in this nation, we shouldn't relent in our protests. Today as we see that injustice still surfacing in our communities. We owe it to Medgar Evers to keep that promise he made and be relentless in the struggle for equality.

Apr. 18, 2021

Mini Black History Lesson "James McCune Smith"

James McCune Smith was born 218 years ago on April 18, 1803. His life was seemingly full of contradictions because although he was fought his entire adult life for the abolition of slavery. This black man's​ children all lived in the shadows of an racist American society​ passing as white. Were his children either ashamed of their color or just plain tired of fighting uphill against the rising tide of a racist nation? One thing for certain James McCune Smith fought against that tide of racism for the abolition of slavery.

Even in the 1860 census prior to his death in 1865, James McCune Smith himself​ was categorized as white. Today I am going to spend a 1/2 hour on the highlights​ and lowlights of this remarkable black intellectual as The Blackman Who​ Reads Aloud reads the facts on the life of James McCune Smith, the first medically licensed trained black physician in the United States.