Nov. 21, 2019

Thinking Out Loud

America says a nation it cannot afford reparations I say as a black man you could’ve already paid that debt back tenfold.

Nov. 21, 2019

Just Thinking Out Loud

Has anyone thought that Stephan A. Smith and Max Kellerman in order to gather better ratings have gamed the viewers by switching positions? You have many folks questioning Stephan A Smith’s blackness while at the same time inviting Max Kellerman to the local black picnic. Has the corporate gambit worked? Would social media be all aflutter if there positions were switched? ESPN SHOWS get bank and commercials by viewership numbers. I bet that in the offices of marketing at the corporate offices of ESPN they discussed this as a scenario to boost and engage the audience of the show. I mean corporations see viewers like there are puppets on a string or sheep in a flock able to be directed as they see fit. You don’t think Stephan A. Smith would buy into this gambit? How much money is his current contract worth?

Nov. 20, 2019

Damn We Don't Need Stupidity When Eyes Are On Us Anyway

"This morning Catherine Pugh former Mayor of Baltimore City who left her office disgraced because of her dirty dealings concerning a series of children books Pugh never really wrote but schemed to earn illicit funds from was indicted by the federal government for tax evasion and other punishable crimes. Cathy Pugh actually started these acts of criminality in 2011 when she was serving her district as a State Senator. She had continued these criminal acts for eight years until she was outed for these illicit acts by a swarming and stinging media both print and television for her fictional publishing of a series of Healthy Holly books. I mean Cathy Pugh was bleeding in open waters and the media sharks wouldn't allow her to come up for air. Because of the stress Ms. Pugh became acutely ill with a case of pneumonia that almost took her life. She was also severely depressed and remained clustered and hidden away in the home that she purchased with what the feds say now was illicit funds gained from the now Horrible Holly books. How could Ms. Pugh think that once the spotlight of being the Mayor of a major metropolitan city think that she could continue run this scam?
I mean first and foremost, Cathy Pugh probably had good intentions because Cathy Pugh was always health conscious. The question is when did those good intentions turn to criminal intentions? Did it occur when the thousands of dollars earned became hundreds of thousands of dollars? Did she become so delusional that the position of Mayor made her think she was invincible? Didn't Cathy Pugh understand that first and foremost once she became Mayor she was black and that meant her standard of responsibility to avoid criminality was set at the highest level. Maybe if she wanted both money and power. However, a public servant most likely has to choose the power of the position over the need for illicit funds. Now, Cathy Pugh who is about to turn 70 has destroyed any semblance of respectability she had earned in public service. Cathy Pugh is hardly stupid she saw some of her political colleagues fall because of illicit acts. Her friend, Sheila Dixon, former Mayor lost her position because of shady circumstances. Why didn't Cathy Pugh learn from Sheila Dixon's failings? I guess Cathy Pugh was stricken by that sin of greed. What I can ask is this. Knowing that the eyes are on us once we reach a position a power. Why do some of us feel that political power means immunity from stupidity? "

Nov. 20, 2019


On November 20, 1898, 121 years ago Rev. Francis J. Grimke of Washington DC spoke to the "gospel truth" to white institutional supremacist power on the black man's total and defiant determination never to give into the struggle. You cannot accommodate your way to first-class citizenship or equality. Nor can you expect to disrupt the status quo without shaking some mighty big oak trees stationed to keep your community locked down and locked out! So why do so many blacks today acquiesce today? Why do so many blacks stay silent in the face of continued cases of injustice? Why do so many blacks not stand against the forces of oppression that offer them scraps rather than a full meal? How we look back at Rev. Grimke’s words and say we honored them? Listen carefully to those words today as we move towards a general election in the next year. Will we as a black community force our political leadership to listen and act on our demands? Or we as a black community acquiescence?

Nov. 19, 2019

Colin Read The Book Did You?

To My Black Community and Stephan A. Smith

For those of us in black communities a little confused about Colin Kaepernick’s position and that includes Stephan Smith. Please go to your neighborhood library (that’s where knowledge is housed) and read Bill Rhoden’s book 40 Million Dollar Slaves. It will provide excellent background material to digest the brilliance of Brother Colin Kaepernick. He not only refused to be sucked in on Saturday to the NFL’s muddled strategy. Colin Kaepernick creates a win-win scenario for every player who seeks to stand as a man not a mouse feed by money. The key to discovering our immense power lies in the knowledge available in books. It’s a damn shame that when the question is asked in a large group of black folks when was the last time you read a nonfiction historical book cover to cover silence invaded the audience. We gotta do better folks. The scene that the NFL setup was nothing more than a form of auction. We are all familiar with auctions in our tragic historical past. Don’t fall for the okie doke black folk.