Apr. 30, 2019

"Bessie Dared To Fly Where Eagles Glided"

On this day 93 years ago a remarkably brave black woman perished, Bessie Coleman. Bessie Coleman was born dirt born in a small town outside of Dallas, Texas. Bessie Coleman was seemingly born without the resources necessary to make an impact on society. Yet, Bessie Coleman was a visionary. She had a dream that was far larger than any barriers she may have encountered being born black and female. Bessie Coleman had an itch to conquer the skies. Early flights at the beginning of aviation history were dangerous adventures. Yet, Bessie Coleman was a black woman who conquered fears to achieve amazing feats of courage.

Bessie Coleman was the very first licensed black female pilot in our country. She couldn't secure her pilot's license in this country because of two impediments, her race, and her sex. That, however, didn't stop Bessie Coleman who simply when across the Atlantic Ocean and secured her pilot's license in France. It was Bessie Coleman's dream to conquer the skies and also teach other blacks in our communities at the time to conquer the skies as well. Bessie wanted to create an aviation school for blacks that would rival any white aviation school at that time. Remember this fact these were the days when Jim Crowish and white racial hatred was at it's highest peak. So any dream as large as the dream that Bessie Coleman has had enormous roadblocks. Yet, Bessie Coleman persevered and continued to work towards that dream until the day she died doing what she loved doing the flying of her airplane.

Today I would love to have each of my followers spend a few moments listening to The Black Blogger read about the incomparable Bessie Coleman. It is essential to understand this one basic fact the motivated Bessie Colemen's life? Bessie Coleman refused to let her dream die and because of that fact she will be remembered for time Infinitum as a The Black Queen of Skies, Brave Bessie.​

Apr. 29, 2019

Poor People's Campaign April 29, 1968

April 29, 1968
The Poor People's Campaign
Washington, DC
Resurrection City

The demise of Martin Luther King Jr.'s final dream was the Poor People's Campaign. On this date, April 29, 1968, 51 years ago the tents and shelters went up for the beginning of Resurrection City. It was Dr. King's hope that tens of thousands of economically deprived Americans of all colors, creeds, and religions, would flock to our nation's capital to demand economic equality from the halls of governmental power. D. King, was focused on a modeled strategic plan that concentrated on a national economic redistribution of wealth. Of course, that plan was in direct opposition of those holding that wealth. So any measure of success for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s plan would need to have the powerful leadership of Dr. King present for the plan to have any chance of success.

In the final months of Dr. King's life, he knew that this struggle for wealth redistribution would be his most difficult battle. The battle for economic rights meant that the powerful would have to actually give up resources. The battle for civil rights although extremely difficult was not a battle for the enriched in American society to share or redistribute wealth. This new battle asked those of wealth to economically make sacrifices that the majority of whom would never agree to. So, that is the reason, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s presence was vital for the struggle to actually have any chance of being minimally successful.

So when that bullet pierced Dr. King's body on April 4, 1968, in Memphis; the bullet did more than kill the ultimate messenger of love, Martin Luther King Jr.; the bullet pierced that King's body also struck directly at the heart of the Poor People's Movement. The bullet also killed any hopes that Dr. King's final dream, the dream for economic wealth distribution died instantaneously as well. No matter how hard Ralph Abernathy and the leaders of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference tried they had absolutely no chance of reviving what racist America murdered on April 4, 1968. All hopes for any fruition of economic reparations, economic sharing, economic justice were essentially dismissed as a non-starter in any discussions with the powers to be. I don't even know if the leaders of the Poor People's Campaign even had the opportunity to discuss any plans with those in power during the time the campaign was initiated on April 29, 1968.

One thing is definitely certain since 1968 black communities have continually suffered multiple economic losses with few economic gains. So, in terms of wealth distribution, the gap between those who have against those don't have, has actually widened. There have been no economic reparations, nor as economic wealth distribution gained any movement towards equality. Although black communities have a spending power exceeding 1.2 trillion dollars, 94% of those spending dollars leave black pockets never to return. So on this day, we must remember that Dr. Martin Luther King's dream of economic fairness, economic equality, and economic opportunities are still unforsaken dreams. It is those dreams that must be reactivated if our black communities are truly ever to reach the heights that Dr. King envisioned the night of April 3, 1968. When Dr. King viewed the scene of being at that mountaintop and looking down on a prosperous black nation.

Apr. 25, 2019

John Singleton (Rest In Peace) 01/06/1968 - 04/29/2019

All prayers for John Singleton today for John Singleton and the family of John Singleton. It was revealed earlier this morning that John's family would be removing John Singleton from life support. John's battle against his devastating stroke has ended and John has passed on to the great valley of black greatness. It is in that valley that John Singleton can share the many memories he created for his many followers. John's genius was evident in so many ways. His eye for a great story was nurtured when he directed the fantastic movie Boyz In The Hood in 1991. He followed that movie up with the impactful story of Higher Learning, a movie that promoted black intellectuals. Many brothers, mothers, girlfriends understood the nature of the movie Baby Boy. One of my all-time favorite John Singleton movies was the epic story of the destruction of the Florida black community of Rosewood. John Singleton directed Janet Jackson and Tupac Shakur in the black classic Poetic Justice. John Singleton wasn't afraid of a challenge in recreating the black classic from the 1970s' Shaft. I mean he developed Samuel L. Jackson into the epic John Shaft. I truly believe that it was Samuel Jackson's rendition in Shaft that leads to Jackson's role of Nick Fury in the Marvel movies.

Every kind of movie was within John Singleton range as a director. Whether that movie is one about action 2Fast2Furious, urban drama Hustle &Flow, mysterious elements Black Snake Moan, or movies with the criminal element like Four Brothers. He directed movies of all types but the single compelling thing about John's movies was that he played all of his characters to audiences. John Singleton put his heart, mind, and soul into his work. That may be the reason he was with us for only 51 years. Because of John Singleton energies placed into the creative works he developed John was simply used all up. The black community needs to join hands and send a message of thanks to the lasting spirit of John Singleton. We need to thanks John for all the works he created, all the economic opportunities John created for others, and for allowing us to have a glimpse into John Singleton's greatness. He’s told some of our powerful black stories on screen that needed to be shared. Thanks for sharing John Singleton your works will live on for eternity.

Peace Love Brother Singleton.
Rest In Peaceful Slumber


Apr. 25, 2019

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste " Dr Frederick Douglass Patterson"

“I learned a lesson with regard to race that I never forgot: how people feel about you reflects the way you permit yourself to be treated. If you permit yourself to be treated differently, you are condemned to an unequal relationship.”
Frederick Douglass Patterson

On April 25, 1944, The United Negro College Fund was founded by Frederick Douglass Patterson. Since it's founding 75 years ago nearly a half a million students have been aiding by either matriculated at the numerous UNCF Historically Black Colleges and Universities or by directly receiving UNCF college scholarships. One of the initial brandings of UNCF was the phrase, " A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste". That phrase was a point of fact a powerful reality in the many black communities throughout this country. When Dr. Patterson founded UNCF many black students could only attend HBCU because of the segregation policies of primarily white universities in many southern states. In addition, many of our black ancestors coming from participating in fighting the Axis powers in World War II weren't getting the GI Bill College Federal Funding in those southern states without going through major hassles. In many cases monies that black GI's were qualified for simply never came to pass. That is why the United Negro College Fund was an essential vehicle for allowing those blacks entrance into the HBCU's at that time.

You have to wonder historically where our black communities would be if UNCF didn't exist? The overwhelming number of black degreed professionals matriculated at HBCU institutions. This is still the case today in this country. Historically Black Colleges and Universities funded by the now billions of dollars raised by the United Negro College Fund serve black communities in so many ways:

Here are 6 Important Reasons That HBCU's Provide Meaningful Support To Our Communities:
Dr. Michael Lomax 12/2015

1. Outsized Impact, Low-Cost = “Best Buy” in Education
2. HBCU's Meets the Needs of Low-income, First-generation Students
3. HBCU's Lower Costs Narrow the Racial Wealth Gap
4. HBCU's Campus Climate Fosters LIfe Success
5. HCBU's Addresses the Nation’s Under- and Unemployment Crisis
6. HBCUs Offer a True Value/Values Proposition

So the importance of the United Negro College Fund's support of these HBCU's is extremely vital to the progress of our black communities, past, present, and future. So on this day April 25, 2019, The Blackman Who Reads Aloud celebrates the brilliance of Frederick Douglass Patterson whose insight and commitment to the uplift of our black communities should be placed at the highest level of appreciation. Even today as so many of our black communities suffer many major societal barriers and societal ills. Our HBCU's along with UNCF stands singular on the battlefield fighting against oppression. These institutions of higher learning hold the key to the advancement of our people. A mind still remains a terrible thing to waste and God knows our black communities still are losing far too many young black minds.

Frederick Douglass Patterson was indeed an individual who followed in the footsteps of his namesake Frederick Douglass who was committed in his life to bring the highest principles of education to our ancestors. I, myself, is a graduate of Morgan State University, a proud HBCU alumnus, as well as an individual committed to the educational uplift of our black communities. So today just for a moment remember the name Frederick Douglass Patterson who helped bridge the gap that leads to universal black educational excellence.​

Apr. 24, 2019

The Insane Privilege of White Gentrifiers

Today, I am writing about the insanity of white gentrifiers who gentrify back into the urban area with a sense that they are doing the communities they move back into some glorious favor. They seem to feel that the black residents that haven't been moved out of these communities should bend over backward to openly support them.  Well, sorry white gentrifiers it isn't the duty of the black residents to make the community comfortable for you. It is the responsibility of the gentrifiers to do all they can to ensure that a harmonious atmosphere exists for the residents who were in the neighborhood before you decided to reenter those communities that many of your white ancestors left decades ago. You see blacks didn't start the process of white flight out of these urban areas. White flight was part and parcel of the white communities reaction to blacks gaining measures of equality in housing and educational opportunities that had been denied them in many cases for centuries in this country.

 That is why it is so damn frustrating to see white gentrifiers actually having the audacity of using the historic grounds and the main campus of Howard University as a place for their dogs to defecate on. I mean the ultimate example of how white gentrifiers feel about the community they have moved into, or as some of our black brothers and sisters say invaded.  First, these white gentrifiers told the black community around the 7th Street and Florida Avenue corridor that the go-go sounds being projected out to the streets was disturbing the quiet that was now expected since they moved into the community.  Never once did those who protested the go-go sounds do any research about how long those go-go beats had been ongoing. Nor did these white gentrifiers go and gain some knowledge of the go-go beat that is synonymous with Washington DC's black community. No, they went to the media controlled by the white gentrifiers and demanded that the go-go sounds cease and desist. Why not play some Carrie Underwood, or possibly Taylor Swift to make us feel a little bit more at home.

Well, white gentrifiers your new home is the home of go-go and it is a black no-no to think that the Shaw Community is going to roll over and accede to your every demand. Now if that wasn't enough the white gentrifiers have dogs and naturally, dogs, unlike cats, must be walked. It is during these white gentrifiers dog walks that dog business must be done. I guess the white gentrifiers had a meeting on how to best disrespect the black community that surrounds Howard University. If you don't know or have never visited Washington DC. You may not know that the historic campus of Howard University is located in the heart of the Shaw Community. This historic campus is known as the educational Mecca for Black Colleges and Universities. Howard University was founded in 1867 by the United States Government as an adjunct to the Freedman's Department. You only need to know white gentrifiers that internationally Howard University is as recognizable as Harvard University. How anyone can have the gall to think that Howard University's main campus off of Georgia Avenue is to be confused as a dog park needs to have their heads examined.

The main campus grounds have been the site of the founding of 5 Panhellenic Organizations (Omega Phi Psi Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority). Over 120,000 students have received degrees from Howard University and historically many of the black movements for equality and civil rights have been formulated on the grounds of Howard University. If one of those white gentrifiers had just done a little homework they would've known that to use the campus as their dog's dung dropping ground would have known that it would be totally unacceptable. However, white gentrifiers seemingly don't care about honoring black history. You see they moved into the community with the assumption that the community needed them. Hence, anything these white gentrifiers did from demanding to silence the go-go sounds to using Howard University as their newly discovered dog park was acceptable in the realm of white privilege. 

I have to wonder what Dr. Mordecai Johnson, Dr. Alain Locke, Dr. Carter G. Woodson, Dr. Frances Welsing, Dr. Franklin Frazier, Dr. Mamie Clark, Dr. Kenneth Clark, Thurgood Marshall, Dr. Kelly Miller, Robert Carter, David Dinkins, Charlie Cobb, Stokley Carmichael, Benjamin Hooks, John Mercer Langston, Charles Hamilton Houston, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Ralph Bunche, Jeremiah Wright, Sterling Brown, Donny Hathaway and all the great black people connected to Howard University feel about Howard University being the selected dog park for the white gentrifiers? Whether those former Howardites are in the land of our black ancestors or still living in the world. I mean white gentrifiers are feeling bold enough with a total lack of respect to use Howard University's campus as the new dog park in Northwest Washington DC? 

I know that personally, this black man feels that this act of disrespect is atrocious. Then I hear one white gentrifier tell a local news reporter that if any current students at Howard University don't like them using their campus as a dog park, maybe Howard University needs to move the campus from their new acquired neighborhood. To that, I say get the fuck outta here you goddamn idiot.