Mar. 19, 2022

Provoked Thoughts

Mar. 19, 2022

Reparations Now

Have a coke and a smile black folks be better off by a country mile if Coke Cola paid some reparations. Our black history is piled high with oppression that built this nation’s wealth.

Mar. 18, 2022

Pure Evil

Brown & Gold History
The Evil That Lurked In Racist Minds

55 years after the supposed end of slavery on a farm in Georgia owned by John S. Williams a mass murder was committed to hide the fact that a new more invidious form of slavery existed. Our black ancestors were no longer valued as a commodity they were simply throwaways. #ReparationsNow

Mar. 16, 2022

Provoked Thoughts


We carry within each one of us the innate powerful experiences of our magnificent ancestors. It is through their past acts and actions that our self images of determination and desire are formed. All we need to do is to learn our history to ensure we grow our communities. If they could build greatness through the tremendous adversarial barriers they faced. Then rest assured we can replicate and exceed their excellence. We simply need only understand that no one can kill your dreams if you refuse to let them.

Mar. 15, 2022

The Next Selection

This evening 3/15/22 we start a new read-aloud selection please join me at 6:00 EST. I am excited to have selected this book because I know it will tell truths that were hidden from us.