Apr. 3, 2022

April 3, 1968 - April 3, 2022 We Are Going As A Community

April 3, 1968 - April 3, 2022
54 Years We Do We Go As A Community
Another Senseless Act of Violence Gains Us Nothing

What's the difference between a murderous act of criminality and a murderous act of terror? I can see victims dying as a result of either act still die because of the violent senseless action. A single act of terror produces an immediate result that spreads fear to a larger portion of the surrounding jurisdictions. While the single criminal act of murder spreads fear to the most affected communities and is ignored by the larger communities not affected. Many look whether connected to the victims or not for retribution for the act of terror. While only those connected to the victims in the acts of criminal murder seek retribution. Yet, both acts produce a sense of terror that separates our society. To the victims of the senseless act of a shooter, or shooters last night in Sacramento, California may your souls rest in peace. To those who created the terror experienced last by those who survived may you get some comfort in gaining solace in the fact that you survived. To the shooter, or shooters know that whatever motivated you to pull the trigger or triggers you gained nothing more than eternal despair to those people who loved and protected you before last night. You see until we all understand that our struggles are interconnected we as a community will never reach the plateaus of that mountaintop nor the beloved valley that Dr. King saw on April 3, 1968. Dr. King spoke against violence but many in our community seem to have forgotten King's abject opposition to violence and only want to create acts of violence without understanding the terrible cost that violence brings. Violence anywhere is violence everywhere and it must be erased before we can purpose ourselves to be the shepherds of humanity we are supposed to be. The next time you feel the need to pull the trigger or triggers look around and find someone to love because love is indeed the ultimate power.