May. 4, 2020

The Black Blogger, A Quarter and A Dream, The Chicago Defender, 115 Years Old Today

The Blackman Who Reads Our Black History Aloud
Robert S. Abbott
May 5, 1905
The Chicago Defender

The Chicago Defender, The Pittsburgh Courier, The Los Angeles Sentinel, The New York Amsterdam News, The Afro American, The Atlanta Daily World, The Call And Post, The Liberator, and so many more black newspapers were responsible for maintaining channels for our ancestors during the time period of Jim Crowism when our black ancestors were most vulnerable to the oppressive conditions in the United States.

It was all these black media outlets that were responsible for getting out the truths of the cycle of repression that our ancestors were subjected to by bigotry, hatred, and white mob violence. The major white newspapers in this country virtually ignored the white mob violence that was perpetrated on our black ancestors. If these white newspapers reported any news coming from the black communities it always seemed to slant the stories towards scenarios that placed our black ancestors in a negative light.

So it of high importance that we understand just how vital these black newspapers were to maintaining the connections of truth and justice for our black ancestors. Some will say the number one newspaper for the black communities east, west, north, or south was the Chicago Defender. This paper was the dream of Robert S. Abbott who started his media empire in his Chicago Flat with no more than a quarter and a dream. Yet it was through Mr. Abbott's grit and determination that the Chicago Defender became the preeminent voice of the black community when our black community needed that voice the most.

So today I will spend just a few moments reading some history of the Chicago Defender and its historic black founder Robert S. Abbott. I mean look back at the various movements generated in black communities and you will find the handprints of the Chicago Defender. The great migration of southern blacks to northern cities was spearheaded by the Chicago Defender. The great civil rights movement was a featured reporting strength of the Chicago Defender. The cases of fierce racial injustice by southern whites were reported on by the Chicago Defender. All the great black sporting events especially negro baseball was promoted by the Chicago Defender.

So on this day May 5, ​1905, the greatest black newspaper of all time was founded by Robert S. Abbott. So I bring salutations for Mr. Abbott's achievements in the publishing industry. Had he not had the fortitude to sense the need to giving blacks a fair shake in the newspapers. It is no telling where we as a community would be today.​

May. 4, 2020

May 4, 1961 Freedom Riders Begin A Dangerous Journey

On May 4, 1961, 13 Freedom Riders started a journey into the belly of the beast of a racism from the Greyhound Bus Station in Washington, DC. Their journey would forever change the landscape of this nation's perception of the level of hatred that existed at that time. The Black Blogger reads aloud a little history of the events that transpired on May 20th and May 21st in Montgomery, Alabama as well as a congressional salute to those heroic​ individuals who looked death square in the eye. They faced turmoil in Anniston, Alabama as well as Birmingham, Alabama, Jackson, Mississippi but today I concentrated on the savagery of Montgomery, Alabama. Would you make the journey? Would practice nonviolent direct action against pure hate? These individuals were fearless warriors who exhibited super human courage. Yes, I absolutely place the Freedom Riders high on the pedestal of heroic action.

May. 2, 2020

The Next Selection

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Sunday May 3, 2020
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May. 2, 2020

Thank You

I am literally awestruck by the thousands of emojis denoting sadness and love along with the thousands of notes of sympathy on the posts relating to the passing of my oldest child Joe Jr. I’m sure his spirit is rejoicing the words and shows of emotion. As Joe Jr. gathers with his elders in the land where grief doesn’t occur and love is boundless and his spirit is no longer held captive by his earthly body. I know his grandma Rose and granddads William and John are especially happy to see his freed spirit. I cannot seem to be happy and crying at the same time. Isn’t our God glorious and so wonderful that Joe Jr. has a second chance eternally to live and love boundlessly?

May. 2, 2020

Remembering Jordan Edwards Reflections 2017

Why The Unedited Version
Why is Jordan Edwards Dead?

Why America
Is Jordan dead
They say a shotgun blast
To the head
Killed him dead
An overdose of lead
Another bright light
Blown clear outta sight
Why America
Is Jordan dead?
Simply because of his race
That white policemen
Assumed a deadly chase
Killed that young brother
In haste such a damn waste
America is full of people
With a deadly taste
You tell me justice I say make a case
You blew off this young brother’s face
Why America
Is Jordan dead
Tell me why?
Why did you pull that trigger
I hope it wasn’t because you needed
To see another dead nigger
Tell me why is his gray matter all over the dash
I guess you now feel a bullet has replaced the lash
This family wants Jordan not some blood-stained cash
You treated that boy like he was throwaway trash
No need for a noose now the killer’s home sipping Grey Goose
Your job was to protect and serve
Except when you see black
Then that sight disturbs the wrong nerve
Jordan Edwards didn’t get what justice deserves
Young, gifted, black and dead
A Black Life shattered just as if it never mattered