May. 3, 2022

Real Teachers Teach We Need More Real Teachers

Let us give a huge shout out and thank you to each and every teacher out there in Facebook Land. The diligence and hard work teachers do on a daily basis may sometimes go unrewarded and many are grossly underpaid. However, to those professionals who chose to teach we respect and honor your huge contribution. If you can read this message and you aren't a teacher. Go out and say thank you to an educator this week. Best gift I received in life besides life itself was the gift of literacy. To those primary teachers in 1960-1963 who taught me that gift and to the teachers in 1964-1966 who enhanced that instruction God Bless You. You absolutely changed my life for the better. To all my teachers from 1960-1977 what a wonderful group. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to each and everyone of you.Everyone of my elementary grade teachers loved me without question because they understood my challenges were also their challenges and they infused in me a belief that I could overcome.