Nov. 25, 2022

Jerry Jones

Jerry Jones to his CowBOYS regarding taking a stance on the National Anthem


Cowboy Kneeling Policy

Jerry Jones Has A Long History of Bigotry 


I didn't have time to post this about Jerry Jones until today but here it goes.


“But most of all I want you to remember, you are the actors, but this is MY stage and you will play the role I tell you to.”


Mr. Plantation Owner Jerry Jones to his field workers prior to training game when they will put their physical bodies on the line for his Dallas Cowboy STAR in Dallas in 2018. Now, listen here boys I pay each of you well and the last I seen my checks don’t bounce. We got all the pain relievers and body enhancers you need to produce today and tomorrow. We have confirmed that 20 years from now some of you players will not remember the day of the week, your wife’s name, or the names your loved ones, and the records you accumulated while wearing the star. I got some serious talk for you this here Friday before we square for another season. Naw, We got ourselves a big young buck behind center now, Dak Prescott, we told him to forget kneeling because I’m Jerry Jones, so get ready for my double dealings . So Dak if you kneel you had better get use to wearing teal. Hey Elliott the only kneeling you can do is in the end zone after a score but make sure that right hand is over your heart. Don’t play around or you will be searching for job. Is Dez working yet?  



You all had better not, and I mean better now embarrass me by projecting any sign of national protest against the mistreatment of your people before this game, or any other game.  You know that there are plenty more negroes like yourself out waiting for the planter’s truck to be paid for this here field work.  Yes, I said fieldwork you don’t get paid by the baskets of fruits, cotton, or veggies you pick any longer. You now are paid by the tackle, yards gained, passes caught but once you are done with those skills and are mentally and physically ill, and I’ve had my fill, you can get the hell out of my grill.  Don’t you dare even think that I will not chill? You see Jerry Jones pays all these Cowboys bills.  The police can unjustly kill, jobs for your friends will never be filled, and we the plantation, oh team owners aren’t going to share anything other than some of these bill. Because we are the plantation, oh team owners and we control this damn National Football money-making mill.


So you better not kneel I don’t care what you think about injustice or police brutality. As long as I own that star on the 50 yard line, I am the master and the interpreter of justice. So if you hitch aboard this cowboy ride I own your thoughts.  If you decide to bend to your knees. You had better believe your paycheck, I’ll freeze. I don’t give a damn if black bodies continue to lay dead in the breeze. Don’t you dare try me I, Jerry Jones, is no one's damn tease? You represent me and I am king of this lair, you can kneel when you control the owner’s chair. 


Otherwise, just grin and bare it because if you act a fool I’ll certainly take your damn mule because you cats are under Jerry Jones’s rule. Colin should be loose and hung by a noose on a damn spruce. I simply don’t care how much he can produce. His kneeling for justice well that’s not any damn excuse. Just remember boys, oh yes I said, boys, you play without making any agitators noise. You see you are owned lock, stock, and barrel and you are my personal Jones CowBOYS.


Oh, and by the way for my black players know this I been historically bigoted for quite a while. I even fought to stop your parents and grandparents from integrating into schools because they didn’t understand that the white man must rule.