Aug. 10, 2020

August 10, 1835 - The Destruction of the Noyes ​Academy

The Destruction of the Noyes ​Academy

The total destruction of "The Noyes Academy", August 10, 1835, in Canaan, New Hampshire. When Enlightenment's flame was extinguished by bigotry, racism, and ignorance by a mob of mob white people.​ This incident didn't happen down in the deep south? This travesty of injustice happened in the north. It happened in New Hampshire where supposedly sensible white folks lived. Yet humanity and morality left that environment because the white residents of Canaan, New Hampshire didn't want black children to be educated in their town.

So they proceeded as a white mob to move the entire school building from its location to the swamp. 500 white men and 100 oxen completed the task of destroying the Noyes Academy on August 10, 1935. After the mob destroyed the school they then turned their attention to terrorizing the students. They launched cannon shells at the homes where the students were staying and physically threatened them with harm. The students had to run away from the town in darkness for their own safety.

Two of the students became instrumental leaders in the black struggle for the destruction of the institution of slavery, Henry Highland Garnet and Alexander Crummell. Even though efforts to rebuild the school were attempted. Three years later in 1838, The Noyes Academy was burned to the ground. The struggle for the right for an opportunity to get an equal education in this nation has always been a struggle for black Americans.

Why reparations, because for 400 years this nation has mistreated, abused, terrorized, murdered, disengaged, miseducated, and ignored black Americans, that's why.

Aug. 8, 2020

The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project

Tomorrow The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project starts a new book. Sunday evening, Howard University’s own Isabel Wilkerson’s new book CASTE: THE ORIGINS OF OUR DISCONTENT will be read from cover to cover in one hour chunks. Anybody who has followed my project knows that I felt Isabel Wilkerson’s last book the Pulitzer Prize winning Warmth Of Other Suns was one of my most enlightening, enhancing shares. It was one of the first books I shared when I started the project in June, 2016. So, join me Sunday, August 9, 2020 and be ready to listen to greatness from Isabel Wilkerson. On Facebook Live

Aug. 8, 2020

August 8, 1866 Birthday Of A Great Black American Hero "Matthew Henson"

The Tragedy And Triumph Of Matthew Henson
Racism Carpets Matthew Henson's Historic Achievement

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Matthew Henson who was the first recognized Non-Eskimo​ to reach the North Pole. He was the first of many explorers who sought to be on top of the world. He reached that pinnacle on April 6, 1909,​ with Commodore Peary who arrived 45 minutes later. As with all black historical events in the early 20th century,​ Matthew Henson's historic accomplishment was swept under the carpet of racist ignorance until ​Matthew Henson had passed​ away. He was the ​constant companion of Peary during these Arctic expeditions but it was Peary who ​turned his ​back on Henson after returning to the United States. Today, I will read two articles that will detail the racism that Matthew Henson faced during his lifetime. Join me in recognizing the greatness of Mattew Henson whose body is now interred in the Arlington National Cemetary next to Admiral Robert Peary. He finally was recognized for his historic achievement but long after his death.

The post photo cover includes an image of Akatingwah carrying Anaukaq, the son she had with Matthew Henson, along with of course the great black explorer Matthew Henson.

Aug. 7, 2020

Marion, Indiana, America’s Heartland For Lynching

Today's historical moment in time takes us back 90 years to August 7, 1930, when 2 black men were lynched and one miraculously saved. Back in the dark days of Jim Crow America white mobs terrorized blacks throughout the nation. There was no talk of the lone wolf terrorist who stalked the communities of black America. It was the white mass wolf mobs that created hatred and mayhem not only in the former confederate states but in almost every region of this nation. 89 years ago we should never forget the names of Thomas Shipp and Abram Smith who were taken from a jail cell in Marion, Indiana by mobs thousands of so-called citizens white men.

Shipp and Smith were savagely brutalized, burned alive and shot and butchered with a crowd of 15,000 whites, men, women, and children watching in a carnival atmosphere. There was no trial for Smith and Shipp, they were no testimony from witnesses detailing the crimes that Smith and Shipp were accused of. The mob convicted them and carried out the sentence for all of this nation to see. The photos of the strange fruit hanging from the massive Indiana tree bore the illegitimacy of a twisted nation reveling in the racial hatred of whites against the entire race of blacks.

Aug. 6, 2020

Put A Muzzle On Him

"Can Somebody Muzzle Biden?

“How many times are we simply as African Americans going to allow Joe Biden to shit on our communities and ignore it? Today, he goes in that Hispanic communities are more diverse in their voices about issues and African Americans all think alike. I know we need to change the current resident in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC. But at what price? I mean this man is flippant about African Americans to the point of utter disrespect. Did we give him the impression that you can piss on us all he wants because we hate the other fella so much we’ll ignore his ignorant attitude about African Americans? Because I for one am coming to the feeling like W.E.B. Dubois in 1956, neither one of these candidates justify my support. I mean it seems every time he opens his trap about African Americans it seems he is caught up in some type of 1950’ish sort of pre-civil rights nonsense. Yeah, I know no vote is a vote for Trump but dammit I have principles and this cat is burning bridges with me on a daily basis. Bridges that cannot reconstructed with a Vice Presidential choice.”"

Joseph Hall