Sep. 25, 2020

I Am only voting Black Jack!

Sep. 24, 2020

Reality Is Setting In

A survey says white support for Black Lives Matter has slipped. Some historians say they’re not surprised

Earlier this summer, thousands of Americans spilled into the streets in anger and anguish over the deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, whose killings at the hands of police and vigilantes sparked an outcry against racism not seen in this country since the peak of the civil rights movement in the 1960s.

Donations were made. Petitions were signed. Books like “How to Be an Antiracist" and “White Fragility" climbed to the top of bestseller lists. Protests spread from cities to suburbs, denouncing police brutality and demanding justice. More white Americans seemed willing to admit that deep-seated, structural racism did not end with the banishment of Jim Crow.

But recent polling suggests white support for the Black Lives Matter movement has slipped.
Boston Globe

As this nation draws closer to the November Presidential election. You will that whites collectively will vote for their interests. Do you think that they will see the interests of African Americans aligned to their primary objectives? Not likely because the interests of most white Americans are the continuation of white supremacy and white domination. Don't think differently we have been down this road historically before and failed to completely understand that race above all trumps our needs every time. It was fashionable to wear the BLM insignia but now WLM becomes the creed of white Americans like it or not. That's why it was and still is imperative that we as and African American community doesn't sell itself short and be left out in the dark in November. Neither political party has truly served us justice on an equal plate. So we must fight our fight as if the battle has no political favorites. Until we accept this fact our communities will continue to slide backwards.

Sep. 24, 2020


The Black Blogger’s Thoughts
Confrontation In The Streets
Why? Reparations, Now!

The only government supported scholarly research studies this nation should be supporting is the establishment of a multi-national reparations commission that will determine how those reparations will be distributed to African Americans whose descendants were enslaved as well as economically deprived as a result of the century-long Jim Crow legislative mandates that were implemented after the supposed end of institutional enslavement in 1865. It ”must” be a bi-partisan undertaking that will be supported by every branch of this nation's government especially the legislative branch that will create the reparations bill that will be signed by the President. This is the only way that racial reconciliation between black and white Americans can move forward. Way too many crimes of oppression have been visited upon African-Americans in the history of this nation to move ahead without a concerted move towards reparations of those oppressive acts committed by this nation’s majority race against our African American ancestors for over four centuries.

Sep. 23, 2020

Kossula On Point

Today in African American History
Thursday, September 24, 2020
The Last Living Enslaved Blackman To Travel The Middle Passage

In the book Barracoon written by Zora Neale Hurston, which was read on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project we were introduced to the last living enslaved person who traveled the infamous Middle Passage. To say that Kossula was prophetic about the coming times of occupancy in America’s White House in the 21st Century is most surely correct. Because, it seems that tough talk coming from a weak-minded man is par for the course. It seems he only seeks the condemnation strategy of divisiveness and confusion. Does a mouse lead us now? I can only judge by his performance. Thank you Kossula for your words and may your powerful spirit continue to guide us towards a path of absolute equality in this nation.

Sep. 23, 2020

Ms. Taylor Never Stood A Chance For Justice

We Simply Can and Will Kill You Without Justification!