Mar. 28, 2022

Damn Fools Ain’t Nothing Cool Bout It


Two prominent black men confronting each other in a globally televised event surely makes our black communities look terrible. Ain’t nothing chivalrous about Will Smith gangster slapping Chris Rock after Chris makes a joke about his wife Jada Pinkett’s bald head. This type of action and reaction is a dangerous trend that is currently going on amongst our so-called black entertainers. You have Kanye West publicly threatening DL Hughley regarding Hughley’s comments regarding Kanye West’s former wife. Now this. Ain’t nothing but some house nigger plantation bullshit. Malcolm X warned us about putting to much public power in the hands of our community’s entertainers. These situations only reinforce the public degradation we continue to face in this nation. What an awful display of immaturity and a absolute disgrace to our ancestors that was on display by those who are fortunate to be in a position to influence positive change. You don’t see Mr. Charley and Mrs. Karen acting like fools for a global audience but damn if four black brothers who should know better act like they have nothing better to do than to make us look like a pack of rabid dogs for the pleasure of the majority race in this nation.


28.03.2022 15:49