Jul. 30, 2021

Sam McAllum: Recollections From Our Formerly Enslaved Ancestors

Ancestor Sam McAllum was 95 years old when this slavery recollection interview occurred Mr. McAllum gave his account of the incident of racial unrest that occurred in Kemper County, Mississippi after the Civil War.

Jul. 26, 2021

Provoked Thoughts

"There's a difference between a "nigger" and a Blackman, you see Malcolm X and MLK didn't take assassin's bullets for today's "niggers" to be stacking up black bodies in our urban centers every day. Malcolm and MLK died working for the Blackmen and Blackwomen to be stacking up wins in this oppressed nation. Both Malcolm and MLK believed that black murder was the worse sin, and neither didn't wanna hear anything about niggers guarding turf or beefing about irrelevant things like drugs and paper money. You see killing your Black brothers is certainly not in the least bit funny."

Jul. 23, 2021

John Cameron: Recollections Of Slavery

Journeying through the Mississippi Narrative of The Federal Writer's Project Our Enslaved Ancestors. Today, we read the recollections of the 96-year-old former slave John Cameron. Ancestor Cameron was enslaved for 25 plus years and that experience warped his mind about the evilness of those who held him in bondage. Or, John Cameron told a false tale to the interviewer because he didn't trust the government. You decide.

Jul. 21, 2021

Father Charles Coates: The Oppressive Violence Of Slavery

Father Charles Coates’s recollections are so vivid about the level of physical violence our ancestors received during slavery it’s disturbing. I continue my journey through the The Federal Writer’s Project with my reading from the Florida Slave Narrative.

Jul. 20, 2021

Recollections From Our Black Ancestors: Neil Coker

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Florida Slave Narratives
Neil Coker
The Story Of Bellamy Road