Feb. 3, 2022

We Need To Fix Malcolm’s Home In Michigan Now

This is the current condition of Malcolm’s Inkster Michigan home it’s supposed to be an American NATIONAL TREASURE. Well, if White Americans or America cannot refurbish his site then at least Black Americans with significant wealth should be able to add windows, coats of paint, replacement wood, and landscaping to beautify this site. My friend Dennis Boatwright II visited the site and took pictures of the home’s condition recently and our black communities should be ashamed of themselves. Many who wear the X shirt and caps and supposedly honor the man dishonor his memory with the condition of this home. Even if history shows that Malcolm only spent a few months rather than a decade as indicated by sign on the home. Still, Malcolm X was in this home after he left incarceration and found his black consciousness and defined his shift towards the uplift of our black communities. It needs to be repaired and beautified to honor the memory of this great man.