Jan. 25, 2022

68 Years Of Overcoming and Not Turning Back

Tomorrow, I will celebrate my 68th birthday and I can truly say that even with all of my life setbacks I am overwhelmed by my life comebacks. I was born with some birth defects that could’ve disabled me in my life and also could’ve caused me to not give my all in my life. But, I learned through my struggles that my God-given disabilities were not even close to matching or surpassing my God-given abilities. If that is going to be my epitaph then so be it. Because I have overcome quite a bit to reach this 68th birthday. I was born in 1954 when a person of my color was still being denied the rights of a person born white. I was 9 years old when Medgar Evers was murdered a quarter of a million people marched on the Mall in Washington DC and 4 little girls were murdered in a church in Birmingham, I was 10 years old when the Civil Rights Bill was passed, 11 years old when Malcolm X was murdered and the Voting Rights Bill was passed, I was 14 years old when Martin Luther King Jr. was murdered and cities of America burned. I voted for the first time in 1972 for George McGovern for President. I voted twice for Barack Obama and became disillusioned when his Administration dropped droned missiles in Africa. I have been honored for sales performance in corporate America, I was at one time the top performer in sales for a Fortune 500 Billion Dollar Company. My professional career involved placing instructional materials in schools that assisted millions of children to learn to read and learn mathematics. Just when I thought I had reached a level of excellence God tested me and took all that I had acquired from my successes from me. But God left me with my ability to make a difference and I choose to bring my image of universal black literacy awareness to the communities that suffer in word darkness every day. So I created the Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project to illuminate literacy and the sharing of our black historical experience six days a week. I don’t get paid to do this but I do it because God send me this dream and I plan to do what he asked until I pass on. If you want to support my project feel free to send your donations to my Cash App ($readingaloud) all the funds are used solely to support the program.