Apr. 27, 2022

When Hate Breeds Hopelessness

We can talk all we want about peaceful protests bringing about significant change. However, this nation, America was built violent from it's inception on the rocks of violent confrontations.

There was one man wrapped in the cloth of spiritual understanding tried to change America’s message of hate and oppression to a beloved community. Worked to change those violent confrontations to peaceful interactions. The messengers of hate blew his brains out on a motel balcony in Memphis, Tennessee.

What we see going on in Baltimore with the civil unrest due to the murder of another black man is what was expected and detailed in the Kerner Commission Report about two separate nations with in a still unjust nation. When a group of people saturated with hopelessness simply say to all willing to listen, fuck it this shit isn’t changing. You get mass unrest in the urban ghettoes of a nation seemingly unwilling to address the urgent needs of the hopeless, dreamless people of a repressed community. If we don't have hopes or dreams to wake up to in morning sun and we we have an attitude that no one gives a fuck about us. That’s when aimless destruction occurs. Dammit, this could happen in almost any city in America right now. Especially in cities where want and despair have cycled through multiple generations.

Communities with large numbers of people without hope either can self medicate with a sinister needle filled with body killing dope, or carry out their frustrations on those closest to them with rage and bullets, or take to streets and burn down the communities that harbor the continuous hopelessness. The dead are arising and without a serious plan of healing America will be doomed to be caught in this web of confusion and delusion.