Jan. 3, 2020

Joseph Hall Thinking

"“How do you cull the population without getting feelings all caught up in a knot? That’s easy start the key on the America’s military industrial complex, engines running,dollars flowing, millions of lives loss, mission accomplished, oil tankers sinking, natural gas lines leaking, old bones creaking, depressed moms and dads drinking, while the world again is on the cliff brinking. Drop some bombs, level some villagers and voila gas prices again are sinking.”"

Joseph Hall
Jan. 3, 2020

Reflections My Brother Ralph Marshall Hall

"Reflections on my Brother Ralph Hall this Friday afternoon. I remember when I lived with Ralph back in the early 70's we would always blast out New Year Eve for 3 Days to cover his BIRTHDAY. One Year a NFL Player from the Miami Dolphins got so blasted he left his Super Bowl Ring at the townhouse. I think he came back an got it a month later, I guess after he realized it was missing. Trying on that ring was great but my brother never had any intentions of keeping it. Man how I miss my Brother Ralph. He was absolutely my ROCK growing up. He always seemed to overcome obstacles. I always wonder what you have happened had he not gotten those extreme headaches because of injuries, or because of Agent Orange. My brother had an extremely high IQ that was way over 225+ Mensa Level they said. If he hadn't been so bored with school and if he had been challenged by white teachers who saw skin color nor intelligence level. He could’ve found a cure to something troubling society. I always thought Ralph would have been a game changer in someway. Well come to think of it my brother was a game changer because his motivational talks directed towards me drove me to reach up and believe in my own abilities. I kept one letter from my brother, he wrote it while he was incarcerated. He wrote of how proud he was that I doing well in college. He even spoke of how he when he got out of prison he would graduate with me from college. He did we both graduated in 1977. He graduated in 2 years from a 4 year university. Thanks ever so much Ralph and I will drink a glass of wine today for you and reflect on how you frove me to believe in me. Rest In Peace Ralph Hall I still miss you so much . He would have been 70 years old on January 2, 2020."

Joseph Hall
Jan. 3, 2020

January 3, 1966 Sammy Younge Jr. was murdered for trying to use an Alabama bathroom

Sammy Younge Jr. was not killed on any foreign land defeating the messengers of international hate and oppression. He wasn't killed during either of the World Wars. Nor did Sammy Younge die in Korea or Vietnam fighting the supposed red communist scourge that was threatening democracy in the Far East. Sammy Younge Jr. didn't receive a Medal of Honor, Silver Star, or the Navy Cross for his sacrifice.

Sammy Younge Jr. was murdered in cold calculated blood in the soil of the land that was supposed to be the symbol of free democracy. What was the reason for Sammy Younge Jr.'s murder? He was murdered because he simply needed to use the restroom in a Tuskegee, Alabama gas station. That's right, Sammy Younge Jr. who sacrificed his kidney while in service to his country. He was murdered on January 3, 1966, because he attempted the unthinkable in a white racist society, trying to use a whites-only restroom.

So today's tribute is the story of Sammy Younge Jr. murder. I could've chosen a black military soldier but Sammy Younge was a soldier, a soldier for justice. He represents all the other slain black soldiers murdered in this nation on the soli of their birth simply attempting to gain the citizenship and social rights promised to them by the Constitution of the United States. Still, today soldiers are being murdered and deprived of liberty, freedom, and justice some 53 years since Sammy Younge Jr.'s ultimate sacrifice.

Many of those names we know many of those names we don't know. However, it is imperative that remember that soldiers performed heroic acts of courage on the battlefields of social and civil justice. Those battlefields were named Greenwood, Selma, Chicago, Detroit,Houston, Washington, Harlem, Los Angeles, Montgomery, Philadelphia, Jackson, and many more towns nameless of the victims. Because these struggles were covered up by the injustice of white supremacy's acts of wanton violence.​ We have dual veterans who defied the hate that directed at them on foreign shores and defied the hate directed at them on American shores. Dual veterans in the fight against injustice.

Jan. 3, 2020


Timelines filling up with thoughts on a impeding war with the nation of Iran. Our nation continues to send it’s killing drones all the planet to intimidate world leaders not in compliance with American foreign policies. No olive branches are being sent establishing international harmony and goodwill just multimillion dollar tools of destruction. If we built them drones they will come is the American edict to the nations that fail to stay in line. The innocents in lands far away see the killing machines in skies overhead wondering if this is their day of doom. Operators of these machines shielded by the heat of America’s power play video games with human lives like our nation’s children play innocent games of War and Thunder, Light The Skies, Let It Rain Blood and Destruction on PlayStations and X Boxes throughout this nation. We have managed to create a nation that accepts killing drones in reality because of the use of these drones in our children’s fantasy. Kill them all is the call coming from social media timelines. How dare they hate America. What has America done to them except destroy their lands, erase generations of families with the push a bottle thousands of miles away. Bullseye and that’s it another one bites the dust. Now we see edicts calling for Americans to leave a land torn senselessly by those drones of destruction. If we build them they will come unless of course our presumed new enemies have some. Then we will have America’s children wondering what’s that dark thing hovering overhead. That’s when the game changes and reality becomes insane because humanity’s destruction is hardly a game for false gamers.

Jan. 2, 2020

Celebrating A Master Historian John Hope Franklin

During the crisis of World War II, De. Franklin's administrative experience and Harvard doctorate could not get him a position as an army officer.

"I said to (the recruiter), I thought there was an emergency, but apparently not. If you're going to pick and choose people to kill Nazis -- if they have to be white to kill Nazis -- you are a Nazi yourself,'"

John Hope Franklin

In my mind the greatest historian this country ever created. His historical legacy will span the time of mankind. If you aren't aware or cognizant of his intellectual greatness. You owe it to yourself to google the name John Hope Franklin and read some of his interpretations of not only black history but the entire scope of world history.