Jan. 5, 2021

January 5, 1943 George Washington Carver Dies

78 years ago today a brilliant minded genius died from a fall down the stairs. His name was George Washington Carver who was responsible for so many contributions to the field of agriculture that I wouldn’t dare to try to account for them today. Ancestor Carver was also responsible for the invention of the concept of mass production which drove America’s capitalistic economy. In any other society Mr. Carver’s genes would have been valued and he would have had many heirs to his throne of intellectual genius. However, in America, the land of black racial hatred, George Washington Carver was castrated, denying him of spreading his seeds of personal brilliance. That’s one of the sins of racial bigotry, the shortsighted visions of the oppressors. They stole from Mr. Carver the ability to produce any or multiple future Carvers simply because of racial hatred. Today, I honor George Washington Carver whose life was marred but it didn’t stop him from positively impacting the world around him.

Jan. 4, 2021

January 4, 1971 50 Years Ago the Congressional Black Caucus was Founded

On this date 50 years ago the Congressional Black Caucus was formed with the hope that with its formation the forces of oppression and inequality would now have a worthy political adversary. 50 years later it seems the hope for African Americans that ignited by the formation of the Congressional Black Caucus has flickered away. The goals that the initial members had of creating a significant power block of federally black elected officials has been wasted away with parties, banquets, drinks and corporate donors but no real progress for the most needy of its constituents. Black History has shown us that anytime our people united in an effort to uplift us from the oppression. The oppressors found a way to eliminate or minimize the effort. This time the plot was to force the Congressional Black Caucus off its original points of focus and the oppressors succeeded. 50 years later how relevant is the CBC in our communities? Can you name the current Chairman? Can you name the CBC’s major objectives? Other than the week of parties in Washington DC with the fabulous open corporate sponsored bars and meat and seafood buffets along with the music blasting away until the wee hours of the morning. What truly defines the Congressional Black Caucus today, 50 years later from it historic formation?

Jan. 2, 2021

The Next Selection Facebook Live

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America’s racist policies of militaristic surgical elimination is documented on THE BLACKMAN READ ALOUD HOUR PROJECT as I begin a new book. Join me as I enter 2021 with the plan to murder Fred Hampton and Mark Clark.

Jan. 2, 2021

Remembering A Black Man From Our Past PBS Pinchback

Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback was born free 182 years ago on May 10, 1837, in Macon, Georgia. His parents were Eliza Stewart, a freed slave, and Major William Pinchback, his mother's former master, and a white southern slave-owning planter. Today, on my blog I will bring the words of PBS Pinchback during the presidential campaign of James Garfield in 1880. This was the election after the 1876 presidential election in which the Republican Party had all but given back the south to the racist Democratic Party. It was also the start of another century of a different kind of slavery, viler, more oppressive, and denigrating to the descendants of a system of slavery that supposedly ended in 1865.

P.B.S. Pinchback served as Governor of Louisana for a sum total of 34 days during Reconstruction. He was the only black man who served as governor of a southern state during Reconstruction. Pinchback was elected to the US House of Representatives in 1872 along with being nominated to the US Senate both first in the State of Louisana. He was never allowed to serve in the Senate but Pinchback was a spirited supporter of black rights throughout his natural life. PBS Pinchback could have chosen to lead a "passing life" like his sister but his path was a path defined by his acceptance of his mother's race.

America's historical reality can be so much different than what is taught in the classroom or shows up in our schools' history books. Can you imagine this scenario, on December 31, 1862, all 11 rebellious Confederate States decided to drop their​ weapons and end the Civil War. If this would have happened according to the Proclamation of Emancipation set to become effective on 12:01 am on January 1, 1863. The enslaved peoples in those 11 eleven states would still have been held in bondage. Well, 14 years after that proclamation slavery rebounded in another form more vicious than what had occurred in the previous 2 1/2 centuries. Think about that for just a moment and the desperation men like PBS Pinchback felt climbing this mountain for deceit that this country presented them with?

Join me and listen to PBS Pinchback discuss with clarity the hopeless situation that life presented our black ancestors without this nation enforcing reconstruction policies.​

Dec. 30, 2020


“The presidential election that should have been contested on the House and Senate floor was the 2000 election because surely voting irregularities compromised Gore’s bid for the presidency. Not this one because Biden’s margin of victory was simply way too large. So Senator Hawley just let it go.”