Mar. 7, 2022

Provoked Thoughts

Hold up the NFL has promoted gambling on commercials prior and during games, put a team in America’s gambling Mecca, and gives gamblers information to place bets online and in person. Yet, they say it’s illegal for players who don’t affect the score to place a bet? Even if that bet is incidental in scope and amount. Calvin Ridley bet $1500.00 which is .000136% of his annual salary but he gets suspended for a year. Hell no. That suspension isn’t even close to rational on the part of the NFL. Hell, Calvin could’ve and should’ve given that $1500 to his girlfriend or best friend to place the bet and it would’ve been cool. If you don’t think players aren’t using family members to place bets you got your head in the sand Roger Goddell. Also, if gambling is scandalous to the game then don’t promote the act. That’s my thoughts for day. Reinstate Calvin Ridley and get off your high ass horse. The days of Paul Hornung and Alex Karras sneaking to see bookies are long gone. The bookies are now online and promoted by the very men who own the NFL.