May. 2, 2022

History Lesson 1951-1968 American Lies


America needs a cleansing baptism of change.  Americans seem to keep saying the wrong things at the wrong times.  Many Americans morph away from truths and gang up on injustice and lies. Why does a media outlet such as Fox News get to be  leading this nation down the road of confusion and distortion? How does an individual such as Donald Trump hold sway over at least 40% of American citizens? How can Americans accept the reality that nearly 45 million children of all races and creeds go to sleep each night hungry and intellectually underserved? How can Americans reject the notion that its nation’s history is bathed in the oppression and terrorism applied against people of color for centuries? From the very start of American History violent confrontation and racial bigotry was the basis of the survival and wealth generation of those who were focused solely on the uplift of white supremacy. White Americans even fought brother against brother in a massive civil war just to keep the black person enslaved. 

 Harry T. Moore and his wife Harriette wanted for their friends and family the same rights that every other American had full citizenship and the right to express themselves without the threat of terror and destruction. What happened to them? Americans stood by and watched as a group of white bigots plotted to silence the couple. Those agents of hate placed sticks of dynamite under the bed of this loving couple and blew them both to kingdom come. Emmitt Till simply wanted to enjoy a carefree summer vacation away from the urban slums of Chicago. His mother had to warn her son of the hatred that enveloped the white people of Mississippi. Mamie Bradley feared for her son’s life. Why? Because he was black and deemed a threat to White Americans who hated anyone of color who held his or her head up high.  What happened to Emmitt Till? Well,  Americans allowed the evil white populace of Money, Mississippi to terrorize and murder him simply because of the color of his skin. Medgar Evers spoke eloquently about peaceful change in the throes of the hatred that boiled in Mississippi. Medgar simply wanted the right for his family to live free without restrictions. What happened to him? American stood by and watched as a white bigot and others conspired to blow Medgar Evers away in the driveway of his home right in front of his family.  Four Alabama girls simply wanted to enjoy each other and praise and learn about God’s magnificent glory on a peaceful Sunday morning. What happened to them? Well,  America stood by and allowed the bigots of a Birmingham, Alabama cult and cauldron of hatred to place dynamite in the basement of a church that killed, destroyed, and erased the hopes of dreams of those four Alabama girls as well as their families. Why? Because the hated the concept of black equality. Malcolm X, who once pronounced that violent change was necessary but rescinded those statements and started looking for an amicable peaceful solution was savagely murdered in front of his family. Why? Because Americans couldn’t stand the fact that power coming to people of color in this nation was something that was truly unacceptable to the continuation of white supremacy. Americans talk the talk of non-violent action to gain change. However, the ultimate Prince of Peace, MKL  Jr. who spoke so eloquently of direct non-violent change and against violent reactionary change proposed by many in our communities was ignored in the final months of his life. What happened to him? The nation stood by and watched as a white bigot plotted with others to blow MLK’s brains out on a balcony in Memphis, in April of 1968.

So when we have all this talk about how we can change things with non-violent actions all of the  America’s history say's otherwise. I don't propose violence, but I think that this double-sided talk needs to stop. This country has and continues to fail its people of the darker hue. Our ancestors build this nation yet so few of us share in its goodness. They live without dreams and hopes because dreams and hopes are irrelevant when you cannot feed your kids, read a book, or get a job. Until we have real talk about race relationships and reparations we will continue to suffer these types of frustrating actions.