Jun. 3, 2019

Chicago Bulls 1995-96 or Golden State Warriors 2016-17 GO

On the Fansided Page today they rated all the NBA Champions for 72 to 1. The last two teams standing were the Golden State Warrior Team of 2016-17 rated #2 and the Chicago Bulls Team of 1995-96 rated #1. Personally, I disagree with the choice of the Chicago Bulls 95-96. So I would like to get some feelings from my social blog followers.
If you were to choose the greatest NBA Championship Team ever would you choose the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls that featured 2 Hall of Famers, Michael Jordan, and Scottie Pippen along with Dennis Rodman, Ron Harper, Toni Kukoc, John Salley and Steve Kerr; or the 2016-17 Golden State Warriors with potentially 4 Hall of Famers, Steph Curry, Klay Thompson , Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala along with Shaun Livingston, David West, JaVale McGee, and Nick Young? Personally even as great as Michael and Scottie were I really don't think they could match up with the Warriors team either in long-range three-point shooting or team play in a halfcourt offense. Both teams were powerful, complete basketball teams who were just as effective on defense as they were on offense. I just think personally the Golden State Warriors would've beaten the Chicago Bulls in a seven-game series. What do you think Bulls 95-96 or the Warriors 16-17? Choose on my blog site by answering in the response slot, or simply by responding to this post.
Jun. 3, 2019

Happy Birthday To Josephine Baker, Warrior For Black Justice

Before Beyonce, Rihanna. Before Lena Horne, Dorothy Dandridge. Before Halle Berry, Eartha Kitt. Before all the black beauties that graced motion picture screens or entertainment venues, there was Josephine Baker. Josephine Baker was born on June 3, 1905, 114 years ago today. One year after the birth of Dr. Charles Drew. Josephine Baker was born in St. Louis, she was born Freda Josephine McDonald. Josephine Baker lived for 71 years and for those number of years, Josephine Baker was deemed the most beautiful woman who ever graced the planet. No matter the color of that woman's skin.

Multi-talented as a singer, dancer, artist, intellectual, and actress it was no world it seemed that Josephine Baker couldn't conquer except one, that being black in a white Jim Crow'ed America. She was defiant, confrontational, bold, proud, black and truly beautiful. She confronted bigotry in this nation head-on and when she felt that she had enough, Josephine Baker moved to a country that respected her talents and didn't constantly hold her skin color against her. Josephine Baker was a member of the French Resistance during World War 2. Her surveillance efforts against the German and French Nazis were indeed acts of courage. She placed her life on the line to defeat the axis powers of evil. You see Josephine Baker was, in fact, one of the most courageous women that ever lived. She was considered an exotic beauty but in reality, her exotic beauty was generated in many ways by the color of her skin.

Josephine Baker is remembered by most people as the flamboyant African-American entertainer. Josephine Baker earned fame and fortune in the city of Paris, France in the 1920s. Yet through much of her later life, Josephine Baker became a vocal opponent of segregation and discrimination. Josephine Baker often initiating one-woman protests against racial injustice. She often refused to perform in any venue that practiced segregation. Josephine Baker contributed to multiple causes that involved securing the civil and social rights of black peoples all around the world.

On August 28, 1963, at the age of 57, Josephine Baker would make history in Washington DC. Josephine Baker flew into National Airport from Paris, France. The city and country that had become her adopted homeland. She flew to the nation's capital the country of her birth to attend the March for Jobs and Freedom. The march is known historically now as the I Have A Dream March led by Dr. Martin Luther King and multiple civil rights organization throughout the nation. Josephine Baker, dressed in the uniform of the French Resistance was the only woman to address that crowd of 250,000 strong. Today, on Josephine Baker's birthday I read those words she spoke that day. Josephine Baker paved the path for every single black female and male performer that followed her in life. We must never forget her contributions or her courage in confronting the tides of hate that has continued to send waves of bigotry to so many still today.​

Jun. 3, 2019

Happy Birthday Charles Drew, Your Magnificent Brilliance Is Still Shining Brightly

Born on June 3, 1904, Dr. Charles Drew lead a life that continues to impact others even 115 years after his birth. Let's see Charles Drew was responsible for setting up blood banks during World War 2. This eventually led to the formation of the American Red Cross. The research that Charles Drew led related to the storage of human blood has indeed saved ten's of millions of lives. While blood has only type differences, the United States Army didn't agree there policy was to separate African American blood from white American blood which eventually led to Dr. Charles Drew's resignation from his position as Director of the Red Cross because of this insane blood separation policy.

Dr. Charles Drew fitted quite of bit of life in his shorten time on this planet. He lived for only 45 years but wow, what a series of accomplishments outside his work with human blood storage. Dr. Charles Drew was a superior athlete who also was a coach at my alma mater than Morgan State College. Dr. Charles Drew also directed the Howard University School of Medicine and was also the Medical Director of the Freedman's Hospital. Dr. Charles Drew's influence was felt in the multitudes of young black students he encouraged to be medical professionals.

His daughter Charlene Drew-Jarvis is and remains a political force in the District of Columbia. She has served on the District's City Council, she followed her father's footsteps as an educator and scientific research. So, I know that Charles Drew would have been proud of his only prodigy. So today I pay honor to a brilliant scientist whose impactful life proved that superior genius was not a matter of an individual's skin color. It was the content of his/her desire character and brilliance was decided by his/her determination to uncover and unmask the greatness that existed within. On April 1, 1950, Dr. Charles Drew and three other physicians were involved in an automobile accident outside of Burlington, North Carolina on the way to a medical conference at Tuskegee Institute. Dr. Drew was at the wheel at the time of the accident. He suffered injuries severe enough to take his life. Even though white physicians tried valiantly to save his life. Those efforts failed the black medical genius passed away.

Happy birthday Dr. Charles Drew the world continues to appreciate the greatness that you spawned. The lights that you lit in others still continues to burn brightly today in the preceding generations of those you personally influenced.

Jun. 2, 2019

The Look Of Pure Evil

Lawrence Banks is the same age as I am and I believe that we both entered City College High School in Baltimore City the same month and year September 1969. I cannot remember if I even knew him during my only year attending City College High School but if I did cross his path I guess I am lucky I didn't end up being victimized this black man.
Recently, a body was discovered in a shopping cart outside in the vicinity of the Clark's Lane Apartment. The body was missing her hands, feet, and head. The only distinguishing marks on the remaining torso were tattoos on this woman's buttocks. Well, I guess if this person's killer was more treacherous he would have burned those tattoos away as well. Because it was the tattoos that were eventually able to identify her. Dominique Foster, age 43 was that body in that shopping cart. Her murderer was her father, Lawrence Banks. This wasn't Lawrence Banks's first murder of a family member, or for that matter, any other murder. Lawrence Banks killed with impunity, folks. Have a beef with Lawrence Banks and end up cut up on a steel slab in a coroner's lab.
It seems that anyone who crossed paths with this man was dealing with a deranged killer. Lawrence Banks has killed or is implicated, or suspected in the following murders, along with throwing a 7-month baby through a glass door in 1976. Vivian Banks, his wife whose murder is currently unsolved; 2 killings on the same day in 1991, one of those killed was his son along with another man in Pasadena, Maryland; 2 additional killings in 2006 in Laurel, Maryland of a daughter and granddaughter of the woman he was living and dating. Now, my question is this how does a man who threw a 7-month old baby through a glass door 1976 and who admitted to killing his son and another person in 1991 get the chance to murder again in possibly in 2006, or get the chance to decapitate his daughter in 2019?
Truly, this picture is disturbing. It is the indictment of our criminal justice system. It also breeds the reality that black lives are less valuable than white lives. Because if Lawrence Banks would've killed white people during his reign of terror. The first white killing would've been his last killing because the system would've stuck him under the penitentiary in 1976. The picture displayed on my blog doesn't connote pure evil but Lawrence Banks embodies pure, unadulterated evil personified. Anyone who crossed this man was marked for a potentially murderous rampage.
I truly hope that these are the only victims of this mass murderer but the way he killed indicates that he was a meticulous killer. He hid his victims' identities in some cases. Their cases will never be solved unless Lawrence Banks confesses to the murders. Now he's 65 years-old like me but he is nothing like any other 65-year-old man. You see Lawrence Banks is a disturbed animal who prowled the streets of Baltimore City looking to unleash his brand of terror. The failed system of justice in this country allowed him to continue. Why? Because his victims were black.
Jun. 2, 2019

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Reads Malcolm X

If you have an understanding of the importance of literacy. You will agree with me that until every young black male is past the point of reading at a barely functional level. Our communities will continue to struggle with the problems related to high levels of illiteracy. You may read an article that detailed that 3/4 of California young black males are failing that state's reading proficiency tests. This is simply a deplorable situation, a situation that should be unacceptable as well. Yet, every day in this nation black youths wake up to the reality of not being able to read or barely read a job application, a simple children's book to a child, the how-to put together directions, the US Constitution, the names on a ballot box, and the computer screen or cell phone screen. The importance of literacy is more vital today than at any time in our history. Why? Because technology is outpacing the unskilled, uneducated adult eliminating the need for them in an evolving society.

You know who was at one time illiterate but changed the course of history for so many peoples in this country? Yes Malcolm X, was illiterate, or barely functionally literate. It took being surrounded by prison walls to release Malcolm X from this state of ignorance. We need to stop the cycle of black men becoming literate once incarcerated. We must change the equation to eliminating the jail cell from the equation. If we are truly going to create more vibrant, active, and engage brothers working collectively to build enlightening conscious communities. Stop the prison chain collective and create the literate strategic thinker collective. So, today, I bring to my blog the words of Malcolm X, who self-taught​ himself the skill of literacy. Yes, reading is a skill. It is complex and demanding but once it has been mastered. It can totally change your life and open up a world of opportunities to you.

Malcolm X understood the power of words and spent his entire life mastering the skill of reading comprehension. He communicated to his audiences whenever possible to need for them to become strategic in thought and action by mastering literacy. Where is that defiant spirit in today's young black males? Is the absence of that spirit related in any way to declining numbers of black boys learning to read? If we are to become the independent growing communities that Malcolm X envisioned then we cannot fail to engage our black youth in mastering the skill of reading.

One that goal is accomplished we can recapture the energies that existed during the time Malcolm X walked the earth. The desire and want​-​to for acquiring black knowledge will be rediscovered. Today, The Blackman Who Reads Alouds goes to the words our ancestor Malcolm X from a summer Harlem, NY Rally in 1960.