Feb. 23, 2022


The White New Deal actually was the Black Raw Deal for the majority of Black Americans. Even though in the 1932 Presidential Election Black Americans who could vote those north of the Mason Dixon Line supported Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s progressive campaign of hope for those suffering the tragedy of the Great Depression. Roosevelt’s New Deal policy proposals that included the Social Security Act, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Farm Aid Bill, the Worker’s Progress Administration, and eventually the GI Bill for returning soldiers coming from defending this nation and it’s allies from Axis Powers plan of world domination. These progressive domestic policies intended for “all” Americans no matter their color became the White Man’s New Deal and the Black Man’s Raw Deal. If your black ancestors lived south of the Mason Dixon Line these supports were denied to them. Why? Because in order to secure passage by Southern White Democratic segregationists, Roosevelt allowed the federal funding and federal programs to be controlled by those in the south bent on denial of black people’s wealth building and black people’s uplift. In one program in particular the Social Security Act excluded domestic and farm workers which meant 95% of our elderly southern ancestors were not eligible to receive any federal assistance after working their entire lives producing comfort and wealth for southern whites. The boot of white oppression had always been on throat of our black ancestors in the south and The New Deal wasn’t going to change that formula of racial suppression and hatred. That is why as we continue to review our history this month we must be aware that the concept of American Exceptionalism as it relates to the treatment of our ancestors turned a New Deal into a Raw Deal. This is real history not history to be control to continue to boost the American Lie.