Aug. 23, 2022

America You Cannot Break Us

Aug. 23, 2022

Stand Erect

Chained around our necks
Lassoed, roped, and tied like cattle
Whipped and strapped
Prodded and abused
Damned and confused
Worked until dead
Wearing white sheets to keep us scared
Coming darkness forever dread
Rivers of life now flowing red
Why doesn’t this nation remake its bed
The bed that’s filled with so many of our ancestors dead
Until then we must stand erect and ensure that those stories they will not neglect

Joseph Hall
Aug. 22, 2022

You Cannot Break Us

This is a nation that never wanted us other than to abuse and use us
This is a nation that continues to mistreat us while at the same time expects us greet us while we see them continue to beat us
This is a nation that ignores us refuses to feel anything but hate towards us
While we continue to want this nation recognize us for the humanity that is within us
Why America do you not understand our desire to build within us a love for a nation that seemingly wants to continue to abuse us
Why, because we know the price that we paid and the debt that is owed by those who abused and used us.

Joseph Hall
Aug. 20, 2022

My Creation

Aug. 20, 2022

Uncovering America’s Past

Why does America hide it’s truth
Secreted, closeted, blanketed and hidden with hideous proof
Why does America feel so hostile while putting black history on trial
Why America do you close the books that reveal the past
Hidden away is the slave driver’s lash
Didn’t African Americans make this nation plenty of cash
Stashed away is the hangman’s noose that kept our black ancestors from running loose
The rainbows of colors on Americans skin certainly don’t hide the slave master’s sin
The lies that were told to keep some white Americans holding the gold
Certainly didn’t keep my black ancestors unsold
Because that’s the way White Americans secured the gold
The truth be told
Why does America hide it’s truth
Secreted, closeted, blanketed and hidden with hideous proof
The noose, the lash, the chains, the whipping wheel, the mobs, the burnings, the secret abuses
Open the books and do the true teachings
Certainly black history isn’t no mystery just make sure not to hide the black misery

Joseph Hall