Oct. 2, 2022

Provoked Thoughts

Sep. 27, 2022

a Black Frontier

Sep. 27, 2022

A Black Frontier

Blacks picked the cotton that made America king
Our ancestors picked that cotton feeling the whips harden sting
Blacks worked the cane fields in intense pain
America’s greed couldn’t hide racism’s stain
Blacks picked the tomatoes that made the paste
The white even forced our ancestors to eat the pig’s waste
Blacks cooked it so good that the white man acquired a taste for that pigs waste
Two black men made Adolph Hitler bow down to his knees
Jessie and Joe destroyed that lie of white racial dominance with absolute ease
A black man named Nearest had Jack Daniel’s pumping out his chest
You see Jack had Nearest’s secret recipe hidden in his vest and that Blackman’s bourbon liquor out did all the rest
We all know that Colonel Sanders chicken was fried first by blacks
Colonel Sanders was nothing more that white suit wearing hack
We building a new black power so stay out of our sphere
Black Americans are on the road to build a new frontier

Joseph Hall
Sep. 18, 2022

59 Years


It's getting close to BORN DAY for Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporated. I hope that each and every brother reflects at least a moment on the significance of 59 years. 59 years is substantial for a black organization. So many black organizations never existed past the infancy stage. Especially considering the roadblocks, obstacles, and other elements that could have erased Iota Phi Theta Fraternity at any time due to lack of energy, lack of common purpose, lack of internal and external interest, or even the lack of a fundamental drive to expand beyond the campus of Morgan State College. This certainly could have occurred
at the inception and beginning years of the dream. So, don't be so damn hard on the present stature or position of Iota Phi Theta if it doesn't meet your personal expectations. Just know that others have felt similar ways for organizations and those organizations didn't persevere. We each have a uniqueness inside of us that demands steadfastness and we know Iota Phi Theta brothers are indeed hardheaded. So when the doubters said openly that Iota Phi Theta wouldn’t be around our brothers were even more determined to make those doubters liars. We, however, have managed to see 59 years and we will see 59 more years times ten. We must, however, continue to hold on to the core values and visions of those 12 men who met at the Steps of Hurt Gymnasium, at Morgan State College, Thursday, Evening September 19, 1963.

Joseph Shelton Hall
Joe Ali Baba Smoke 6A1974
Financial Life Member

Sep. 17, 2022

The Founding

The Founding

An Iota Phi Theta Founders’ salute
12 strong black men gathered on Morgan’s Hurt Gym steps
12 strong black men with incredibly strong roots
12 strong black men wore hard-stepping boots
12 strong black men were symbolic of renewed black community fruits
12 strong black settled all of their inner disputes
12 strong black men wore some damn fine suits
12 strong black men built Iota up from Black America’s grassroots
12 strong black men defined Iota’s 5 golden attributes
12 strong black men who understood brotherhood had no substitute
From Johnny, Lonnie, Frank, Charlie, Gregory, Charles B, Albert, Lou, Elias, Barron, Webster, and Mike 12 strong black men fixing to make up a grand brew
They just didn’t know for decades it would be called “centaur brew”
12 strong black brothers were committed to seeing this plan through
Not one of the 12 ever wanted to bid anyone of them adieu
Also, none of them wanted to wear any blue, black, red, or purple it simply wasn’t on the menu
The colors of their streets would be paved gold and brown
So these 12 strong black brothers convened on Hurt Gym concrete steps
A little before 6 was the time that was set
Iota Phi Theta’s history will tell you the rest
12 strong black brothers would strive for nothing less than the best
12 strong black brothers weren’t seeking just the elites
12 strong black brothers weren’t color centric
12 strong black brothers wanted blackness elevated
So if I was there on September 19th I’d grab that gold and brown chair
I sit and I’d stare because these 12 black brothers were seeking rare air
These 12 strong black brothers created that mean Iota Phi Theta stare
I am damn sure proud that I'm allowed to sit in that Iota chair
These 12 brothers wanted all to know the fight for equality was now loaded for bear
You see those 12 strong black brothers told dream thieves don’t you even dare
12 strong black brothers showed everyone else they should indeed care
12 strong black brothers knew that justice and truth were created to share
My founder’s salute didn’t Webster Lewis play the flute
The love they had for each other no man could dilute
Those Morgan women around them oh my, oh my, how they were so cute
Man, those sisters were so fine, make a brother jump from a plane with no parachute
Yes, 12 strong black brothers met on Hurt’s concrete steps
Now 59 years later a new neophyte knows the rest of this story
12 strong black brothers stood not for just glory
Those 12 strong black brothers built something it is the Iota Phi Theta fraternity story.
Ow Ow I shout loudly Ow Ow and Ole


Joseph Hall