Jan. 14, 2021

It’s Just A Song Not A Check

Lift Every Voice and Sing, Congressman James Clyburn, won’t feed the hungry, clothe the needy, eliminate the urban blight, create black economic opportunities, erase black judicial injustice, build black educational institutions that can compete with America’s primarily white educational institutions, provide clean and healthy essential resources to black communities, nor the singing of that song erase the racism that permeates throughout this nation, it will not heal the historical harm that oppressive governmental policies that has caused suffering to black Americans and the ancestors of black Americans, it will not bring the needed judgement of retribution to the murderers of innocent black Americans, it will not recover the economic losses that white supremacy policies that black Americans endured, and finally Congressmen James Clyburn it will not loosen the chains of inequality that severed black American progress. So by making the song this country’s hymn. So if you think Lift Every Voice and Sing will bring healing to America without some form of comprehensive reparations to black Americans. You sir are barking up the wrong tree. It’s just a song, a great song yes, but still just a song. White America must repay the harm by more than lifting their voices and singing.

Jan. 13, 2021

“Political Parties In America May Recede And Possibly Bleed But They Always Seem To Comeback In Orde

When you look back at America’s history since the 1860s’ relating to the two major political parties just when one party has seemingly been given its last rights. The dying party has been resuscitated by white Americans who needed a political party to wage a war against any form of racial equality in this nation. In the 1850s’ the Democratic Party was thriving in America with a anti-abolitionist position that eventually lead to a Civil War and the destruction of the Southern Democratic Party. Within a decade that same Democratic Party had been revived by the vile racial hatred of white Americans who couldn’t stand the thought of racial equality between themselves and their former slaves. By the end of the nineteenth century the Democratic Party deemed dead was once again thriving because of its allegiance to its racial policies. It took until the mid-1960’s before the descendants of the southern Democrats had to make choice of race over racial equality. No longer a viable position within the Northern dominated Democratic Party these white Americans choose a new political alliance. That choice was the Republican Party. 


The Republicans were a dying party after the  1964 trouncing of Barry Goldwater by Lyndon Johnson in the Presidential Election. The Republicans had lost its power base in almost every level of government. A change was needed and Richard Nixon, who had lost a razor thin presidential election to John Kennedy in 1960, knew how to fill the void and rebuild the Republican Party. Nixon appealed to what he called the silent majority. In reality that supposed silent white American was the same white American who felt that they were being ignored by the Democratic Party. It was the white American whose white ancestors at the turn of the century choose racial animosity over racial cooperation. The Republicans lead by Richard Nixon directed a southern campaign to convert those white American Democrats to white American Republicans and it succeeded. The Republican Party looked like a powerful political movement until Watergate supposedly put the Republican Party on life support. However, within Ronald Reagan’s dawning of a new day in America revived them again but using racism as a pulling force. During this period from 1980 to 1992 saw images of Willie Horton, black welfare queens, urban violence flash across television screens during the elections to draw back those disenchanted white Americans to revive renewed interest once again in the Republican Party.


The Democrats maintained a open door political front but during Clinton’s Presidential term attempted to draw back in those white racist Americans by promoting law and order and the specific policies that incarcerated black Americans. It didn’t work because the Republicans had mastered the race card. In 2008 because of a dire financial crisis even white Americans whose racism had motivated them politically choose to side with the Democratic Party to solve the nation’s financial woes. But by 2016, racists and racism was back on the front burners of white Americans who again choose race over equality and the Trump Era began. 


As in 1974, the Republican Party is torn asunder by inner turmoil caused by Trump’s rabid followers. The question is being asked now as it was asked as Nixon’s exit. Can the Republican Party survive? The answer will be yes because they have mastered the race card strategy. As long as they(i.e. Republicans) continue to play that card this nation will never be a Perfect Union. Because the imperfections will be measured by America’s bending towards racism and inequality.

Jan. 12, 2021

Not The Time To Unfocused

"“I hear a great deal of talk about accountability coming from sides of the political aisle now. What about accountability as it relates to the enormous negative effects of the government’s racist policies that has severely diminished black Americans over the past 400 years? Where is that accountability folks? Why is that accountability discussion ignored by both sides of the political aisle? Who’s talking about a Contract With Black Americans now that the election is over? Two cabinet seats, a few undersecretary positions and head back to the rear of bus negroes. Ella Baker talked about hamburgers today’s black Americans need to understand a few political perks in 2021 is the same as a hamburger in 1960. Don’t allow the demands for true change to be sidelined and maligned. It’s now the time for black communities to ensure that our issues and demands are aligned.”"

Jan. 12, 2021


It seems that America is looking inside itself now, because it seems that white Americans are not satisfied with its national policies directions. Once white Americans stopped having 6 children per household and now are having 1-2 children per household. The legitimacy of white supremacy continuing beyond the 2030s’ had the dye casted towards its eventual disappearance as a true reality. Media mouthpieces like Pat Buchanan warned about the absence of America’s whiteness in 1980’s and created a political cottage industry focused on that reality. Now that reality is upon America and liberal white Americans who seemed surprised that the violence is being directed at the federal government. These demonstrating white racist Americans feel that their white government has has failed to protect them from this enviable racial result. When white folks stopped having babies while brown and black folks continue to have babies as well as crossing America’s’ southern borders. The resulting effect being mitigation of the white race in America. Thus these racist white Americans feel America especially the Democratic Party has failed them. America in these white American’s minds has never truly been a nation when every man or woman is equal in status or citizenship. In their minds it has always been only every white American has that right to equality. So now these folks are seeing their importance dissipating in power quite naturally they are in the streets and buildings of their Nation’s Capitol terrorizing Democratic legislators.


In order to understand what happened on January 6, 2021 you must be able to comprehend that white racist mobs have historically been able to run free of state and federal government law enforcement for as long as America has been America. The significant majority of white mob terrorism has been directed at Black Americans. You can trace it back to slave catchers brutalizing our black ancestors. The federal government failed to intercede in those acts of terrorism. You then saw the actions of the night riders, the KKK and entire white towns literally terminating entire black communities without any government interventions. Then the sophisticated moves towards the White Citizen Councils and the John Birch Society branches directing mob violence from board rooms. Fast forward to the strategic implementation of governmental policies that continued the fixation of whites collectively waging war against black and brown Americans without a threat of this nation’s government intervening. So, why should anyone who has a sense of history be suddenly surprised that a collective contingent of white racist Americans under the guise of regaining control of their so-called country would land square dap in the seat of power. That these same white Americans demand that this country which has ignored white mob vigilantism for centuries feel encumbered and encouraged to plot the actions that occurred January 6, 2021. 


Until America fully honors the loss that these white mobs historically have delivered to black Americans. There will be no justice coming to this nation. Until racism is fully unclothed in America and this society repairs the damage caused by white mob vigilantes. There will be no justice coming to this nation. Until this nation fully accepts the fact that its actions caused January 6, 2021 to occur because white racist Americans felt empowered by past government approval of terrorism inflicted on black Americans. There will be no justice coming to this nation. These are my provoked thoughts on January 6, 2021. The proof is in the historical pudding of America. This government created this white mobster of hate and only this government can rectify the effects by going back and facing up to the cause. Give us our reparations now and finally start the healing process.

Jan. 11, 2021

"Bigger Than A Couple Of Black Cabinet Secretaries"

In 1966, Lyndon Johnson nominated Roger C. Weaver to his Presidential Cabinet, the post Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. With that appointment Mr. Weaver became the very first African American to hold a position in the cabinet. Since that appointment 54 years, 22 African Americans have held cabinet appointments heading into the incoming Biden Administration. From Johnson to Nixon, Ford to Carter, Reagan to Bush, Clinton to Bush, and Obama to Trump , 22 men and women have been nominated and become cabinet secretaries. In 1967, Johnson nominated Thurgood Marshall to the Supreme Court of the United States making Justice Marshall the first African American to hold a seat on the nation’s highest court. When Justice Marshall stepped down in 1991, George Bush Sr. nominated Clarence Thomas to become the second African American to sit on the nation’s highest court. During that 54 year period (1966-2020) the gaps in disparity that separated White Americans and Black Americans has continued to expand. In 1960 at Shaw University,Ella Baker, during the formation of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee spoke about student involvement in the Civil Rights Movement was certainly bigger than eating a hamburger at a lunch counter. In 2020 and now 2021 the Equity Movement for Black Americans is certainly larger than a couple of Black American Cabinet Secretaries in the Biden Administration.