Aug. 13, 2019

Medgar Evers Speaks Man's Obligation To God And Man's Obligation To Man

62 years ago on a steamy hot August 11, 1957, at Mount Heron Baptist in Vicksburg, Mississippi Medgar Evers delivered this message to the congregation at the Men's Day Program. So on this muggy humid day in August 2017 in his words, my voice, I reenact the words of that powerful message. Those words spoken 62 years ago are still relevant today as we challenge ourselves to better our communities for the coming generations.​

We do in fact as men have an obligation to God to stay within the bounds of humanity and decentness. A man also has an obligation to men to ensure a bounty of life's richness. Yes, a man must stay within those bounds of humanity and decentness. Sometimes that bounty is not measured by material wealth but it is measured by prosperity in friends, prosperity in health, and prosperity in that man's family.

Because of man's inhumanity to man, some men who delve into this realm are seemingly seen as prosperous. We may see men seeking prosperity by illegitimate ways. That doesn't make that gain godly. It, in fact, demeans those who seek to prosper by gain through inflicting pain on others. What Medgar Evers was saying that Sunday in Vicksburg, Mississippi to that congregation was even though we may see suffering. We shouldn't cross the line towards inhumanity because, in the end, those acts of indecency will reflect negatively on our paths in life.

I love reading the words of Medgar Evers although many of his words were not documented because his life was cut so short. However, if you decide to walk in the shadow of Medgar Evers, you will lead a life of purpose and your life gains will indeed provide positive life gains for others you encounter on your path. By staying true to both the obligations one has to both his God and to other men.


Aug. 12, 2019

The Next Selection On The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour

From the author of Stamped From The Beginning, The Definitive History Of Racist Ideas In America, Ibram X. Kendi comes his newest just released 8/13/2019, How To Be An ANTIRACIST. We already read and was educated by Stamped From The Beginning on The Blackman's Read Aloud Hour. So tomorrow we begin reading Ibram X. Kendi's new book because if there is anything that this nation needs is to contemplate the possibilities of becoming antiracist. So please join me on Tuesday, August 13, 2019, as I launch into reading Brother Kendi's new creation.

The Blackman Who Reads Aloud believes that we must continue to nourish our minds from the tree of knowledge. To constantly refresh our minds with progressive thoughts to battle those forces that encourage racial separation and racial oppression. I'm truly excited to begin this journey with you tomorrow. It's an excellent stepping off point from the completion today of James Farmer's book Lay Bare The Heart, The Autobiography Of The Civil Rights Movement. It was indeed James Farmer's goal in life to encourage this country to develop the philosophical underpinning of antiracism.

Aug. 12, 2019

Real Change Starts With Real Deal Black Candidates

"“Every black fraternal, black sorority, major black social organization, the major black civil organizations need to get fully committed behind the ADOS movement for reparations. If any candidate for political office running for any municipal, state, or federal office doesn't agree to support the process of securing reparations, whether, they be black, white, red or yellow, democrat of republican than that candidate loses the support of the community they intend to represent. In addition, these organizations should demand an audit of each candidates voting history as it relates to issues of importance to the black community he/she represents as well as national issues of importance. We can no longer accept candidates without a valid portfolio of the agendas critical to black economic, educational, and social development. This means that every incumbent must be put under a microscope to ensure that they are proponents of real change, not just elected officials cashing their payroll checks, lobbyists checks and doing nothing else for blighted communities they represent.“"

Aug. 11, 2019

August 11, 1955 "Zora Neale Hurston Speaks Out Against The Brown Decision"

Zora Neale Hurston was certainly no integrationist when it came to school integration. She was of the mind that why should we a people force ourselves on a white race that didn't want to be near us. In this post, you will see that Zora wasn't a proponent of following that old white mare.

64 years ago today Zora Neale Hurston wrote a​ historic letter to the editor of ​the Orlando Sentinel. In that letter which actually seems now quite prophetic​ . Zora Neale Hurston railed against the unanimous​ 1954 Brown versus the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas which ruled that separate but equal schools were unconstitutional. As we look at this court decision from the prism of 2019. It seems that Zora was on to something because public schools are seemingly more segregated​ now than they were a decade after the Brown decision. In the letter,​ Zora Neale Hurston used the wise tale of the white mare and the mule. It seems that a mule will follow a white mare anywhere.

For this reason, I regard the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court as insulting rather than honoring my race. Since the days of the never-to-be-sufficiently deplored Reconstruction, there has been current the belief that there is no great[er] delight to Negroes than physical association with whites. The doctrine of the white mare. Those familiar with the habits of mules are aware that any mule, if not restrained, will automatically follow a white mare. Dishonest mule-traders made money out of this knowledge in the old days.

"Lead a white mare along a country road and slyly open the gate and the mules in the lot would run out and follow this mare. This ruling being conceived and brought forth in a sly political medium with eyes on ’56, and brought forth in the same spirit and for the same purpose, it is clear that they have taken the old notion to heart and acted upon it. It is a cunning opening of the barnyard gate wit[h] the white mare ambling past. We are expected to hasten pell-mell after her."

Aug. 10, 2019

Another Voice: Dennis Boatwright II: Trump Builds War With Iran To Distract From His Domestic Proble

When former president Bill Clinton began to feel the mounting pressure of two articles of impeachment debated in the House of Representatives in 1998, he launched over nighty tomahawk cruise missiles on Sudan and Afghanistan in August of that year.  In Jan. 1999, upon the eve of his impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate over his affair with Monica Lewinsky, he ordered another round of airstrikes. In the following days, his job approval ratings began to climb. 

Thereafter, many foreign policy analysts began to compare Clinton’s decision to attack Sudan with the movie Wag the Dog, wherein the president in that movie decided to fabricate a war with Albania so that the media would focus more of its attention on the war than on him being caught having sex with an underage girl. Later on, U.S. analysts acknowledged, however, the targets in Sudan did not manufacture or store chemical nerve gas as the defense department insisted.

Pres. Donald Trump’s actions show he’s watched that movie, too.

Shortly after being sworn into office, he signed a xenophobic executive order that temporarily banned Iranian citizens from entering the United States. The following year, Trump tore up the historic Iran nuclear deal agreed to by the Obama administration which prevented Iran from achieving nuclear capabilities but in return lifted many economic sanctions. In the last few months, in particular, Trump has stiffened his posture towards Iran, with each new pronouncement making war feel imminent.

Tensions in the U.S.-Iran relations have escalated in the last few months.

Last April the U.S. State Department branded the Islamic Revolutionary Guard a foreign terrorist group. In May of this year, the U.S. announced it was deploying the USS Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group and B-52 bombers to the region along with 1,500 additional troops to send a clear message to Iran. In the last few weeks, for instance,  there has been military skirmishes between the two countries. And to appease anti-Iranian factions in the U.S., Trump announced he would place a total ban on Iran’s export of oil. This measure would prevent Iran from selling oil on international markets, essentially crippling the country that relies heavily on its export of petroleum. 

In June, Iran shot down a U.S. drone it claims flew over its air space. Two weeks later, the U.S downed an Iranian drone it said had flown too close to a U.S. military ship patrolling the Gulf of Hormuz. Since then, these skirmishes have grown into Iranian military ships seizing a British-flagged vessel, accusing it of wandering in its territory. 

The Trump administration is trying hard to create a pretext for war. Trump likes Americans to believe Iran is the aggressor because it wants to establish its dominance in the Persian Gulf region. Hence,  the United States is obliged to protect Saudi Arabia and other Middle East countries.

Last month, the U.S. House of Representatives counted ninety votes for impeachment.  Though there must be at least 235 votes to proceed, this is an improvement of thirty lawmakers. 

This number is expected to surpass well beyond one-hundred when lawmakers return from their summer recess. 

Meanwhile, the call for impeachment is gaining momentum since the last two mass killings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio. There is a growing belief that Trump’s own white supremacist rhetoric is inspiring domestic terrorism against people of color.   

Because Trump doesn’t have any bipartisan domestic policies to offer, bombing Iran may be the only measure that can keep him in the White House.