Sep. 27, 2022

A Black Frontier

Blacks picked the cotton that made America king
Our ancestors picked that cotton feeling the whips harden sting
Blacks worked the cane fields in intense pain
America’s greed couldn’t hide racism’s stain
Blacks picked the tomatoes that made the paste
The white even forced our ancestors to eat the pig’s waste
Blacks cooked it so good that the white man acquired a taste for that pigs waste
Two black men made Adolph Hitler bow down to his knees
Jessie and Joe destroyed that lie of white racial dominance with absolute ease
A black man named Nearest had Jack Daniel’s pumping out his chest
You see Jack had Nearest’s secret recipe hidden in his vest and that Blackman’s bourbon liquor out did all the rest
We all know that Colonel Sanders chicken was fried first by blacks
Colonel Sanders was nothing more that white suit wearing hack
We building a new black power so stay out of our sphere
Black Americans are on the road to build a new frontier

Joseph Hall