Nov. 28, 2020

Celebrating the 112th Birthday of Adam Clayton Powell Jr November 29, 1908

Today, I salute and honor the greatest of our congressional black representatives, some even say he was the greatest congressional legislator who ever lived, Dr. Adam Clayton Powell Jr. The Black Blogger starts off by going back to a winter's day in 1955 when Representative Powell spoke before the 84th Congress and spoke about his hope of the passage of Civil Rights legislation.​ He took to task the entire Legislative Branch of Government for the inaction related to African Americans securing civil rights.

Nov. 26, 2020

The Black Blogger Writes About Thanksgiving

In the midst of a Civil War that was supposed to define either the greatness and humanity of a nation, or whether that nation would continue to the legal and open oppression of an entire race of people. The Union Army's victory on the bloody, sacred grounds of Gettysburg moved victory even closer over the Confederate rebels who sought to not only maintain the slavery of our African American ancestors but to expand it to the Pacific coastline. So, you can say that Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to the Pilgrims. Thanksgiving is a day dedicated to possibly the true humanity of all races of this nation to live harmoniously together as full citizens. That Union President, Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving for the nation's peoples to be thankful and honor the sacrifices of those who sought a better nation. For 157 years we in this nation have been battling the same forces that have continued to maintain inequality and division amongst the races. For 157 years, this nation has yet to fully recognize the true meaning of Thanksgiving. The false historical story told in schools across this nation centers around a kumbaya moment that Native Americans and the Pilgrims had at the Plymouth Rock Settlement and the sharing of a glorious meal. The reality is that Thanksgiving is a day drenched in the blood of the battlefields of this nation's most deadly internal battle, a battle that should've determined whether a race of people who actually defined the greatness of this nation while being enslaved could truly be thankful in that nation, free and clear of oppression and terror. So I can't say and will not say, Happy Thanksgiving until my ancestors' deeds are fully acknowledged by this nation, and the payments due us are received.

Nov. 26, 2020

Look For Me In A Whirlwind Or A Storm

This speech given in 1925 just before Marcus Garvey was to be imprisoned in the Atlanta Federal Prison. It was Marcus Garvey's call to arms to the hundreds of thousands of members of the Universal Negro Improvement Association to not despair but look forward to the day that we as a race of people would overcome the barriers and obstacles that are placed before us. Marcus Garvey indicated strongly with purpose that his fight for human rights that is due to all African peoples across the world, would continue for him whether he's is a physical or spiritual state. He asked his followers to look for him in a whirlwind or a storm. The storms have collectively been circling our African American communities for some time now. We need to be looking for the spiritual state of Marcus Garvey to elevate our cause for equity in all phases of this American society. We demand justice and fair treatment, now. We also demand the reparations that are due us.

Nov. 25, 2020

November 25, 1922 - Universal Negro Improvement Association

The Guiding Principles Of The UNIA
Marcus Garvey
132 Years Of Magnificent Excellence

On November 25, 1922, in New York City, Marcus Garvey delivered this speech which outlined the major objectives of the Universal Negro Association(UNIA).

Today, "The Black Blogger" represents​ the voice of Marcus Garvey as he goes back 98 years to deliver the words of that historic speech in the Mecca of Black America, Harlem, New York

Although Mr. Garvey never in his lifetime visited the shores of Africa. Marcus Garvey’s vision of Pan-Africanism has motivated many generations of black leaders to see Africa as an extension of our communities economic and social power.

​May God Continue To Provide Rest and Continue To Bless The Spirit of This Great Man, As We Continue To Search The Whirlwind For Mr. Garvey dynamic spirit.

Nov. 24, 2020

Remembering Marion Barry

Six years ago the Honorable Mayor of Washington DC, Marion Barry died. Many residents in the District of Columbia called Mr. Barry, Mayor For Life for the many positive program he initiated in the city. Today, I remember not Marion Barry’s municipal career but his life before he moved to DC. When Mr. Barry confronted head on the racism and oppression of white supremacy in the Deep South as a founding member of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee(SNCC).