Jun. 27, 2020

That Damn Lincoln Statue Needs To Go!

As the battle begins on whether Lincoln’s Statue commemorating the nation’s centennial and the end of slavery in 1876. I say listen to the words of Frederick Douglass and put that statue in a museum away from public view. It’s demeaning and it fabricates a lie that Lincoln was the great emancipator.

Jun. 26, 2020

Huey’s Lament

Loaded, Popped and Dropped Him
Huey is gone out the black frame
Goddamn shame taken out of the game
Why? Because fleeting fame is dangerous Huey was part of the game. It wasn’t checkers or chess just some vengeful lead to Huey’s chest. In 2007 it was pop, lock, and drop it that rang from Huey’s lips. In 2020, Huey was popped and dropped no one’s in street for Huey’s life. You see us killing us causes no civil strife. It’s like cutting soft butter with a butcher knife. Just too damn easy. Hell it happens so much our stomachs don’t even get queasy.


Jun. 24, 2020

Black Love Matters More

“When I was growing up in Baltimore City in the early 1960’s to the late 1960’s my black life mattered. How did I know because I knew Mrs. Rosalie, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Monroe, and Mrs. Reynolds were all on the Joe Hall look out brigade. If I was ever contemplating an action that was not acceptable they let me know and my parents know. I always felt protected in my East Baltimore neighborhood because I always felt love, why because no one had to tell me my black life mattered because everything around me showed me that my black life mattered.

Those are the neighborhoods we must reinvest in now. Because those are the black neighborhoods that are missing today. We cannot kill each other with such ferocity and truly believe in our hearts and minds that our black lives matter. You don’t need a movement of black lives mattering you simply visualize and see that love of black lives all around you. We need to go back 3 generations and learn this important fact. You need not have to teach anyone to learn that black lives matter. You simply need to teach each of our young ones that black love matters more. Oh, how I wish that these young ones had the black love I experienced.”

Jun. 20, 2020

A Blackman Takes Control Of Black America’s Educational Mecca

On June 20, 1926, Howard University the mecca of black colleges and universities in this nation selected Wyatt Mordecai Johnson to be the first African American who be its University President. One of the greatest educators this nation has ever produced Wyatt Mordecai Johnson was born in Paris, Tennessee in 1890. A lifelong educator, Johnson held degrees from a number of institutions including a 1911 A.B. from Morehouse College and a Doctor of Divinity degree from Howard University. Three years after his graduation from Howard Divinity School he became the first African-American​ president of that Howard University and remained at the university’s helm for the next thirty-four​ years.

Dr. Johnson was one of the foremost committed religious leaders this country ever produced. As a matter of fact, it is well known that Dr. Johnson had a profound impact on the philosophical thoughts of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It was Dr. Johnson who introduced the strategies of Gandhi to Dr. King when King attended a sermon in Philadelphia that featured Wyatt Mordecai Johnson. Dr. Johnson served Howard University until 1960. During that period of time, profound changes took place at HU. The university became the leading institution for developing not only graduates who directed civil rights efforts. It also was the location where those successful strategies were formally initiated especially in Howard University’s School headed by Charlie Houston.

In 1922, Wyatt Mordecai Johnson was selected to be the commencement speaker at Harvard University. It was then that he delivered this speech on "The Faith of the American Negro". Today, in honor of Dr. Johnson, I will bring his profound words to my blog with my voice. So many great black educators have influenced the multitudes of African American today. In his time with us, Dr. Johnson was one of those educators leading the way in forging excellence in our communities. His reach still continues to light a pathway to greatness today. Let's continue to honor Dr. Wyatt Mordecai Johnson's memory by doing our best to assisting our communities to forge continued black excellence each and every day.

Jun. 20, 2020

Wake Up Everybody

Wake Up Everybody

Just how sick is a society or a community where a 8 month pregnant woman and her 3 year old daughter are murdered in cold blood in the City of Baltimore? We are currently on the streets to battle police brutality and we should be; but we also need to be on our communities streets demanding justice for the murdered black women, black children, and black men killed simply because they happen to live amongst us. Killed by someone and others of like color who seek retribution rather than any form of human understanding. This specific act of murderous intent absolutely destroyed the future of a family and has killed off the potential of generations to come. Who’s to say that the baby girl and baby boy didn’t have the answers to multiple issues facing humankind? Black Lives Matter, Our Black Lives Had Better Matter Because We Are A Minority In This Nation!