Aug. 31, 2022

Field Order Number 15

Field Order Number 15
Learn about it
Memorize it
Internalize it
Comprehend it
Sherman Penned it
Stanton and Lincoln Amended it
The Southern Coastline Was Supposedly Ours
40 acres and a Mule was the price our ancestors were due
It was the white rebels who started a coup
The price of land was a supposed breakthrough
It was the bootstrap to pull our ancestors up
Released from a savage slavery system that was so corrupt
For two hundred and fifty years our ancestors worked for free
If they balked they were stalked and hung in trees
Strange fruits for all the nation to see
A promise made was surely broken
No land, no mule, not even a token
The American myth of equality had been spoken
The power of bigotry and racism had awoken
Field Order Number 15
Don’t Teach It
Don’t Preach It
No Black Beaches
No Black Speeches
The End
Field Order Number 15

Joseph Hall