Oct. 14, 2020


“In 1492, the Atlantic Ocean was quite blue that's before the Atlantic Ocean became a black man's bloody stew. Long before Columbus's lie of discovery grew, who knew? The natives of North America saw the ships that bore the ills and deadly body chills shortly after 1492. Exterminate, eliminate, eviscerate, annihilate alienate that was native Americans eventual fate because of the Europeans honoring this date in 1492. How long can this lie last when you understand that the bloody dye was cast in 1492? You can be assured that natives of red skin and brown surely don't have a blast you see millions of them died really fast after 1492. When the Atlantic Ocean was quite blue and before the middle passage became the black man's bloody stew. You see only a few can celebrate 1492 knowing the malignancy of a faked discovery of Christopher Columbus in the year 1492."

Oct. 13, 2020

Reality’s A Bitch

Oct. 13, 2020


Some events in the history should never ever be forgotten because of the level of racist hatred inflicted on our African American ancestors. Bands of white thugs posed as America’s citizens 101 years ago decided it was time to exterminate all semblances of black life in Elaine, Arkansas. This racial event was more savage and brutal than any other white mob movement that occurred during Red Summer 1919. This month I am saluting the words and wisdom of Ida Belle Wells-Barnett. One reflection this month will be Mrs. Wells-Barnett’s investigations related to the Phillips County savage attacks by the white mobs of Arkansas. Today, however, I look at the savagery in the lens of an historian looking back a century after it occurred. Ida Wells will give you a reflection of the event months after it occurred on The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project starting tomorrow, October 14, 2020.

Oct. 12, 2020

Mount Vernon’s Shame

Speaking at the home of America’s First President along with the home so many of my African American ancestors. One of whom was Ona Judge who was pursued relentlessly by George and Martha Washington when she escaped from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania when the Washington’s attempted to send her back to the Mount Vernon Plantation. This speaking engagement was in 2011 at a Unite States History Symposium. The book written by Erica Armstrong, Never Caught tells the remarkable story of the life of Ona Judge. It was featured on The Blackman’s Read Aloud Hour Project. Knowing our history from the very inception of this nation informs you not only of our ancestors struggles but our ancestors perseverance. My close friend Ray Shepard has completed a picture book telling Ona Judge’s story escaping from America’s First Family named Runaway.

Oct. 12, 2020


The BIG RED MACHINE was nothing if not lead by the incredible talent of Joe Morgan. He was an incredible baseball talent. From 1972-1977, Joe Morgan’s on base percentage was above 40% and in 1976 it was an amazing 46%. He simply was the greatest second baseman to even don a pair of cleats and handle a bat and a glove. His pronounced batting stance was unique to Joe Morgan. Before the 1972 season the Reds traded for Joe Morgan from the Houston Astros. It was a trade that eventually defined the greatness that would hold the Reds dynasty together. Because just like the Reds 1966 trade of Frank Robinson defined the Baltimore Orioles dynasty. Joe Morgan returned the favor for the BIG RED MACHINE. Rest In Peace Joe Leonard Morgan you indeed deserved the rest for deeds done.