Jul. 31, 2019

Let's Go To The Audio Tape!

So what did Ronald Reagan really think of black folks? Well if you are in my age group or slightly younger you may remember a sportscaster named Warner Wolf from New York City one of his famous lines he used to use was, "let's go to the videotape", or in case of today's news release, regarding Ronald Reagan in 1971, the audiotape.

I can remember how fondly how the nation's foremost black politician, Barack Obama, referenced Ronald Reagan in his book, The Audacity of Hope:
"Reagan spoke to America's longing for order, our need to believe that we are not simply subject to blind, impersonal forces but that we can shape our individual and collective destinies."
"All the time in the back of Reagan's distorted mind he envisioned blacks as monkies. He saw black Africans as not even comfortable wearing shoes along with the idea that they were swinging from vines in African jungles."
In Washington, D.C., on Jan. 15, 1977, just five days before Jimmy Carter took the oath of office, Reagan emphasized this point, stating The New Republican Party I envision is still going to be the party of Lincoln and that means we are going to have to come to grips with what I consider to be a major failing of the party: its failure to attract the majority of black voters. It’s time black America and the New Republican party move toward each other and create a situation in which no black vote can be taken for granted.
I mean really is Donald Trump any worst than many of the white men who have sat at the desk in the Oval Office? As we head into the campaign for the office of this nation's presidency in 2020. I still see a nation just as divided by racial issues as they were when Reagan made his remarks to a now known bigot, Richard Nixon.
Donald Trump is telling blacks to go back to where they came from. He also telling blacks that we live in squalor, in infested conditions with vermin and our black elected leaders could care less. Donald Trump is indeed a racist but guess what? So was Nixon, and so was Reagan and so was the overwhelming majority of this nation white male presidents. It seems that the time of come to change at least one of the dynamics of our next President. Maybe, just, maybe we need to change the sex of next President. Is that is how we finally stop this racial madness?
I heard both Sanders, and Warren say last night that many international corporations could care less about American workers. They both said to pinch an extra nickel in profits these corporations would throw the American workers under the proverbial bus. It seems to me that for an extra white vote elected men who sought the office of the presidency felt the same way about black folks. They would denigrate and malign black folks easily. They would disparage and demean black folks easily. Now, the time has come for the black folks of this nation to wake up to the reality that we can no longer, or will no longer accept this treatment. For once we must coalesce with other voters with similar agendas and vote "our" issues, not created issues by candidates who simply historically have shown they don't give a damn. 
Jul. 31, 2019

The Restless Soul Of Whitney Young

Whitney Young only lived 49 years but he accomplished what few had in their lifetime. For nearly a decade Ancestor Whitley Young steadfastly captained The National Urban League during the 1960s' when this nation's racial conflicts were boiling over in almost every state, every urban center, and every government institution.

Whitney Young was indeed an individual who staked his life's belief in the principle of integration as the solution to America's racial conflicts. Mr. Young felt encumbered to work within the system of racial bigotry to force change. He felt the nation's urgency to bridge the gap of racial distrust to create a bridge of racial understanding.

Once this racial bridge was constructed all the barriers that allowed for the economic and social disparities between black and whites would eventually be erased. Too bad that Whitney Young's vision is still a far off dream in 2019. The bridge of racial understanding the Whitney Young imaged prior to his death in Nigeria in 1971 has collapsed.

Although Adam C. Powell Jr. maligned the character of Whitney Young by labeling this proud man Whitey Young. I can overlook that error in judgment by Adam C. Powell. If anything Whitney Young was a chameleon who could easily slip in between the worlds of black and white and his attempts to uplift our black race. Whitney Young had a strong relationship with Malcolm X. He was one of Malcolm X's closest confidants. Malcolm X sought our Whitney Young as someone he could indeed discuss the issues of the black community with.

In 1964, Whitney Young brought to the national black urban crisis a 10-Point Marshall Plan that would erase the many issues of blight and destruction facing black communities north, south, east, and west in this nation. Whitney Young also began to disavow the military misadventures that were ongoing in Southeast Asia. He, like Martin Luther King Jr., felt that the enormous funds being expanding in this war were a detriment to rebuilding the black communities.

Had Whitney Young not drowned in the waters off the Nigerian coast in 1971. It would've been quite a dynamic duo of Vernon Jordan and Whitney Young working collaboratively to solve the economic issues facing our black communities in the 70s' and 80s'. One can only imagine the force of these two remarkably intellectually talented black men would have taken our black communities.

On this the day of his 98th birthday, I bring forth the name of Whitney Young on my black blog. I understand that his soul is quite restless because our nation is still grappling with the meaningless battle of racism in 2019. He is also restless because of this ever prevalent white-black economic gap Whitney Young sought to eviscerate is still on-going and even expanding. Whitney Young's soul is still restless because of the absence of the over negative wealth condition of black America. Whitney Young's restless soul is not happy, and on this July 31, 2019, afternoon it seems that racism is making a huge rebound with our nation's President the head cheerleader.

Perhaps one of the better descriptions of Young's life was voiced by a black high school student in Michigan at the time of Young's funeral in 1971: "Whitney Young started out a brother and died a brother. He was one cat that could run with rich white people and still look out for us."

Will we in the black communities remember Whitney Young for his dream of an equal society. Or will our black communities remember Whitney Young as a man who saw wrong and tried to correct by for all intense purposes far short of his goal

Jul. 30, 2019

July 30, 1945 Congressman Adam Clayton Powell First Elected To The House Of Representatives

Our History Is Audacious
The Blackman Who Reads Aloud

Today, I bring you the words spoken by Congressman Adam Clayton Powell on June 6. 1966 to the House of Representatives. This speech outlined Congressman Powell's, ​Black Position Paper. Congressman Powell detailed 17 points essential to black progress in the United States. Looking back as we look ahead many of those 17 points are still relevant today. They indeed would make an excellent Issues Card that we could use to address to our current elected leaders to assure that these individuals stay on point to address the issues that confront our many black communities across this nation in 2019. Please take the time to listen intently to Congressman Powell's words. No similar words are being spoken currently by our black congressional leadership with this type of eloquence, determination, and common sense.

Jul. 29, 2019

Once We Get Started

Rufus and Chaka Khan had a song that they released in 1974 that is very appropriate for this post. The name of that song is Once You Get Started. I am changing the word You to We, as this epic song relates to the recent performances by two young dynamic ebony swimmers in our country, Simone Manuel and Reece Whitley. They have both splashed on to the world's Olympic swimming pools with attitudes of supreme confidence.

Who said black folks can't swim and can't swim fast Simone is the Wilma Rudolph of the pool. She's about to take Tokyo 2020 by storm like Wilma took Paris by storm in 1960. Simone is the guided dark gilder of the deep. Simone is the ebony mermaid the world just uncovered. Watch out world we bout to take over the pools once that is done all the myths of black water weaknesses will erase, poof into the clouds of eternity.

Simone will lead a legion of black swimmers into the deep end of the pool. No more standing in the shallow end black folks going directly to the deep end. Every HBCU will follow Howard University and re-establish there swimming programs. I can see crowds of ebony fans flocking to swim meets across the country cheering the newly minted Simone Manuel's of the world on! Our young black masters are going to be breaking world records all over the globe.

We already have a 6-foot 9-inch black male Reece Whitley dominating the breaststroke. Wait until Reece takes on that Tokyo Olympic Pool in 2020. Now we have Simone dominating the freestyle 50 and 100. What's next? We gotta get our butterfly ebony swimmers on point. Once we get started, oh we just can't stop.

Jul. 29, 2019

If I Were Mayor Of Baltimore City Today?

If I were the Mayor of Baltimore City and I read this recent tweet on Twitter from the creamsicle currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. I would've been on the phone line within seconds of seeing the following tweet:

"even to new heights of success and glory, but not with King Elijah and that crew. When the leaders of Baltimore want to see the City rise again, I am in a very beautiful oval-shaped office waiting for your call!"

You see to me, that would've been an ideal time to put President Trump's urban economic policies on the front page. Rather than wasting precious time going tit for tat with Trump on the Elijah Cummings situation. This situation that has become more of and he said and everyone else roars back word battle. I would really see exactly what Trump has to offer to rebuild not only the Seventh Congressional District but also the entire City of Baltimore.

What does the current Mayor Young have to lose? He doesn't have to be in a position of groveling now to Trump. It seems that Trump has provided him and his administrative leaders an open door to contact the most powerful political leader of the strongest nation in the world. You can still hate the man but damn can you really turn down an opportunity to force his hand to deliver economic aid to our troubled city? If Trump simply tries to placate the Mayor with platitudes, or speak talk the media will be all over this situation. It will have revealed Trump's real nature that of simply spreading venom without a true aim or objective.

Are Elijah Cummings personal feelings more important than gaining some federal financial support to the multiple communities in need throughout the City of Baltimore? I really feel that many of our brothers and sisters have a certain feeling about Elijah Cummings that mirror somewhat the tweets that Trump has implied about Cummings success rate in driving down many of the horrid conditions that are prevalent currently in the great and historic Seventh Congressional District.

Has Elijah Cummings been as successful a representative as his two predecessors, Parren Mitchell and Kwesi Mfume? That is a question that should be answered right. Elijah Cummings has held that congressional seat for almost twice as long as Parren Mitchell and for 7 longer terms than Kwesi Mfume. Since 1996 has the whole of the Seventh Congressional District improved measurably? I am not talking about the conditions in the Seventh that border Howard County. I would like to know the condition in the Seventh that includes Baltimore City; that is, in fact, crime-ridden includes many dilapidated and bordered up homes, includes many so-called drug markets, where older residents are locked in their homes at night for fear of the terror that is in the streets, and where many school children aren't able to master even the most basic of educational requirements in reading, math, and the sciences.

You cannot hurt Elijah Cummings feelings when you and your beloved city are facing the myriad of issues that confront your administration daily. Elijah Cummings could actually be beneficial in spearheading any specific projects through Congress. He hardly needs the photo opportunity to be seen with Donald Trump. So leave him at home that day. Take Marilyn Mosby, the current State's Attorney, Brandon Scott, the current City Council President and yourself to the White House with a list of demands and simply put those proposals in Donald Trump's hands. You know put the proverbial foot where is current mouth is. Don't give him an opportunity for a photo-op to feed his enormous ego. When asked by the press why you are there simply feed the tweet of Trump's invitation:

"even to new heights of success and glory, but not with King Elijah and that crew. When the leaders of Baltimore want to see the City rise again, I am in a very beautiful oval-shaped office waiting for your call!"

You see, he actually is giving the city's leadership the golden opportunity to place it's agenda forward in a national venue. Do you think the media will not be all anxious to cover this meeting? It will be the Great City of Baltimore versus Donald Trump. If only I was Mayor. Once I saw that tweet I would be salivating for an opportunity to help my city rise again. The heel with party politics our community's conditions is way past that point. Do you think Al Sharpton is going to get you any economic support to bridge the gap in the multiple issues our city faces? Or any of the other talking heads going to get you the needed resources to feed the conditions present in Baltimore City? Is MSNBC going to provide you solutions? Is CNN crying moderators going to provide you assistance?

The time is now for the urban national economic plan to be set forth. This is an opening you need to spread the national urban agenda. Hell, what do you have to lose? Make the call Jack Young use Trump's words to forward Baltimore's agenda. Just maybe you will be able to get something out of this situation than more speak talk.