Nov. 29, 2019


many folks were starting their annual trek into christmas debt with the strategic sales campaigns of the large scale brick shipping areas across the nation. As many others were sitting in from of mobile phones, iPads , desktops, and laptops avoiding the long lines but still treking into this season of building debt. I happened unpo an article in the USA Today that was directed at the home builder that I chose to build my dream home in the spring of 2000, Ryan Homes. Funny thing the very first line of the article; "Toilets left unconnected to the sewer flushing waste under a new home for nearly a year in South Carolina".

I thought that besides the fact that the home was in South Carolina they were talking about my experience with the builder Ryan Homes. You see when we had settled into our home and had been in the home nearly six months my wife and I noticed that our front year was bubbling with water around the base of the front of our home. We simply didn't understand why this water was bubbling from no seemingly no where. We initially thought maybe a water pipe had burst. So we called in our Home Warranty Company, American Shield to investigate where the water was coming from. There was no evidence of a burst pipe in our basement. The plumber who was called in was quite perplexed. He told my wife and I to notify the builder because it was obvious the leak was coming from outside the interior of the home.  

We called Ryan Homes but were initially stonewalled saying that maybe our installation of our new washing machine was the cause of the leak. You know blame the new homeowner especially while you are still selling units in a not completely unsold Ryan Home community. My new door neighbor had already had problems with Ryan Homes they had forgot to put a front facing window in the master bedroom.

However, it seemed that all our problems were minor compared to his. Until that day when they started the Big Dig. They dug a hole that was the deepest hole I had ever seen dug. Each time that shovel came up from the ground the smell was so pronounced that neither my wife or any of our guest who were over helping us with our new baby daughter could stand it. It eem that the hole was almost 12 feet or more deep. The tractor operator thought he had seared the sewer line and maybe the sewer line was clogged. Neither was the case it seemed that Ryan Home never connected our home to the main sewer line when they supposedly closed the ground around the foundation. So needless to say for almost 6 months all the sewage that left our home was simply flooding into our front yard. Besides the obvious incompetancy of the builder we were blessed with greenest grass in our development. The builder didn't offer us any relief for the smell or the permanent damage that may have occurred as a result of the BIg Dig.

So I can honestly say that I sympatize with that couple in South Carolina. That however was not the only problem we had with our home but the most recent problem was revealed when we were selling our home. It seemed that Ryan Homes left untreated mold in our garage. We never really noticed the dark spot in the garage ceiling until after a period of time. My wife told me about it and I called Ryan Homes about the spot nearly 18 years ago. They sent a home inspector out and simply said the shading in the ceiling was nothing to worry about. We thought it was a leakage from our whirlpool tub but that wasn't the case at least that was what we were told in 2002.  

Now fast forward to 2019. That same dark shaded spot revealed a case of nearly 20 year old untreated mold. Ryan Homes sold us the home knowing that mold existed but never treated the mold because it meant tearing the entire garage ceiling down and also the master bathroom and bedroom floors. If Ryan Homes had immediately treated the moisture  leak rather than ignoring it would've cost them pennies on the dollar. You know what that shaded spot cost me in terms of the devaluation of my home? Well, in addition to the fact that wood spoilage that started almost immediately after we moved in on our backdoor which pushed additional mold into our basement, it cost us over $25,000.00 in total cost that had to be send to the buyer for them to purchase the home.  

So, when I read that article about Ryan Homes that was published in today's USA Today I got a severe case of heartburn and anxiety. I wonder how many other homeowners were burned by supposedly nationally sanctioned home builders? I am out of Maryland now but it seems that Maryland continues to relay me more anxiety and misery. These types of issues should never happen to a nearly billion dollar company but hey America has lost its sense of prestige for its sense of quick profits. 


Nov. 29, 2019


I absolutely love this speech. If we can get our young black brothers to take those killing guns out of their hands and have those hands clutch some hope and faith. How can we get every young black brother and young black sister to listen to this magnificent speech of inner power and self-determination? Because of this speech's content, it demands a comprehensive understanding by those who take the time to listen to Dr. Powell's potent​ words. Take that gun out of your hand, take that glassine pipe from your hand, take that needle from your hand, and place hope in your hands. Don't give up on yourself​ for in you holds the power of our community's future. Yes our community’s goodness, faith, hope, and future it is in your​ hands young brothers you need only realize it. It is strange that our media and entertainment culture will elevate Bumpy Johnson at the expense of Adam Clayton Powell. It will elevate murder over hope but it’s in our hands to change that equation. All of our hands together. We cannot allow our history to be whitewashed by others. Listen on this on Adam Clayton Powell Jr.’s 109th birthday the words of this great Amazing American who refused to be buttoned up by a flagrantly oppressive society. It’s in your hands.

Nov. 28, 2019

Pure Evil Sam Little

“I can go into my world and do what I want to do,” describing neighborhoods around the nation where poverty, drug addiction, and unsolved murders are common. “I won’t go into your world.”

Sam Little
Mass Murderer
Linked Now To Over 90 Murders

The neighborhoods this murderer was discussing are the dark underbelly of American society. Places inhabited by people of color, who are unable to escape the horror and murderous intentions of this coldblooded killer, Sam Little. Now 79 years old, his body riddled with diseases. Sam Little unveils the moral depravations of his ungodly life. Why now? Why did he finally admit to his murderous reign of terror? Well, in the New York Times article it states that the Los Angeles Prison he was serving three life terms got just a little too noisy for him. So this man who gave no peace to any of his victims sought peace in his captivity. They will write books about his mental state of mind, this black man who killed so many people of color. You will most likely see a major motion picture depicting the heinous acts of this human devil.
What kind of country produces this level of pure evil?

Nov. 23, 2019

Maryland's Problem Politicians

"Why does it seem like my home state has the most corruptible public servants in the nation. The motto of Maryland is The Free State but in actuality it should be called the state where those who serve mostly serve themselves. I mean looking back in Maryland's history since the 1970s' you will find multiple acts where our elected politicians performed acts of criminality that lead to criminal prosecution. Let's start with Agnew, former Governor who started taking bribes while serving Maryland and continue taking bribes while serving the nation. Then his predecessor Mandel continue the trek of bribery as Speaker of the House right into the Governor's Mansion in Annapolis. Then we moved into the County Executive office of the second largest county in the state, Prince Georges County, where Johnson and Johnson the couple were caught redhanded with their hands in the till, or in Mrs. Johnson's her hands in her c-cups stuffing illicit funds from public view. Then there is Baltimore where two of the last four mayors had to resign in shame. Dixon, who managed to allow some gift cards to take her down the path of criminality and Pugh, who suckered anyone who was capable of being suckered into buying the same books over and over again. In addition to these major players we have had state delegates and state senators fall by the wayside from criminal acts of greed. My question is this is the state not compensating our elected officials enough so that can evade doing these crimes? Is there something in the Maryland waters that seed corruption? I do know this some of our state politicians want to stuff their pockets with illicit duckets. These state politicians end up doing perp walks with shiny steel lockets and head to federal and state court dockets. Where judges sentence them to federal and state pens so that they can plug their personal televisions into jail cells electric sockets. If you want to be a public servant it doesn't mean you must end up doing time on the public's dime. It also means staying the hell away from public crime. "

Nov. 22, 2019

November 22, 1963


56 years ago today an assassin's bullet shook up America and ended the supposed hopeful period of an American Camelot. Of course, the Camelot did not truly exist in Black America because Jim Crow was still surging in southern states and most of Black America northern cities were clustered ghettos. Our ancestors questioned if justice and equality for any man or woman of color in the existed in this nation. As a matter of fact things were so bad that Malcolm X had to be punished with a vow of silence by the Nation Of Islam for saying that Kennedy’s murder was a case of chickens coming home to roost. My fraternity Iota Phi was in its embryonic stage just 2 months old with 12 black brothers hoping that the organization started at Morgan State College would more than just a dream. That is my Friday evening story to be told. How our fraternity in 1963 came to be and how an assassin’s bullet change the course of this nation.”