Feb. 2, 2020

Mary Johnson, Why She Was Released?

Interesting that Trump’s first 30 second commercial referenced Alice Johnson’s early release from prison a direct ploy to drive the black voters to his side. Understand this if Trump is able to gain 20% of the black voters, he will win the general election. He also is attacking subliminally Mike Bloomberg and Joe Biden at the same time. Bloomberg for his stop and frisk policy and Biden for his wholehearted support of the Clinton Administration’s 2994 Crime Bill that was been linked specifically to mass incarceration by Michelle Alexander’s The New Jim Crow In The Age Of Mass Incarceration. Whomever put the initial commercial together should be complimented by Donald Trump. It’s hard for Biden or Bloomberg to counteract any mention of criminal reform due to their aggressive incarceration policies towards people of color especially blacks. You had better believe that the Alice Johnson commercial will be repeated in the key battleground states. In addition, Alice Johnson will most likely to spotlighted at the Republican National Convention. How can you fight her statement I’m free because of President Trump? Especially when Biden and Bloomberg have been connected to criminal justice policies presumed unjust. Interesting strategy because Trump was never a public policy maker before he ran for President in 2016. Now you know why Trump released Mary Johnson to reach his percentage of black voters in 2020.

Feb. 2, 2020

Age Is More Than Number When Everyone Is 7 Decades Old

This is a democratic presidential election is one in which every aged politicians now wants vie for a chance to oppose another aged politician in November 2020. Now a 76 year John Kerry May want to join the parade of candidates. The ages of every prominent candidate is either way pass 70 or in the early 70s’. Why can’t we get a 40 or early 50 something candidate to be a serious contender. Why can’t we get someone truly invested in a new frontier rather than the stale status quo? America needs a new frontier candidate willing to truly be willing to tell the truth to the America public. This nation is traveling down a troubling road and unless it takes a bypass on the intersection of real change. It will get far more terrible before it gets better. We need a new frontier not the old ideas that got us screwed up. As we are right now. Maybe that new frontier idea will expel those ratchet politicians who are serving in Congress and the Senate right now. I know that this and the last generations needs to have a real new frontier candidate to fix the problems created by the previous generations who have abused this nation for the cost of chasing profits.

Feb. 1, 2020

Thoughts On Black History Today

Oh, by the way, it's another Black History Month 2020. I have seen 44 Black History Months in my lifetime. Before, 1976 Carter G. Woodson’s Negro History Week was the opportunity to elevate our prominent black historical figures in our communities across the nation. The evolution from Negro History Week to Black History Month was a transformation from the term negro to black and the expansion of black excellence in our communities. Now the elevation should be from black excellence to uncovering the oppression and injustice to ensure that our ancestors pain is never forgotten. In order to have any chance of receiving any reparations from this nation these incidents of race oppression and race terror must be revealed.

That’s why it is so important to have our younger generations of black children remember their black history. The need is to ensure that our younger children fully comprehend that black history never be a black mystery in our communities. At my blog, www.joesmokethoughts.com, black history is an everyday thing of black excellence and recognition of black history. Its a culmination of the many moments that have secured our presence in this nation today. Those historical experiences that are recorded by the deeds of those known and unknown ancestors to our cherished past. Those ancestors who traveled the hardened roads and bled the blood of sacrifice and gained the fruits of whatever liberties we have today.

I love my black heritage and so should every person in this country, no their race or creed. You and I need to celebrate it continuously not just when you and I are told to by a calendar. So, let us inspire our youths of today and tomorrow to spotlight our own black history and never let it become a black mystery. In addition, there should be no color line in history in 2020. I believe that there should however be an ACHIEVEMENT LINE and our ancestors achievements are pretty damn impressive and majestic. However, it’s imperative not to allow the oppression and injustice to be covered up no matter how vicious and terroristic the event. So, enjoy the month of knowledge and I hope you gain a stronger understanding and perspective of the journey of your black ancestors.

Jan. 31, 2020

Looking Back January 31, 1865: HOPE PROMISES BROKE

The Black Blogger
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Passage of the 13th Amendment 1/31//1865 by Congress

Where are our reparations owed to our black nation
Really now reparations are owed to our black nation
Economic Reparations really should our people’s destination
Black People it will bring community elation
Some black folks would much rather have complete racial separation
Forget all about any owed reparations

When Conyers went to Congress to demand economic reparations
Congress looked back at Conyers with all sorts of mental gyrations
About those reparations well Congress said they had no moral foundation
Then Congress denied the need for any balanced economic equation
For race of peoples loss due to white social, economic and judicial domination
Will making something right come now without a fight
Reparations coming our way was surely Conyers fantasy flight
Simply forgive us said America for all past bad deeds
Because free black labor was needed to fill white America’s needs

I know this might sound just a little bit trite
Yet thinking black folks getting paid is simply not to bright
Well the Dems seems have been getting black peoples steam
Getting reparations from even Dems is simply just a dream
Republicans boast but everyone knows reparations
Coming that crew is like eating week old burnt toast

How long has there been a need for reparations
in this nation for us its been apparent
Maybe if we had got it there would be no need for all this criminal deterrent
Has it been 155 years since you legally freed us
Why in the hell do you feel the need to constantly bleed us
So tell me this why are now more of my brothers are incarcerated than enslaved
If that your idea of freedom, not mine’s seems slavery still binds
When Wilke’s bullet splintered Lincoln’s brains in 1865
Johnson made sure reparations died
Now no mules, no acres, no grants to really aid us

Was it really Lincoln’s plan to pay former slaves anything at all?
No mule, no acres or fields to plow
They didn’t even consider giving us a damn milking cow
No hens, no roosters, no ducks, and not even a sow
Within ten years we were back where we started
All of dreams of true freedom now broken hearted

The mule that was promised ended up lame
The land that was promised turned up back in the rebel planter’s name
For that America is personally your most hedious shame
To turn back on promises and look around constantly ducking all the blame
So 100 years after that bullet splintered that President’s brain
Still no reparations to ease our people’s pain

So you decided a course to give hope some force
After 100 years of our bodies hanging in trees
Damn even that couldn’t bring all black people to their knees
Even while bodies swung slowing in the breeze
Garvey and Malcolm sought an exit from here
They knew no way in hell reparations was near
They answer to this was quite, quite clear without reparations
Let’s simply get the hell out of here

King saw a hope with some hope
He finally thought getting some type of reparations was dope
Just then that murderous bullet left that rifle aimed scope
Poor People’s Campaign and Reparations…America again said Nope
Leaving our people with his murder to cope
Is this why so many of them turn to real dope
For this nation told them to remember the rope

So Conyers has called for three decades to talk
All the white members of Congress wish he’d would simply walk
Thinking of paying reparations to black folks is simply a lark
Hell Conyers and crew might as well take that walk in a park
Giving time and effort to this is like starve of frenzy of sharks

Reparations in this nation you say
Legislation preparations; hell no to reparations
Why didn’t we choose racial separation
Sure as hell never getting no reparations
For all this judicial and economic domination
Truly this is America’s real abomination
Failing even to consider paying our people reparations

So it 2020 now the discussions are clear
White candidates won’t whisper about reparations in a blackman’s ear
They know if considered the nation will collapse in all out fear
Let’s build our own land forsaken in this nation
Translation to them was giving our people a new destination
Purging this fight for providing what’s right

So we as people continue to call
Hoping that reparations comes to us all
Simply saying your sorry is no easy fix
America we as a people have seen enough of your tricks
Deception, corruption, neglecting, never correcting, imprisoning, murdering
denying, outright lying, ignoring, damn America for us this becomes boring

Reparations in this nation
Really now reparations in this nation
Reparations really being a destination
People think that it will bring elation
Some would much rather have racial separation
Forget all about any reparations
Never justice the cause never putting reparations on permanent pause.

Jan. 29, 2020


Our History Does Repeat Itself That’s Why It’s So Important To Learn It and Not Allow It To Be Erased.
The New Term For The 21st Century In Our Black Communities Is “BLACKWUMPISM”. It’s A Term That Should Define Our Black Political Independence And Intelligence. Listen To Today’s Session On The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project For Clarification.