Jul. 15, 2020

George E Mitchell Rest Easy Brother

Morgan State University Family we lost a great one George E. Mitchell, who was a football captain on one Earl Bank’s Morgan State College Football Teams. That designation of captain on an Earl Banks team signified outstanding leadership. George was also a proud member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.
Brother Mitchell was an outstanding individual throughout his life. If you needed a hand up or word of encouragement George Mitchell was there to provide that. During the final years of his life when I got to know him. George was the spearhead leader of the Langston Hughes Community Center in the African American Park Heights community. My how that brother worked for the betterment of Park Heights. Whether he was fighting to save the Preakness for Pimlico Racetrack or fighting to ensure that Park Heights residents had food to eat, coats to wear, or beds to sleep on. You can bet George put 100% of this effort to ensure the job was done. The Park Heights community will miss George Mitchell because he was a unique man with tireless energy and intense humanity. George Mitchell was the Langston Hughes Community Center to be the shining light of a renewed Park Heights community. George believed in the Park Heights community’s possibilities and if you listened to his radio show on WOL, you would learn to believe in that community as well. George E. Mitchellnow takes a rest and his rest is well deserved. No matter what any says about George no one can say he wasn’t committed to achieve his goals. God Bless George E. Mitchell. His kind are few and far between. It’s time for someone else to take the baton of leadership from George and continue his works at the newly named George E. Mitchell Community Center in Park Heights.

Jul. 14, 2020

This Day In African American History Injustice Served

This Day In Black History
The Verdict
Injustice Thrives In These United States
July 13, 2013

It’s hard to fathom that it has been seven years since a jury in Sanford, Florida allowed a murderer, George Zimmerman, to walk free for killing Trayvon Martin simply because Trayvon was a young black man walking home in a gated mostly white community. A great deal of injustice has been served on innocent African American victims since that jury verdict was rendered. We are no closer to resolving the issue of racism in this nation seven years later. No matter how confederate statues come down or professional teams change there team names. Racism, hateful racism, is alive and thriving in this supposed nation of democracy and freedom. This is what I wrote seven years ago about the verdict that shouldn’t have shocked the nation. Because it was business as usual for white America in its treatment of African Americans.

Oh well maybe this is the "black folks" come to Jesus moment when reality strikes them dead in the face that no matter what our station in life we will always be considered second class citizens by so many white Americans in this great country. America, love it or leave it was the call of the silent majority during the Nixonian Years. Yes, we have made strides but for every stride forward made by African Americans. The America based on white supremacy answered with a Justice Clarence Thomas, or a George Zimmerman, or a Flordia Courtroom, or black youth taking down another or rapping the joys of thuggery and malice on their sisters of colors being posterized on BET.
I'm almost 60 and I encountered personally the racism of this nation. Now this morning educated and limited educated black folks are up in arms with the reality that they are no lower than a dead dog in the state of Florida.
In Virginia, Mike Vick was sentenced to what 3 years for killing dogs but in the State of Florida George Zimmerman is proclaimed free and clear for taking a human life. I digress to simpler times when ....... oh hell no there were no simpler times for Black America.

Jul. 9, 2020

The Doors In The Tunnel Maybe Shut But The Light Is Shining On The Other Side

Jul. 9, 2020

Kanye 2020 Welcome The Crazy Train

Kanye West For President
If It’s Good Enough For Wakanda It’s Good Enough For America
Vote Crazy Twice Back To Back
See You All At The Comic Con White House Reception January 20, 2021

Jul. 8, 2020

The Terrorized Disappearance Of Hamburg, South Carolina July 8, 1876

I am reading The Half That’s Never Been Told: How American Slavery Built American Capitalism on My Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project on Facebook Live. Today, I go back to July 8, 1876 which was 11 years after the end of American Slavery and the African American hamlet of Hamburg, South Carolina which on that day was erased from the geographic map on the United States by white mobs who terrorized and murdered the African American ancestors simply because of the color of their skins and those African Americans aims for a better life and economic and educational uplift. The fact is the half that has never been told involves not only the institution of American Slavery but the entire spectrum of African American life in this nation. It’s history that never has been revealed but hidden in the carpet of racial hatred that feeds white supremacy in America. Listen as I read the facts that have been hidden from America’s history textbooks, the mysterious disappearance of Hamburg, South Carolina that occurred on July 8, 1876.