Aug. 23, 2020

The Blackman Reads Aloud An Excerpt From Down To The Crossroads Camden, Mississippi

Today in African American History I revisit a day that should never be forgotten. It was June 23, 1966, in a small town in Mississippi where the full force of Governor Ross Barnett’s government stormtroopers unleashed holy terror in Camden, Mississippi on people seeking justice in what is said to be the last successful civil rights march in this nation, The March Against Fear. The nation was in the midst of national turmoil as war raged in Southeast Asia and racism was still being unleashed in many communities across the nation. African Americans were still seeking full citizenship even though this country has supposedly given those rights of citizenship with Civil and Voting Rights Bills of 1964 and 1965. It hadn't dawned upon Ross Barnett to stepped down the oppression. We should've been fighting this battle in the United Nations rather than in the small Mississippi town of Camden. We should've been fighting for human rights and economic reparations against the United States. The stage should've staged in an international setting. Maybe, then we would've amassed international global support for recognition of our rights for full participation as citizens in this country. Maybe, 54 years later we still wouldn't be struggling to secure payment for sins inflicted on our ancestors who were responsible for building the wealth of this nation and never receiving payment for services rendered.

Aug. 22, 2020

I Will Bring The Noise

To those who have just joined my Facebook page and my, social media family. I need you to understand if you think you are going to get the same old same status quo thoughts with no counteractive mental impressions that really isn't my goal or objective. I intend to make you think and then if possible connect those thoughts to the past as we build towards the future. You see I am on a never-ending journey to the ultimate level of political consciousness. I may make you mad, you may disagree with me and you can voice or write your disagreements. That's cool because that is how you build critical thinking and reasoning. That is how you began to look at policies rather than being forced by the media in those 15 minutes blurts of sometimes meaningless information to focus on personalities. So stick with me because we are in this boat together and we have been political bait for both major parties for far too long.

Aug. 22, 2020

Don't Give In Or Give Up Simply Join Us

"”The important thing to remember is at one time in this nation lynching of African Americans was supported by both political parties, the denial of the civil rights for African Americans was supported by both political parties, the denial of fair housing and fair employment rights for African Americans was supported by both political parties, second-class educational opportunities for African Americans was supported by both political parties, and also the denial of the right to a ballot by African Americans was supported by both political parties. So if we had shut down our goals of reaching and achieving these rights and protections because they lacked the political party support we would never have accomplished anything of significance in this nation. So just because neither political parties aren't pushing for our objective of gaining reparations isn't cause to give up the struggle for what is rightfully ours to have. For as Frederick Douglass eloquently stated the will never be progress or advancement without struggle. Nothing is easy about making a wrong right.”"

Aug. 22, 2020

Huey Newton Murdered August 22, 1989

White Supremacy killed Huey Newton, on was murdered 31 years ago today on the streets of Oakland, California. Huey Newton was harassed, threatened, maligned, and mentally assaulted for the majority of his adult life. Once Huey decided to make his life one that was dedicated to the uplifting of African American communities across the nation and the globe. Huey Newton was fighting for just civil rights. He was fighting for human rights. That fight meant that the aligned global people of color communities would truly endanger white supremacy domination not just in America but capitals of power throughout the planet. That’s what made Huey Newton so dangerous to this system. Newton threatened to awaken the consciousness of purpose and direction to the multiple billions of oppressed people in the world. If the United States Government's ultimate white supremacy deciders want to put a full-court press on an individual or individual groups they have unlimited resources to crush any movement towards justice and equality. The COINTELPRO program sanctioned by our federal government whose sole purpose was to annihilate, erase, and destroy any group, or organization that could be perceived as progressive or seeking equality of the races in America. The Black Panthers and Huey Newton never stood a chance against the full strength of the American government. Huey Newton never stood a chance because his revolutionary thoughts didn’t jive in any way with this government’s aims or desires for African Americans. Imagine being pressured with electronic surveillance, traitors, lairs, and threats of murder on a daily basis. Well, if that doesn’t drive one to escape the reality to some level of normalcy nothing will. Seeing your most trusted friends killed, and imprisoned will lead you either to find an escape from that reality or escaping the country. Stokley chooses to leave America. Huey decided to stay but his escape mechanism was drugs. Both men understood that fighting the full force of the American government without the full force of community support was a losing proposition. One thing our communities have lacked for quite a long time is the unity of purpose. So although Huey Newton may have been murdered by one of our own in a drug transaction gone wrong. The United States Government actually pulled the trigger decades before when it defined Huey Newton as an enemy of the state.

Aug. 22, 2020

Reverend Jeremiah Wright “God Damn America “

In 2008 before his church and the world
Reverend Wright decided it was time for a call
He knew that this cause could cause a great fall
However, to Reverend Wright justice couldn’t continue to stall
Truth, Reverend Wright, said caught in a maddening lull
Reverend Wright saw in America these terrible wrongs
It was about time to for cause to be righted
The treatment of blacks could not continue to be blighted
Reverend Wright of man of moral conviction
Had complete control and wonderful diction
It was time for this preacher to make his prediction
Reverend Wright shamed the nation
Reverend Wright blamed the nation
Reverend Wright even said God damned the nation
Reverend Wright did this without any hesitation
Reverend Wright was clearing not showing this nation any elation
For how America was responsible for black deprecation
Why doesn’t Reverend Wright believes in the divine creation
You know they clearly felt he had succumbed to evil temptation
That sermon that Sunday was indeed a morally profound oration
Yes that Sunday Reverend Wright got a standing ovation
The problem with his divine words that day
Was America told Obama denounce him or pay
You can’t say God damned this nation
Then expect, Barack Obama for your presidential campaign to stay
Denounce Wright, Obama, if you want to continue play
Otherwise your campaign will be demolished on this here day
You see America was about to make Reverend Wright it’s new prey
That demanded that Reverend Wright be cloistered and hidden away
Left only to himself or you’re campaign Mr. President would be pointed directly at political doomsday
Now for seven long years Mr. President every one word of yours has been measured
You see for so American you will never ever be truly treasured
Most white people still only want your presidency severed
Mr. President, as the final days in oval office dwindle
Maybe it’s time for Reverend Wright’s words to rekindle
I know Mr. President you can see injustice can continue to spindle
The fact of the matter is that money grabbers continue to swindle
Each day proves that this preacher, Jeremiah Wright was teaching
In no way was Reverend Wright word’s this Sunday ever reaching
This is one minister who was never been accused of community leeching
America can no longer continue this insane bleaching
Justice and Righteousness need to stop screeching
Your haters still talk of an Obama impeachment
Ignoring each and every episode of black people’s mistreatment
You see that Mr. President this nation’s combustible
Truth and justice towards everyone should never be adjustable
You see all Reverend Wright wanted was justice’s hastening.
You know Mr. President, every part of America needs an truth awakening
Don’t let Satan damn America; let’s work to make God in his infinite glory raise America
Or is it too late Mr. President?
You see this nation seems so infinitely full of hate
Maybe they have already taken Satan’s bait?