May. 14, 2019

We Were Here First Reflecting Reparations From Another Perspective

The Black Blogger Looks At Reparations From Another Perspective:


Our Black Ancestors Were On America's Southern Shorelines Before The Jamestown Landing


We Need To Take the Wool From Our Eyes Black America We Were Here First


Reparations Don't Begin At Slavery They Begin With A Stolen Nation


Read my blog today about my thoughts on our stolen history, our stolen land, and how to interpret the true nature of white imperialist thievery. While many Black Americans are focused on nonsense that is created by a nation sworn to keep us distracted. The wool continues to be pulled over our black collective eyes. OK, let me use that damn Bill Cosby him again. He may now be imprisoned for allegedly raping women after drugging them. However, before that Dr. Bill was going around this country telling us that pulling up our pants would solve our problems. He called it the Poundcake speech and many, many people clamored to hear Dr. Bill's solution to black community progression.


Just pull up your freaking pants young black man or be forever condemned to the outer sphere of craziness. Well, now our black communities are still languishing and the fifteen minutes of focuses on Bill’s sexual plight are gone. I think Dr. Bill should've changed the focus of that speech from pants being pulled up to our land being stolen. I mean Dr. Bill is one of the most intellectual black men in our community. If he had spoken from our level of true solutions just maybe Dr. Bill would've had more black community support when he really needed it. That railroad train of injustice that captured Dr. Bill would have been derailed even before it started. If Dr. Bill would've said look at these obvious facts almost 98% of the enslaved 4,000,000 blacks were below the Mason Dixon Line. The skin tones of those blacks were the same skin tone as the people Magellan described in the 15th Century. All the historical markers say that southern Indians were not red-skinned but were of dark ebony skin. Dr. Bill could've started the true cause of black reparations not just from slavery but from the standpoint of stolen lands.



Today's political reality is that every democratic candidate running for the presidency in 2020 must address the issue of reparations due to the institutional oppressive system of enforced slavery. We, our black community has even created a moniker for the movement ADOS. Which either can mean African Descendents Of Slavery or American Descendents of Slavery. Well, how about Black Native Americans Descendents Who Land Was Stolen. Black Americans continue to ignore the reality of what really matters to us; in terms of having real cultural connections to a land that was stolen from us almost 500 years ago. What land do you ask, Brother Hall, what land? We Black African Americans came here all bundled up like sardines in the belly of ships from the shores of western Africa, didn’t we? Of that truism is what every historian of any consequence has told us, whether they were black or white it seems. Every history book discusses the cycling disgusting system of all of our ancestors were stolen away from the African continent. I am not going to argue that a great percentage of our ancestors weren't stolen from Africa. I am however going to say that a significant percentage of our ancestors were already here. That makes the argument for reparations far more compelling if you also add the 250 years of enforced slavery, along with another 100 years of racialized oppressive conditions that mirrored another type of slavery.


That is why when we have these discussions we as a collective community are historically informed. That is why rather than Dr. Bill tell our young black brothers to pull up their pants, or telling our young black sisters to respect the hemline of their skirts. Dr. Bill should've been telling them to research our history and demand our fair share of this American economic pie. It is said that history is the key to understanding one’s self-identity. History defines who you are, we are, and why we are the way we are. So if that is indeed the case. We had better understand the magnitude of our brothers and sisters continuing to adopt false history rather than claiming the true story of our black historical genesis.


You heard before, it’s so damn hard to believe, we were indeed here first. This morning I heard it from the lips of one Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when he wailed we are refugees in our own land. Yes, you heard it correctly Dr. King indicated that black Americans aren’t African Americans, but part of this nation's original peoples who were encountered by those savage Europeans. Those Europeans then proceeded to blitzed our ancestors land and resources without a neer' bit of human sympathy or care. Those people of fair skin took what was rightfully our ancestors and made it their own. They haven't paid one damn penny in penance for the viciousness we as black people endured since they have been here.  


I can now only believe what is placed in front of me that is different from what those fair skinned historians want me to believe. Rather then Bill Cosby telling our communities to pull up their pants maybe Bill should have added and pull that wool from over your black eyes. For if we indeed were here and I now believe we were. We who have sacrificed so much of what we had stolen and have gotten back so damn little for that sacrifice. While our red brothers were almost exterminated off the face of the earth. The black Americans and I use that term loosely because what was this nation before it was America? The land was a collective group of tribes and communities definitely not America. A collective group of black brothers and sisters who welcomed these invaders on to their lands thinking the best and getting the worst.


Those same black brothers and sisters were worked into the ground, enslaved, whipped, shipped, and devoured by the hatred extolled by those of the fairer skin. Then as if that wasn’t enough damage. Those of fairer skin created the mythology of every one of our black ancestors coming across the Atlantic Ocean on slave ships and then being bartered by those of fairer skin. Of course, they also added the reprehensible breeding story which made it all the more appalling. Those fair skinned people stole was what great from us that endured us to this savagery. They stole every single solidarity bit our damn history. Yet, what is done in darkness does indeed eventually come to light. The footprints of our ancestors are now being uncovered and questions are now being asked.


 The wool of history’s injustice continues to be pulled over our eyes evermore. Some black Americans find decency in the story given to us that every one of our black ancestors came to America in the bellies of slave ships covered in feces and piss of themselves and others. I simply do not find that appealing one damn bit. Our peoples were stronger mentally than that folks. They were mentally strong but just too damn trusting of those of the fairer skin. Hell, before they knew it wham, bam, thank you, mam. They and their black sisters and brothers were shipped to other parts of a nation already there own. They were force fed a religion that endured and taught them that living in hell now would provide them with a life in heaven after death. This all done while little by little building the BIG LIE that we as a majority of black brothers and sisters all believe today. Don’t get mad at this post it was only intended to inform and reflect on truisms. It surely wasn’t met to spread any hatred or continue that lie. Hell, most of White America most likely believe the African story anyway because it is the only story those who know the truth want to be told. Yet little by little, inch by incredible inch, the real story is unfolding and soon that wool over our eyes will indeed be transparent.


Then every one of us will have to make a decision.



May. 12, 2019

Food For Thought Late Saturday Night Question: Who Am I?

"Tomorrow 157 years ago a black man born a slave said to himself enough is enough, he was tired of taking this bowing down to a race he knew he was as intelligent as. He pulled a serious Wakanda move that should be made into a movie for prosperity sake. This strategic move both confused and amazed his supposed master class. He proved that he wasn't to be trifled with. He showed that black magic worked and he worked it to the betterment of his family and several others. Let's spend a few moments to tomorrow talking this titan of deception, this master of white disaster, this symbol of black defiance. His spirit still lives in each of our revolutionary class not satisfied with complacency. If you don't know his name who had better recognize because he showed white southern Americans that his force was so powerful he could shift the balance of power from white to black. Recognize his greatness and think about who the Black Man Who Reads Aloud Is Writing About In The Morning. This is a historical test for those who think our only black heroes reside in a mythical Marvel Universe."

Robert Smalls A True Black American Hero, Not A Mythical Character"

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May. 11, 2019

Gentrification Thoughts About Black Spirits Past

This and the previous black generation have sold the sacred lands that housed the homes of Countee, Langston, Robeson, Johnson, White, DuBois, Baker and Hansberry. The question I ask this afternoon is where do those giant elegant, majestic, honorable ghosts of yesterdays roam now? Do they still abide in those homes of their pasts? Or do these spirits now move through time searching for the black communities that they fought so hard to nourish? Looking at gentrification and asking why, oh why couldn't we hold on to these most honored places.
Can these spirits of black greatness invade the souls as well as the homes of peoples who know not their contributions? Can the give spiritual nourishment to people who unlike them suffered no sense of racial loss? Those wondrous black eternal souls who embodied our people's spirit, lifted our people's struggle, feed our people's dreams, and even salvaged our peoples' desolate dreams? These great majestic souls created what is known as black peoples' magic, and provided our ancestors a sense of black worth.
Why did we seek a way out rather than ensuring that we maintained a way in? Is it because we could? Did fortune seal the fate of eternal spirits lost? Oh, why the hell no, we asked. We could so, therefore, we should, was our non-thinking answer. The green outweighed our majestic ancestors' hopes and dreams that we black people maintain our communities radiant beam. Goodbye, sweet Harlem. goodbye, sweet Shaw we hardly knew thee. In comes others who now reside in places that roam of the spirits of our great black past. We ask that they cherish those sweet sprinkles of black days past. Yet, they do not understand our struggles nor care about our past. They need a new coffee and cake shop nearby. So goodbye Countee, Sweet Langston, Hurston, Johnson, Robeson, and White past memories have faded fast and yesterday's light cannot last.
Who now keeps that rich history of yesterday's past? So who protects our glorious past? It surely isn't those who eagerly sold it so easily away sold it away so fast.
May. 10, 2019

Here's Hoping Trump Pulls An LBJ On The Fourth

"Since Donald Trump has decided to immerse himself in America's celebratory festivities on the 4th of July 2019 on the National Mall with a get this hugely great political speech. Maybe Trump will do America, and a great majority of Americans a huge favor and announce his resignation from the Presidency. Really, what other speech would be appropriate for the Trumpster to give while standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial? Can you imagine that Trump would give America this gift right before the firework display begins? I sure his old buddy Old Abe Lincoln himself along with Trump's black history buddy, Freddie Douglass would appreciate that act of solving a huge national leadership and moral concern as well as providing a "now" adoring crowd booms and blasts at the same time."

Just having these words come out of Trump's mouth would be so magnificent:

"I will not seek nor will I accept the nomination of my party to be President in 2020, as a matter of fact, I have decided that I've done enough damage to the nation and I will no longer be the President starting immediately after the fireworks show"

May. 10, 2019

PBS Pinchback Speaks With Clarity On The Struggles Of Black America in 1880

Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback was born free 182 years ago on May 10, 1837, in Macon, Georgia. His parents were Eliza Stewart, a freed slave, and Major William Pinchback, his mother's former master, and a white southern slave-owning planter. Today, on my blog I will bring the words of PBS Pinchback during the presidential campaign of James Garfield in 1880. This was the election after the 1876 presidential election in which the Republican Party had all but given back the south to the racist Democratic Party. It was also the start of another century of a different kind of slavery, viler, more oppressive, and denigrating to the descendants of a system of slavery that supposedly ended in 1865.

P.B.S. Pinchback served as Governor of Louisana for a sum total of 34 days during Reconstruction. He was the only black man who served as governor of a southern state during Reconstruction. Pinchback was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1872 along with being nominated to the US Senate both first in the State of Louisana. He was never allowed to serve in the Senate but Pinchback was a spirited supporter of black rights throughout his natural life. PBS Pinchback could have chosen to lead a "passing life" like his sister but his path was a path defined by his acceptance of his mother's race.

America's historical reality can be so much different than what is taught in the classroom or shows up in our schools' history books. Can you imagine this scenario, on December 31, 1862, all 11 rebellious Confederate States decided to drop their​ weapons and end the Civil War. If this would have happened according to the Proclamation of Emancipation set to become effective on 12:01 am on January 1, 1863. The enslaved peoples in those 11 eleven states would still have been held in bondage. Well, 14 years after that proclamation slavery rebounded in another form more vicious than what had occurred in the previous 2 1/2 centuries. Think about that for just a moment and the desperation men like PBS Pinchback felt climbing this mountain for deceit that this country presented them with?

Join me and listen to PBS Pinchback discuss with clarity the hopeless situation that life presented our black ancestors without this nation enforcing reconstruction policies.​