Mar. 14, 2022

Our History

Back To Our Magnificent History:

Celebrating Fannie Lou Hamer’s trip to the eternal kingdom March 14, 1977

Nobody's free until everybody's free.
I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
There is one thing you have got to learn about our movement. Three people are better than no people."

Mar. 14, 2022

Provoked Thoughts

I cannot fix my lips to compare what Jussie Smollett is enduring for personally lying which is a felony in this country to the lying of Carolyn Bryant that caused the brutality and pain that Emmitt Till suffered on August 28, 1955.

Mar. 13, 2022

Teaching Our History

Brown & Gold Provoked Thoughts:

Why is there resistance to truth telling American History? Why is it imperative to teach our ancestors history when others ignore it?

Mar. 12, 2022

Our Wondrous Black History

Our Glorious Black History Revealed

History often repeats itself. Some consider Frederick Douglass as a harbinger of Martin Luther King. If this be so, then Delany could be considered the forerunner of Malcolm X. Yet, because Delany’s movement was not peaceful and because he advocated leaving America, Delany is not as well-known. Moreover, some submit, that the real Frederick Douglass is known only to a few as his militant side is often eclipsed by his peaceful rhetoric. Yet, these two were not enemies but were friends and they collaborated overtly and covertly toward a common goal. Although white abolitionists embraced Douglass, Delany, like Malcolm X, was viewed as too militant and therefore as a pariah. Both were angry black men that had something to be angry about

Mar. 11, 2022

Reparations in this Nation, Come On Now

Reparations in this nation
Now is the time for reparations in this American nation
Reparations is equity destination
Some people think that it will bring elation
Some people would much rather have continuous racial separation
Forget all about any damn reparations
When Brother Coates went to Bernie Sanders to discuss reparations
Sanders denied the need to solve this economic equation
Who says that black people’s loss is due to economic and judicial domination
Hillary carried her hot sauce
While Barack and Michelle were trimming their peat moss
Dem’s tell us they will make it better unless you discuss reparations
Then Joe will act as if he stumped his toe
Then Joe will ask Kamala to put on a greek step show
As long the Dem’s can confuse they will never have to refuse
They simply put up Barack as the Blackman’s muse
Reparations coming our way is surely a flight
Forgive me if I sound just a bit trite
Well Joe Biden had the black peoples steam
Getting reparations from him is simply a dream
How long has there been a need for reparations?
Didn’t we get a promise for all that free labor?
If America had got it right there wouldn’t have been a need for that massive southern flight
It’s been 150 years since you freed us
Why in the hell does America feel the need to constantly bleed us
Was it Lincoln’s plan to pay former slaves anything at all?
No mule, no acres or fields to plow
Reparations might have afforded us our very own milk cow?
Yet America didn’t even consider handing my ancestors a sow
The mule that was promised ended up lame
The land that was promised turned up in someone else’s name
For that America is personally your most devious shame
To turn back on promises and look to constantly duck all of history’s blame
So 100 years after that bullet splintered that President’s brain
Still, no reparations to ease our people’s pain
So you decided a course to give hope some force
After 100 years of our bodies hanging in trees
Damn even that couldn’t bring all our ancestors to their knees
Even while bodies swung slowly in the nation’s breeze
Garvey and Malcolm sought an exit from here
They knew no way in hell reparations was near
The answer to this was quite, quite clear without reparations
Malcolm and Marcus said let’s get the hell out of here
King saw some hope but the whites in the nation handed King a rope
He finally thought getting some type of reparations was dope
Just as the bullet left that sniper’s rifle aimed scope
Poor People’s Campaign and Reparations…America again said Nope
Leaving our people with his murder to cope
Is this why so many of our brothers and sisters turned to dope
For this nation told them to remember the rope
John Conyers had called for 2 decades just to talk
All the white members of Congress wish he would simply walk
Thinking of paying reparations to blacks is simply a lark
Hell John Conyers and crew might as well take that walk in a park
Giving time and effort to this is like starving a shark
Reparations in this nation you say
Legislation preparations; hell no to reparations
Why didn’t we choose racial separation
Sure as hell not getting no reparations
For all this judicial and economic domination
Truly this is America’s real abomination
Failing even to consider paying our people reparations
So it 22 now the discussions are clear
White candidates say don’t whisper about reparations in my ear
They know if considered the nation will collapse in all-out fear
Let’s build our land forsaken in this nation
Translation to them was getting our people a new destination
Purging this fight for providing what’s right
So we as people continue to call
Hoping that reparations come to us all
Simply saying your sorry is no easy fix
America we as a people have seen enough of your tricks
Deception, corruption, neglecting, never correcting, imprisoning, murdering
denying, outright lying, ignoring, damn America for us this becomes boring
Reparations in this nation
Now reparations in this nation
Reparations being a destination
People think that it will bring elation
Some would much rather have racial separation
Forget all about any reparations
All we can ask for now is simply the TRUTH