Jan. 24, 2022

This Current Court Flows Towards Injustice

In the quest to ensure that "white American supremacy" is no longer on the extinction list the Supreme Court walked back Section 4 of the Civil Rights Bill ruling that it was unconstitutional by a majority vote of 5-4 a few years ago. Thus opening the door for states to implement policies that potentially repress the voting rights of people of color. Now the Supreme Court has set its sight again on affirmation action by allowing the justices to hear the case of Harvard University's use of race for admission purposes. Walking back on fought for constitutional rights is certainly par for the course for this Supreme Court. How a woman chooses to have control over her body parts is in jeopardy with this current course of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court's attempt to give human living qualities to large corporations to influence government policies and federal, state and municipal elections in this nation was allowed by a previous Supreme Court ruling. More and more power is being taken away from the many in favor of the increased power of the few. All of these actions by the Supreme Court seem to be directed at maintaining white supremacy and erasing the advancement of people of color. Although a future Roe vs. Wade's potential adverse ruling isn't exactly in that category it is a dramatic step in the direction of the loss of individual rights. America isn't even close to being a colorblind society and this court is guaranteeing that date is further and further away from becoming a reality. The current makeup of the court will make it increasingly impossible to develop a society where the content of one's character will ever override the racism and bigotry one receives by the color of his or her skin.