Feb. 1, 2022

Time For Economic Withdrawal We're Not Being Hired Just Say No Go To The NFL Owners

Blacks represent 57.5% of the players in the National Football League, and African Americans represent 12.4% of the United States population. There are 32 teams in the National Football League with 0% of African American Majority Owners. Of those 32 teams currently, only one team has an African American Head Coach, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Head Coach Mike Tomlin. If you base the hiring practices on the percentage of African American players currently on the rosters around the league. There should be 18 African American Head Coaches running National Football League teams on the field of play. If you base the percentage of African Americans in the nation at minimum there should be 5 Head Football Coaches in the National Football League. The Rooney Rule implemented in 2003 was supposed to erase the bigoted hiring policies that have shadowed the hiring of African Americans Head Football Coaches and General Managers historically in the National Football League. Well, it's 2022 and the Rooney Rule has been an abject failure that has been sidestepped and toyed with by the 32 White National Football League team owners. I guess in the final analysis the Art Rooney Rule only applied to the hiring of African American leadership for the Pittsburgh Steeler Football Franchise. Yet, our black communities have been some of the most ardent fans and followers of the teams in the National Football League despite these blatant acts of discrimination related to putting black faces in prominent positions of power. It's time for our black communities to consider the economic withdrawal of these owners' products. That means don't buy the team jerseys, don't watch the games which includes the upcoming Super Bowl on February 13, 2022, at So-Fi Stadium, don't even support the halftime show because that is simply a gesture of not faith but appeasement, don't lay down a single bet at the online betting internet sites and don't buy or drink the beer of the National Football League sponsors. As a matter of fact, any national sponsor of the league should be boycotted. We allowed those white team owners to define and adjudicate Colin Kaepernick's situation which lead to Mr. Kaepernick being blackballed from participation in playing the sport he loved simply because he sought to erase injustice in our communities. Are we going to continue to be the economic pawns of these 32 owners? Well, are we? It's time starting today to make these owners recognize the harm that they are doing and the neglect that they are promoting. It's time for all of us who have supported this game to say enough, dammit, enough. We will not take this any longer and if you cannot recognize our people to hold top-level management positions then we will withhold our economic support until you do.

Jan. 25, 2022

68 Years Of Overcoming and Not Turning Back

Tomorrow, I will celebrate my 68th birthday and I can truly say that even with all of my life setbacks I am overwhelmed by my life comebacks. I was born with some birth defects that could’ve disabled me in my life and also could’ve caused me to not give my all in my life. But, I learned through my struggles that my God-given disabilities were not even close to matching or surpassing my God-given abilities. If that is going to be my epitaph then so be it. Because I have overcome quite a bit to reach this 68th birthday. I was born in 1954 when a person of my color was still being denied the rights of a person born white. I was 9 years old when Medgar Evers was murdered a quarter of a million people marched on the Mall in Washington DC and 4 little girls were murdered in a church in Birmingham, I was 10 years old when the Civil Rights Bill was passed, 11 years old when Malcolm X was murdered and the Voting Rights Bill was passed, I was 14 years old when Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered and cities of America burned. I voted for the first time in 1972 for George McGovern for President. I voted twice for Barack Obama and became disillusioned when his Administration dropped droned missiles in Africa. I have been honored for sales performance in corporate America, I was at one time the top performer in sales for a Fortune 500 Billion Dollar Company. My professional career involved placing instructional materials in schools that assisted millions of children to learn to read and learn mathematics. Just when I thought I had reached a level of excellence God tested me and took all that I had acquired from my successes from me. But God left me with my ability to make a difference and I choose to bring my image of universal black literacy awareness to the communities that suffer in word darkness every day. So I created the Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project to illuminate literacy and the sharing of our black historical experience six days a week. I don’t get paid to do this but I do it because God send me this dream and I plan to do what he asked until I pass on. If you want to support my project feel free to send your donations to my Cash App ($readingaloud) all the funds are used solely to support the program.

Jan. 24, 2022

This Current Court Flows Towards Injustice

In the quest to ensure that "white American supremacy" is no longer on the extinction list the Supreme Court walked back Section 4 of the Civil Rights Bill ruling that it was unconstitutional by a majority vote of 5-4 a few years ago. Thus opening the door for states to implement policies that potentially repress the voting rights of people of color. Now the Supreme Court has set its sight again on affirmation action by allowing the justices to hear the case of Harvard University's use of race for admission purposes. Walking back on fought for constitutional rights is certainly par for the course for this Supreme Court. How a woman chooses to have control over her body parts is in jeopardy with this current course of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's attempt to give human living qualities to large corporations to influence government policies and federal, state and municipal elections in this nation was allowed by a previous Supreme Court ruling. More and more power is being taken away from the many in favor of the increased power of the few. All of these actions by the Supreme Court seem to be directed at maintaining white supremacy and erasing the advancement of people of color. Although a future Roe vs. Wade's potential adverse ruling isn't exactly in that category it is a dramatic step in the direction of the loss of individual rights. America isn't even close to being a colorblind society and this court is guaranteeing that date is further and further away from becoming a reality. The current makeup of the court will make it increasingly impossible to develop a society where the content of one's character will ever override the racism and bigotry one receives by the color of his or her skin.

Jan. 21, 2022

Dr. King’s Spirit Is Restless

On that historic day in August 1963, before Dr. King revealed his vision for America, his Dream For America, Dr. King talked about a check returned marked "insufficient funds" related to constitutional equality and economic equity in American society. As I continue to bound my reading project “The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project” to the sermons, letters, and philosophy of Dr. King during January 2022. This question continues to disturb me about the treatment and condition that is facing Americans of African Descent in 2022.

Why are we as a black community still engulfed in a situation that bounds us to this circumstance?

Yes, this nation elected a President of African Heritage in 2008 and re-elected that President in 2012 supposedly shepherding in an era of a colorblind society, a society where the content of a man or woman’s character not the color of a man or a woman’s skin would be the measuring rod but which we determine that individual’s value. Well, that election was an illusion and we were deluded to believe that change was on the horizon. Deluded to believe that King’s beloved community was indeed an American possibility. I believe totally in my soul that if Dr. King’s spirit were to be conjured back he would ask with firm deliberation why black people almost 60 years later from that day in 1963 still sit encased in that circle of insufficient funds in both equal and economic rights? Dr. King would ask why we as black Americans after fighting so hard for voting rights and gaining them supposedly in 1965 marching backward in the area of political quality and engagement in 2022. Dr. King would ask what happened to his efforts to eliminate poverty in this nation. What happened, and why didn’t our black community leaders not follow through with the Poor People’s Campaign that he dedicated himself to before his assassination? Dr. King would wonder why the economic gaps have significantly widened between those who have and those that don’t? Dr. King would ask how is it acceptable that so many Americans can seemingly look away from the fact that 42 million people in this nation go unclothed and unfed every night in this nation? Dr. King would ask how is it acceptable that more black males are incarcerated in American prisons now than the number of blacks who were held in servitude before the Civil War. Dr. King would surmise that equality in rights has not progressed but rather it has regressed since 1963.

This month’s commemoration of Martin Luther King Jr. on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project gives me no great relief that these troubling situations will be solved any time soon. Also, know that the conjured spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is restless because his beloved community isn’t close to being in sight.

Jan. 20, 2022

It's About Damn Time Don’t You Think America

When you understand the economic harm that was created by this nation's government to deny Black Americans the right to accumulate wealth. You cannot deny that Americans of African descent are long past due for that outstanding check to be disbursed. Reparations paid by an American Government guilty of unwarranted abuses of power aren't a gift to Black Americans they are a natural right to fulfill the economic gap created by those criminal activities perpetrated by the American Government to put the boot of economic oppression on the Black Americans will a willful and unlawful intent.