Mar. 18, 2020

Sinking Ship of State

Unless this country declares martial law or suspends habeas corpus this temporary shelter in place mandate will never work. After a week possibly two at the most. There will be mass violations of this mandate. You will not even be able to buy public silence for $2000.00 or $5000.00. What good is having that money if there is absolutely no way to spend it. Now let’s say the government feels that giving this money now is a bribe to the delay mass disruptions. Well even that is suspect.

Why? You see spring and summer are approaching and the need for humans to procreate, socialize, and enjoy the visible aspects of nature is a real deal for young people. How would city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies stop a mass disruption if it occurs? Will America’s law enforcement agencies have to resort to physical or military force to suppress these disruptions? You see this won’t be a skin color based disruption it will be a human disruption in a nation that prided itself on individual liberties.

Also, will human ventilators be delivered directly to homes to ensure that already stressed medical institutions are not overwhelmed? When will military encampments be set up in major cities to house the sick? Certainly, hospitals will not be able to handle the expected deluge of infected persons. We need a leader on a bully pulpit capable of delivering a cognizant message. Right now at the head of ship is a man who doesn’t read, doesn’t perceive issues cognitively, and is a terrible public speaker. My thoughts on the future of the ship of state right now? It sinking in deep water and the water pumps are malfunctioning. The hope is this. That this coronavirus 19 leaves as mysteriously as it appears. Otherwise, dark days beckon in America.

Mar. 16, 2020

Educational Dilemma Is Coming

Let’s put this into perspective struggling students who are currently below grade level achievements in reading and mathematics skills will be severely impaired by the closing of schools for the remainder of the school year. As a matter of fact these students many of whom are already achieving at below basic levels especially students in grades 3-8 will most likely never catch up to on grade level achievements. The coronavirus 19 may damage an entire segment of a generation of learners. Those students who are proficient and advanced learners may experience some dip in educational progress but the most vulnerable students will never catch up. It’s almost now like the students that are proficient and advanced learners have a 3/4 mile lead in a mile race against the struggling learners. The only way for the struggling learners to conceivably catch is if those advanced and proficient learners simply stop learning all together. Another thing many of these struggling learners have parents who were struggling learners as well. So they cannot get parental guidance to encourage learning. The emergent learners grades K-3 who are struggling are also going to be in the deep end of low educational achievement as well. No, online learning will be able to support these struggling learners grades K-12. The reality is that more than ever parents must support the learning of their children but the question is how does an adult learner who struggles support a child learner who struggles in this current environment? That’s my topic for my Facebook family tonight. How can we adapt the instructional model to fit this current situation? Or will society fix the model for us by building additional jail cells in the coming decade?

Mar. 16, 2020

What Could Be Ahead Thinking Out Loud

If after this national 4 week period of social separation there is no definitive move towards a solution in this nation related to the spread of the coronavirus. Then you can expect this nation to begin sending military forces into major metropolitan areas to implement martial law. This move towards some form of martial law will most likely affect the upcoming two major political parties national conventions.

habeas corpus:

a writ requiring a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court, especially to secure the person's release unless lawful grounds are shown for their detention.

The suspension of habeas corpus has occurred during the Civil War and 9/11. If this coronavirus continues to impact our nation. Don’t be surprised if Donald Trump suspends this right for American citizens. Especially since many courts are closed down due the virus. In that event law enforcement officers will be able to arrest people without concern to respecting their rights. This will especially be an injustice to the least educated population of Americans. Since they are more likely to be illiterate, or lacking the information necessary to understand these legal terms.

So, if you are caught out in the streets without government authorization during the suspension of habeas corpus. You can be incarcerated without benefit of a trial. This could happen if this social separation doesn’t work and the coronavirus continues to spread. Also, if the economy of America slips into a huge depression which causes significant shortages of food or other necessities.

Mar. 15, 2020

The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project: STAMPED: Racism, Antiracism, and You

Today, Monday,March16, 2020, I will begin reading aloud STAMPED: Racism, Antiracism and You on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project. As I do with all the book selections on my Facebook Live social media program, I will read the book cover to cover. What is really exciting about this book is that it is a remix of Ibram Kendi’s book which we read on my project earlier Stamped From The Beginning: The History of Racism in the United States. We also have read Dr. Kendi’s book How To Be An Antiracist on my project as well. This new book is directed towards the younger audience so it falls at a period when many students are home due to the effects of school closings due to the corona virus. So, I ask that you get those students in front of their smartphones, laptops, pads, and desktops as I read this book. It’s that important for them to engage in this book for its importance in developing a better, far more inclusive society in the coming years.

Mar. 15, 2020

3/4 Of Million Viewers “A Blackman’s Perspective”

The Importance Of Our Historical Knowledge For Community Self-Preservation
Sunday Afternoon Musing

I think every black person in this nation should be aware of the justice/injustice and equality/inequality charts that indicate the lack of black progression in this nation . Personally, once we as a people lay out the timeline of how strategic the opposition is/was specifically on denying our community full human, social and civil rights. Then we will understand the importance of community unity and confront these menacing acts that were deliberately engaged to minimize our growth as a community of peoples economically, socially, legally, environmentally, and educationally. That's why it is imperative that we control the educational institutions within our communities.

How do we ever unleash our full potentials as people if we don't have a comprehensive understanding of our historical past. We must counter voices of regression with voices that build rather than destroy. You see in this world of social change and economic uplift our black history need never be a black mystery. So each one teaches one and ensures that we all as a community become learned people working together to reach one and inform one and maybe in doing that we will reform our communities.
We will indeed meet on that shining hilltop of prosperity and justice for all. You see as we reflect back and understand fully our historical story the delight will be when we began to fully comprehend the people of color's glory.

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