Apr. 15, 2020

My Jack Roosevelt Robinson The Black Warrior

April 15, 1947, Jackie Robinson Broke The Colorline In Major League Baseball but breaking forbidden that colorline eventually broke that proud black man’s belief in America’s myth of racial democracy.

”I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag; I know that I am a black man in a white world".

Baseball killed Jackie Robinson no doubt in my mind what he held in unable to express took many years away from this remarkable man. The pressures of being the single black man crossing that white man's color line in Major League Baseball in 1945 caused mental, physical, and emotional toll on Mr. Robinson. The result of which cut decades off the life of this incredibly strong, proud, and prideful warrior. Jackie Robinson accepted the task of being that individual who suffered scorn and verbal abuse from white nation not ready to see race equality in America's so-called sporting pastime.

Today on "The Blackman's Blog" I pay tribute to the man, not the myth, Jackie Robinson. Mr. Robinson by the time he died was so disillusioned with a nation that had attempted to beat him down. Mr. Robinson's crime simply was being black and wanting to play baseball, the white man's national pastime? At the end of life, Jackie Robinson felt no will to stand and salute a nation's anthem, a nation that delivered him so much ill will. How much has changed for black citizens in this nation since Jack Roosevelt Robinson died 48 years ago? Is Jackie Robinson standing and singing America's anthem in his heavenly domain today? That's a question for America to answer.​

Apr. 14, 2020

Biden For President

I will have to grit my teeth on November 3, 2020, when I choose the best of two terrible choices for the Presidency. I mean Joe Biden shepherded the 1994 Crime Bill that incarcerated seemingly half of Black America through the Senate. I have never had the least favorable opinion of Joe Biden. I simply don't think he's presidential, period. But we have someone currently in that office that is a danger to global humanity. So I have to grit my teeth and work to make Trump a one-term President. In addition, COVID 19 disrupting the country there may not be an actual nominating convention. The fact that there will be disjointed democratic convention means that the party platform may not address our primary concerns which now means we have to faith in a party that has never truly addressed our needs for now 60 years. But black voters have been the most faithful followers of the National Democratic Party. I have to have faith that Biden will be better than Trump which should be fairly easy considering how inept Trump is. So again just like 2016 when I voted Clinton over Trump the best of two choices. I again urge my followers to support Biden because this nation simply cannot afford 4 more years of an incompetent President. However, this political teeth-gritting needs to stop. We need a viable third party option in this nation if neither of the major political parties will seriously address the pressing concerns of Black America. Even if you have to grit your teeth please vote.

Apr. 13, 2020

April 14, 1875, The Great Problem To Be Solved Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Our Great History Never To Be Forgotten
Our Great History Linked To Now From Yesterday

145 years ago today Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, stepped to the podium to make this speech, The Great Problem To Be Solved. This, of course, was during a period of declining black rights, the end of Black Reconstruction following the Civil War. Today, I celebrate the memory of this giant woman of creative genius. I will read the speech she gave that day and I ask that you do some research and read some of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s creations. If you will notice that although time has passed we still must live in a society of humanity as we confront the COVID 19 virus today. The virus that Ms. Harper faced was just as virulent, it was the virus of racism and white supremacy.

Apr. 13, 2020

New News Seems Always To Be Bad News

Seems like everyday something is uncovered that makes this pandemic even worse. First people supposedly cured patients being reinfected in Korea. Now this the coronavirus is like roaches the viruses can travel with you like on shoe soles, purses, luggage, paper boxes and bags; basically anything that humans come into contact with. Just like mankind cannot rid the world of roaches they can only control and maintain the uncontrollable roaches in society. Maybe the best as a global community we can do is maintain and have some semblance of control of COVID 19. The Chinese discovered that 13 feet is a safe distance and the soles of shoes must be disinfected daily and constantly.

Apr. 12, 2020

We Need To Stop Fooling Around With Mother Earth

Just how powerful is Mother Earth?
Well? She’s been asking mankind to straighten up and clean her up. Ignored over and over again. She decided to take things in her own hands and Mother Earth just shut the planet down for a true Spring cleaning like no other.
We had better stop fooling around with Mother Earth because she seems to be getting a little tired with mankind.