Jul. 13, 2022

Then and Now

In 1944 sociologist Gunnar Myrdal provided a deep insight into the contradictions of American democracy related to its treatment of African Americans. In the 74 years since that publication the color line still troubles the equality line in the Disunited States.

Jul. 11, 2022

Keep Pushing

Jul. 8, 2022

Street Corner

Street Corners

Street corners
Concrete earth
Black bloodied turf
Maimed generations
Bodies sold
Dope is gold
Truth never told
Lives are lost
No green moss
My corner this street corner
Fight to keep it
This concrete earth
This bloodied turf
That maimed generations
Where bodies weregild
Where dope was gold
Where green moss never grows
Truth’s never told
This corner is my corner
So just stay away
You don’t want to die today

Jul. 7, 2022

Black Fear

Jul. 7, 2022