Aug. 13, 2020

If You Aren’t With Us You Aren't Black Dammit

If you didn't know had to delete a number of Facebook posts on Thursday because the vile responses to those three posts from a few folks who took offense to my posts related to the Democratic choice for Vice President of the United States. I felt affecting the direction of those responses were possibly going limit my ability to expand and promote my Facebook Live program The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project. I was literally shocked at the level of vitriol that was being delivered by some people whom I honestly respected. I was being accused of promoting slander, delivering messages of hate, being a lackey for Trump, and guiding the entire community of African Americans to a river of eternal despair. First off, I want to thank those who responded to those posts in a meaningfully constructive strategic way. To those it kept it 100 I salute you. To those who felt it necessary to flood my page with unfounded accusations about me personally. I can only say if you did your research you could possibly comprehend my position. But, do many people don't do research they respond literally on absolute emotion.

All this negativity because I voiced a few opinions about a certain candidate. It’s like for those slung those vitriols they have this crazy realization that you are either with us or anything you do for the benefit of our communities is worthless. Well, I am not going to allow my opinions to be silenced with individuals who are willing to destroy my project for their benefit or their ignorance. I care more about addressing the issues that are omnipresent in our communities related to illiteracy and the lack of knowledge about the black historical experience right now. I will protect that reading project with all my energy and power. You can take your slights and admonitions towards me for stating my opinions and move on. I am not going to stop using my learned knowledge to educate and make those unaware, aware. Whom, I support is not based on the personality of that individual, or whether that person is a member of a group or sex. I will base my support on policy and the receptiveness of those policies on the community residents I’m primarily concerned with.

Aug. 12, 2020

A Magnificent Agent Of Remarkable Change; In Her Words, My Voice; Charlotta Bass

This female warrior of words, deeds, and actions was possibly the very first Black African-American woman who owned and operated a newspaper in this country. The American Eagle was the largest black-owned​ and operated newspaper on the west coast. In addition, Charlotta Bass was the first African-American woman to be nominated for the office of Vice President of the United States in 1952 by the Progressive Party. So she was indeed a woman whose recognitions to delivering equality and justice to peoples of color must never be underestimated nor forgotten. Today I salute Charlotta Bass, in her words, my voice, because our black history need not ever have be a black mystery. Today I will read Charlotta Bank’s acceptance speech given for the nomination of Vice President of The United States Of America representing The Progressive Party.

Aug. 12, 2020

We Shouldn’t Expect Blind Allegiance Should We?

Blind Allegiance has gotten us where in 60 years of loyal Democratic Party support? Our ancestors made choices when choices had to be made shifting party loyalty when they deemed it necessary. We must allow our communities to have the same response today because this boogeyman syndrome is way out of kilter. You had better vote for Biden if you are truly black, Trump is the most racist President ever insults the agony and misery our ancestors faced watching their love ones hanging from trees after being burned alive and then hung while the occupants of those historical White House’s casually disregarded the crimes, or worse offering shelter to those who lynched and terrorized. Now we have both parties disregarding or ignoring our case for reparations. why? Just because they can because they know we will not tip over the political apple cart. You see never have in 60 fully went full bore after the Democratic Party. Well, in 1964, Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party tried but where silenced by a sitting President and his team cart controllers. So, please don’t expect blind allegiance when blind allegiance hasn’t served us a full meal at any table. Our votes are sacred but we as a community haven’t valued our votes because we gave them away willingly without payment expecting in return. There shouldn’t be ghettos in America, starving children in America, undereducated children in America, soiled tainted water in America, people without healthcare in America, homeless or evicted people in America but there are and it didn’t start with Trump. The majority of people who are affected by these wrongs are in our communities not theirs. Malcolm X demanded we value our votes as sacred as did Martin King but we haven’t and we don’t. So because of that we end up choosing between Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris with the difference between them in minute. Hell, in 2000 Trump donated $6000.00 to Harris’s campaign to be California’s Attorney General and we or we should know how that turned out. If you want blind allegiance than you disservice Monroe Trotter, Marcus Garvey, DuBois, Douglass, Paul Robeson, Ella Baker, Ida Wells, Fannie Hamer, Stokely Carmichael because each one of those would’ve been upfront and discussing both parties wrongs and demanding them to do right by us. Now I am not proposing to go for anyone in particular or no party specifically. I am only asking that we value our individual votes collectively and get something tangible from those votes because blind allegiance hasn’t gotten us anywhere.

Aug. 11, 2020

No Words Can Describe My Disappointment

Aug. 11, 2020

August 11, 1955 "Zora Neale Hurston Speaks Out Against The Brown Decision"

Zora Neale Hurston was certainly no integrationist when it came to school integration. She was of the mind that why force yourself on a race that didn't want to be near you. In this post, you will see that Zora wasn't a proponent of following that old white mare.
64 years ago today Zora Neale Hurston wrote a​ historic letter to the editor of ​the Orlando Sentinel. In that letter which actually seems now quite prophetic​ . Zora Neale Hurston railed against the unanimous​ 1954 Brown versus the Board of Education, Topeka, Kansas which ruled that separate but equal schools were unconstitutional. As we look at this court decision from the prism of 2019. It seems that Zora was on to something because public schools are seemingly more segregated​ now than they were a decade after the Brown decision. In the letter,​ Zora Neale Hurston used the wise tale of the white mare and the mule. It seems that a mule will follow a white mare anywhere.

For this reason, I regard the ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court as insulting rather than honoring my race. Since the days of the never-to-be-sufficiently deplored Reconstruction, there has been current the belief that there is no great[er] delight to Negroes than physical association with whites. The doctrine of the white mare. Those familiar with the habits of mules are aware that any mule, if not restrained, will automatically follow a white mare. Dishonest mule-traders made money out of this knowledge in the old days.

"Lead a white mare along a country road and slyly open the gate and the mules in the lot would run out and follow this mare. This ruling being conceived and brought forth in a sly political medium with eyes on ’56, and brought forth in the same spirit and for the same purpose, it is clear that they have taken the old notion to heart and acted upon it. It is a cunning opening of the barnyard gate wit[h] the white mare ambling past. We are expected to hasten pell-mell after her."