Jul. 28, 2019

Mr. Uncle Sam Just Send The Reparations Check No Need For A Party

Yesterday, July 28, 2019, marked the 151st anniversary of the ratification of the 14th amendment to the United States Constitution. It was deemed one of the most essential part of those Civil War constitutional amendments. For the 14th amendment delivered citizenship rights to our ancestors held in bondage for nearly 228 years. The guarantee of equal protection under the law, the reality that besides the vote which would come to black men in 1870. Every black man, woman, and child supposedly had the weight and force of the United States government to protect them.

Why doesn't this date hold special significance in the black communities throughout this nation? Why don't black families have citizenship parties all across this nation? Why don't fireworks light up the sky in recognition of this momentous date of ratification? Why aren't speeches given? Why don't we make pilgrimages to the home of those famous congressmen and senators who fought so valiantly for this amendment's passage? Should special celebrations be held at the home of Frederick Douglass in Anacostia? Shouldn't every black American have this date etched in their memory like the 4th of July? Juneteenth? The bombing of Pearl Harbor? Or even 9/11?

Well, no because of the fact that for nearly a century the 14th Amendment was a paper lie. It carried no more weight than the speed limit at 4:00 AM in the morning on a desolate highway. That's why I waited one full day to repost this blog selection from 2017. Our ancestors had no citizenship rights for the better part of the period between 1868-1964, except for a brief time of Black Reconstruction from 1868-1977. So, that's why there is no celebration or no fireworks. We were sold a bill of lies. So, why celebrate the insufficient check of American citizenship? During the period of time when the 14th Amendment was supposedly being enforced every right a black man, black woman, or black child had was stripped with the full consent of the very federal government that was sworn to protect them.

So never mind about the parties scheduled for July 28, 2020. While don't you Mr. Uncle Sam just send the reparations checks.

Jul. 27, 2019

The Chicago Race Riot July 27-30, 1919 Black Americans Had Just About Enough Of White Mobs

Part Two
Chapter 13/The Beach
Red Summer The Summer of 1919 And The Awakening Of Black America
Cameron McWhither

The actual race riot started on a beach leading into Lake Michigan when a young black swimmer was targeted by a rock-throwing white. The young black teenager, Eugene Williams was struck by a rock thrown by George Stauber and drowned. All hell was about to break loose in the city of Chicago over the course of the next 3 days.

Today, as The Blackman Who Reads Aloud ventures back to that hot Chicago July day to relive the events that occurred during this race war. Because that is what it was it was indeed a race war between whites and an embattled black community forced to defend itself against enormous odds.​

Jul. 27, 2019

100 Years Ago The Great Race War In Chicago When Blacks Fought Back Against White Mobs

Part One
Chapter 12/Chicago Is A Great Foreign City
Red Summer The Summer of 1919 And The Awakening Of Black America
Cameron McWhither

Events that lead up to the race war explosion that occurred 100 years ago on July 27, 1919. The Chicago Race War was one of the most violent confrontations that have​ ever occurred in this nation. Listen as I read from the book Red Summer, The Summer Of 1919 And The Awakening of Black America by Cameron McWhither. ​ This book details those events that enveloped the city of Chicago where the forces of racial animosity​, racial hatred, racial misunderstanding, racial segregation, and racial​ oppression.

Jul. 27, 2019

Reflecting on the 2020 Primary Season: Kamala Harris & Corey Booker

Reflecting on 2020: Kamala Harris & Corey Booker

Right now there are only 190 days until the primary season begins with the February 2, 2020, Iowa Caucus. There will plenty of election fireworks over the course of the next 190 days until that initial Iowa Caucus. In the democratic party currently, it looks like the running of the first race of the Triple Crown, The Kentucky Derby with 25 steeds and fillies galloping down the front stretch looking for any possible advantage. I didn't want to use the thoroughbred analogy but whatever analogy can you use with so many declared candidates running for the nomination to confront Trump.

In short order after Iowa, the following states will have their primaries and with 221 days or 31 days after that initial Iowa Caucus. The primary season will most definitely provide the frontrunner status and possibly the nomination will be all but secured on Super Tuesday, March 3, 2020. Especially if someone other than California's current Senator, Kamala Harris wins those delegates. Is California still winner take all? No, it isn't the delegates are now proportioned according to how they performed in the state's 57 congressional districts. While the importance of California is magnified by the size count of the delegates. It is also smart to realize that by that March 3, 2020, date, many of the 25 current candidates will still be on the ballot cards that are mailed to registered Democratic voters. So with 60% of the votes to tabulated coming from mailed-in ballots, how many will be directed towards candidates who have already ended their presidential ambitions? We should presume that Kamala Harris's campaign will either sink or swim based on her standing after March 3, 2020.

Corey Booker could be in real trouble if he doesn't pick up any momentum prior to Super Tuesday. Because of the lateness in the primary season of New Jersey's Presidential Primary. The New Jersey Primary date is June 2, 2020, which is probably way too late in the primary season to boost a frailing presidential campaign if Corey Booker doesn't at least win some state primaries or show strong performances in Iowa, or New Hampshire. The percentage of the black caucus delegates in Iowa sits at 4%. So these delegates will need to coalesce with other delegates to provide any real impetus to either Corey Booker or Kamala Harris. Right now either Harris or Booker cannot split except splitting those delegates and gain any sense of momentum leading into the next primary which is New Hampshire with only 1% numbering black voters. Corey Booker will need to finish ahead of Kamala Harris in order to maintain any legitimacy to his presidential hopes.

The South Carolina Primary on February 29, 2020, should/could be the defining line for Corey Booker. I truly anticipate Kamala Harris's campaign to hold the fort until that Super Tuesday California Primary.
If Corey Booker doesn't show well in South Carolina because of the high percentage of black voters in that state. If Corey Booker doesn't show well in South Carolina which means at least amongst the top 3 finishers. Corey Booker's campaign for President for all intents and purposes are done. He must then marshal his forces for either a position for VP or a possible cabinet appointment by pledging to support the current frontrunner.

I anticipate both Harris and Booker's campaign to work hard to drive home the message of coalitions. That is the campaign that won Obama the nomination solid is not incredible support by the black voters, along with picking up college-educated whites both male and female especially the so-called soccer moms. The only problem with that strategy is that Elizabeth Warren will capture it seems the many soccer college-educated moms and former Vice President Biden has Obama's cheat sheet for winning the nomination with multiple digital lists of not only supporters but also campaign financiers. I have personal problems with both Corey Booker, it seems that he is too pocket dependent on Wall Street financiers to truly be a candidate that will be people-oriented not money-oriented. I also have struggled with the multiple articles that have been written relating Kamala Harris's tenure as District Attorney in San Francisco as well as Attorney General of California, those articles showed a strong propensity to incarcerate black men in large numbers. She also had a somewhat dubious relationship with former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown that engendered multiple financial rewards that seemed quite questionable.

Right now, I putting together my issues card based on late Mayor from Atlanta Maynard Jackson. It will highlight 15-20 national issues that will define by either yes/no answers who will get my political support. I would like to get some opinions from my many followers on what those yes/no questions will look like. We can no longer vote simply on an individual's race or color or party affiliation. We must vote on how the candidates will support our agenda's if elected. I concentrated solely today on the Corey Booker/Kamala Harris campaigns today because these two candidates look the most like me. I hope I provided some direction as the minutes are ticking down hopefully to the end of Donald Trump's decimation plans of this nation.

Jul. 27, 2019

The Massacre at Fort Negro Black & Native Americans Struggle Against White Oppression

On July 27, 1816, 203 years ago, the massacre at Fort Negro in the Spanish Florida territory occurred. Fort Negro housed escaped slaves and most likely Native Indians were working together to build Ujamaa. They sought a cooperative plan to work outside of the institutional frameworks of slavery that stole the opportunity to build self-determination and economic independence in Spanish Florida. This collective effort of economic cooperation wasn't acceptable to the plantation-owning white elitists of the southern slave states.

This enclave ​of escaped slaves had developed a colony in Spanish Florida but it was not to be. Since that black community was a threat to the expansion and survival of slavery in the states of Georgia and Alabama as well as all the other slaveholding​​ southern states. So, the Secretary​ of War, William Crawford, ordered future President Andrew Jackson to level Fort Negro and all the inhabitants​ within the walls of this fort. The Blackman Who Reads Aloud is reading an account written by historian Dr. Wasserman today. In addition, I'm remembering that our​ majestic black history need not ever be a black mystery.

The lesson that this nation should've learned but didn't is that freedom was a sacred right for all people, not just white people. The inhabitants of Fort Negro simply wanted to be left alone to experience that sacred freedom. However, the white purveyors of institutional slavery couldn't and wouldn't allow that to occur. Especially with the slave rebellion in Haiti still fresh in their minds.​