Aug. 12, 2022

Don’t Be Directed Let’s Direct Change

Blind Allegiance has gotten us where in 60 years of loyal Democratic Party support? Our ancestors made choices when choices had to be made shifting party loyalty when they deemed it necessary. We must allow our communities to have the same response today because this boogeyman syndrome is way out of kilter. You had better vote for blue if you are truly black because blue is always right for us. Even though blue has never truly rewarded us, you see blue and red have endangered our communities, locked up our youth, oppressed and murdered us and blue and red are both guilty of ignoring our needs. Trump was one of the most racist President ever. He tossed insults, refused to recognize the agony and misery of our ancestors. Misery and oppression they faced watching their love ones hanging from trees after being burned alive or violently disposed of but President’s of both parties while occupying the White House’s casually disregarded crimes, or worse offering shelter to those who lynched and terrorized. I’m not saying vote red no because that choice hasn’t been an intellectually cognitive one historically.  What I am say is no longer can we offer up blind allegiance without a pact that is undergirded with substantial gains that benefit our communities. Now we have both parties disregarding or ignoring our case for reparations. Why? Because they can, because they know we have not shown the political maturity to not tip over the political apple cart. You see never have in 62 years have went full bore after the Democratic Party to meet the demands of our communities. Well, in 1964, Fannie Lou Hamer and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party tried but where silenced by a sitting President (Lyndon Johnson) and his team of black community controllers. So, please don’t expect blind allegiance when blind allegiance hasn’t served us a full meal at any table, whether that table was draped in a blue or red tablecloth. The crumbs collected by the minuscule droppings have truly never been enough to nourish our communities needs. Our votes are sacred but we as a community haven’t valued our votes because we gave them away willingly without payment expecting in return. There shouldn’t be ghettos in America, starving children in America, undereducated children in America, soiled tainted water in America, people without healthcare in America, homeless or evicted people in America but there are and it didn’t start with Trump. The majority of people who are affected by these wrongs are in our communities not theirs. Malcolm X demanded we value our votes as sacred as did Martin King but we haven’t and we don’t. If you want blind political allegiance than you do disservice to Monroe Trotter, Marcus Garvey, DuBois, Douglass, Paul Robeson, Ella Baker, Ida Wells, Fannie Hamer, Stokely Carmichael, and all of our elders who demanded that we learn from the past to build on the future.  Each one of those leaders would’ve been upfront and discussing both parties, whether red or blue wrongs and demanding them to do right by us. Now I am not proposing to go for anyone  in particular or no party specifically. I am only asking that we value our individual votes collectively and get something tangible from those votes because blind allegiance hasn’t gotten us anywhere.