Feb. 7, 2020


On February 8, 1968 three men were killed protesting against a segregated bowling alley in Orangeburg, South Carolina, Samuel Hammond Jr., Henry Smith (both South Carolina State University sudents), and Delano Middleton, a student at the local Wilkinson High School. This incidence of violent outrage by the South Carolina State Storm Troopers for which none of the illegal law enforcement agents were ever prosecuted.

There was never a song written during the time of the event like Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s song about the murders of 4 students at Kent State University In 1970. That song Ohio was one of the most played songs of the 1970s’. The song Ohio was even re-recorded by the Isley Brothers for the R&B market. There was national outrage of the Kent State killings but killings in Orangeburg never registered on the scale of outrage by this nation’s media.

This horrendous act of murder in Orangeburg started a cycle of violence that continued in 1968 with the murders of Martin Luther King Jr. in April, 1968 and Robert Kennedy in June, 1968. Can you imagine being murdered simply because you wanted to have the opportunity to bowl? How irrelevant that loss of life was. There is no doubt that these 3 young black men simply loss their lives because of the color of their skins. The outrage that generated a national commission from the Kent State University murders in 1970 never caught the attention of a democratic president in 1968. Lyndon Johnson hadn’t made his decision not to run for re-election yet. He would however make that decision within weeks but it wasn’t made because of racial tensions in the south but antiestablishment tensions about the war in Vietnam.

Hey, they shouldn’t have protested Mr. Harry’s bowling establishment. He simply didn’t want black folks enjoying themselves in his presence. This song was written and performed 40 years after the atrocities of February 8, 1968.

Feb. 6, 2020

February 7, 1926

94 years ago today on February 7, 1926, Carter G. Woodson started the historic Negro History Week. This week was going to trumpet the lesser known accomplishments of our proud black ancestors. This meritorious week was going to be linchpin of the organization Carter G Woodson founded in Chicago in 1915, The Association for the Study of Negro Life and History.

Dr. Woodson felt it was his duty to ensure that Negro peoples story was not a story that would be whitewashed away in this nation by the Jim Crow tactics of a bigoted America. So he encumbered upon himself the mission to educate a peoples struggling with the depths and despair of a broken educational system to share the magnificent accomplishments of colored people who faced and battled the chains of enslavement and bigotry to forge a pathway to freedom. Just 61 years from the end of slavery in 1865 when over 4,000,000 men, women, and children were freed from the bonds of slavery. Dr. Woodson was passionate about educating the children and grandchildren of former slaves the history of a proud dark peoples. So he started Negro History Week to encourage the study of their own history.

The week was going to eventually be established and celebrated in our communities institutions throughout this nation. Carter G Woodson would become known as the Father of Black History. His dedication to the study of black history, not just in this country but also globally was symbolic of his commitment to educational excellence.

Today we celebrate Black History Month as a result of Dr. Woodson’s dream to establish a baseline of the negro’s value in the development of this nation. It is my hope that the full measure of black history will deem that black history isn’t provided a month but the realization that this nation wouldn’t have evolved as an independent democracy without the aid and assistance of those former enslaved ancestors and the multiple generations that followed. I am sure that if Dr. Carter G. Woodson was still alive he would be fighting for reparations. The organization he founded in 1915 is still around and providing educational support to schools, libraries, and institutions across this country. The Association for the Study of African American Life and History is foundational arm that elevates black historical excellence for now over a century. Today we bow to the greatest historian this nation ever created Carter G Woodson for without him there is no telling where we would be as people and where America would be as a nation.

Feb. 5, 2020

Who Is The Real Mitt Romney?

My timeline is being filled up with black folks admiration for Mitt Romney because of his stance against Donald Trump and his votes for Trump's impeachment in the Senate. I wonder how many of these folks remember that in 2012 when Mitt "Mr 47%" Romney was running for President against Barack Obama he displayed his true nature when he gave a speech to a group of white businessman who had paid $50,000.00 per plate to hear the "real" Mitt Romney. Well, the real Mitt Romney took to the dais and basically said that 47% of democrats were poor folks, black folks, people of color who were leeches to society. This 47% were only looking for government handouts and not thriving or striving to overcome any obstacles.

Yeah, Mr. Truth and Justice himself has changed the emperors clothing to become this vengeful knight against Donald Trump. Now, understand, had Romney felt that Jeb Bush wouldn't end up being the republican nominee in 2016 and not Donald Trump. Romney would've run for President but Jeb Bush's campaign collapsed. Romney also felt that either Marco Rubio, Scott Walker or Jeb Bush would win the nomination. By the time it was a clear cut win for Trump for the nomination, Romney realized he had made a huge mistake.

He's never been Trump supporter and he didn't support Trump in 2016. He's pissed that Trump actually won the Presidency and he didn't. So, when I read all these black platitudes coming on my timeline for Romney I take each with a grain of salt. The true Romney spoke to those $50,000.00 donors about his real vision of America. When the cameras were off in 2012. Had Scott Prouty not videotaped and released that speech. It is presumed by many that Obama may not have gotten a second term. That's what pissed off Mitt Romney, not that he said what he said but what he said should have been kept a secret. The fact of the matter is that Romney mentioned the Clinton emails as an issue in 2016. Trump used those emails to lock up his nomination and his eventual win.

So when Mitt "Mr. 47%" Romney speaks as my Native Americans would say he speaks with a "forked tongue". I will not forget that now Mr. Truth and Justice, Mr. Defender of Democracy basically threw 1/2 of America under the bridge a little less than 8 years ago. What has changed? The fact that he has to address Donald Trump as Mr. President. Any way he can get not to have to do that Mitt Romney will take the bait and cast the line. It has nothing to do with his religious beliefs. It only deals with his animosity toward Donald Trump. I'm not falling for his new found belief in fair play and honesty. So, why is so many of my black friends? I guess they forgot who was Mr. 47%.

Feb. 3, 2020

Skyler Rose Troi Hall Our Ancestors Gift

This Is Why Our Black History Is Essential To Our Moving Forward In Our Tomorrows

This young queen is a direct descendant of the Mott, Fields, Hall, and Carrington line of black excellence. She is an example of the beauty and brilliance that flows in the veins of generations past and present. That’s why I love our Black History, Skyler Rose Troi Hall is a living testament to the strength that was exhibited by her ancestors who refused to give in or give up in their struggle to secure black consciousness and black independence. That is why understanding black history is so important to our younger generation. For it is in our past that forge the understanding to build our future. Everything we do today and tomorrow is based on the fortitude of our ancestors to survive in their past.

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Feb. 2, 2020


Understand this my provoked thoughts whether political or social are simply meant to engage conscious thought by the readers. I feel that I have enough knowledge to think outside the box and to allow others to consider what I feel maybe is possible. It isn’t inevitable but certainly it’s in the the realm of possibility. I don’t post to deliver hate or confusion, just to bring some critical selective thoughts to the table.