Jan. 23, 2020

January 23, 1976 Paul Robeson, The Black Blogger's Mini-Lesson, You Cannot Erase Black Brilliance

On January 23, 1976, 44 years ago today Mr. Paul Robeson died, he was laid to rest an almost invisible black man who dared to confront the injustices of this nation.

Paul Robeson should be revered in the America standards of historical excellence by every person no matter his/her color. However,​ Paul Robeson was a black man​ who refused to shuffle along and be that acceptable negro.

Paul Robeson was proud of his color, his heritage, his community and he demanded that white America respect every man, woman, ​and child no matter their race, creed, or economic standing. It was that philosophy during the era of Jim Crow, The Red Scare, and shuffling to get along negroes that put Paul Robeson on the wrong side of American justice.

So, this brilliant​ man who mastered 20 languages and whose voice was a gift from God was erased by white historians due to his stands on human justice. You wanna talk about personal sacrifice well Paul Robson sacrificed his career to stand for justice.

You wanna talk about being a perceived​ threat by the US Government? Well, Paul Robeson it has been stated that he was poisoned by our government agencies to silence his powerful voice.

Even the NAACP that on this date October 18, 1945,​ awarded Paul Robeson The Spingarn Medal it's the ​highest award for individual black achievement ran for cover because of the perceived damage that Paul Robeson had on the organization's fundraising​ efforts.

So today The Black Blogger will read from two speeches given by Paul Robeson, one given as a 21-year-old valedictorian​ in 1919 and another given as a 54-year-old black man whose greatness was being erased by Americans of both races because of his bold stances for human justice. Along with those speeches I will read about Mr. Paul Robson's greatness. You may try to erase the greatness of those who stood against the tide of injustice but the dimmed light of ignorance will eventually be replaced by the sunlight of absolute knowledge.

The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project salutes the man that was Paul Robeson . Had simply Mr.Robeson kept quiet and accepted the black position in America’s society. He could’ve died a rich and prosperous man but then Paul Robeson would’ve conflicted with the virtues and values taught him by his ancestors. So throughout his life Paul Robeson remained Paul Robeson and for that our communities should cherish that life choice.

Jan. 21, 2020

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I am excited to announce the next selection on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project, Jesmyn Ward’s THE FIRE THIS TIME, a collection of writers and creations that define the black experience in the 21st Century. So join me as I begin a new book on my 66th birthday week celebration. My social media project is unique and informative. It is meant to stretch your black consciousness and increase your historical knowledge base related to our black experience. See you tomorrow and I ended today reading concluding the reading of She Came To Slay by Erica Armstrong Dunbar.

Jan. 20, 2020


I think black folks should invest or find urban investors in the building of honeybee hives. I think that leasing the honeybees out for pollination would be a great investment. The Urban Bee Keepers would be the brand name and pollination is the game. With all the vacant lands in our metropolitan areas I believe if we could find black masters of urban beekeepers. It would be a profitable and lucrative economic venture. Mankind hasn’t been able to replicate the pollination process. So why not find a way to create our own distinct market. I know that HBCU’s could find a way to create a framework for cirriculum development to train these students for implementing technology in the process of ensuring our food for the coming generations. The world is losing its honeybees so why not teach our black children how to save them and profit from the effort.

Jan. 20, 2020


The Radical King was detested by 75% of the national polls taken prior to his murder. His voice was ignored by both young and older members of the black communities as well more than 80% of the white communities, his stance on the War, Wealth Redistribution and the nation’s love of materialism were not popular nor accepted. His opposition to a sitting President who signed both the 1964 and 1965 Civil and Voting Rights Bills were contentious to the NACCP, CORE, and the URBAN LEAGUE as well as many members of the SCLC. He had lost the support of the younger members SNCC many of whom had transitioned to the Black Panther Party. The northern whites were tired of black issues and felt King should’ve been satisfied. The Radical King asked this question in his final book Chaos or Community? We still had yet to give Dr King a definitive answer.

Jan. 19, 2020

365 More Days To Go, Hopefully?

One year from today will either be Donald Trump’s last full day in office, or it will be the day before his swearing in ceremony for his second and final term. Since January 20, 2017 The Trump Presidency has been the most controversial administration in modern times. Has there ever been a period of more political contention in the Executive Office? I mean Clinton has his troubles with the Whitewater Investigation and the stained blue dress but even though Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives. Clinton still was accepted to be presidential by a vast majority of the American population. George Bush started a war in search of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction but he was considered presidential by the majority of the American population. Hell, even Richard Nixon was never as vile as Donald Trump has been. Nixon had the infamous enemies list but Nixon still was considered presidential. I mean looking back in history I can see only one President who was as hated as Donald Trump, Andrew Johnson and he was only 1 Senate vote short of actually being convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors after being impeached by Congress. As Donald Trump begins either his last 365 days in office or just is at the beginning of another 4 years. One has to wonder how in the name of the Constitution can this man even be considered electable in November 2020. The two words that make his election possible is the Electoral College. Trump will face a trial in the Senate for the Articles of Impeachment passed by Pelosi’s Congress but McConnell’s Senate will find him innocent. Then the election fun will be in full effect as Trump will lose the popular vote by a substantial number but still be a viable candidate because of the Electoral College. Because the key battleground states can and will be won with a simple majority of voters. Thus Trump can lose big in the Democratic stronghold states but still carry a re-election by winning the all the southern states and holding on to those critical battleground states he won in 2016. Is this fair,is this possible, yes. Will it probably happen? Most likely. How will this outcome be changed? Well, hopefully the democrats will nominate a candidate who can be competitive in those battleground states. That’s what this election will end up a few states because America is as split a nation now as it was in 1865 when the last truly terrible president was in office. Andrew Johnson was never elected and it is my fervent hope that Donald Trump will only have one bite of the apple. I don’t believe our nation can stand another four years of Donald Trump. So, battleground states it’s up to your voters the majority of Americans have already decided that the current resident in White House only has 365 more days to go.